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    Is Your Favorite Flower Calling?

    Wednesday, March 31 2010
    Lily reaches out to Molly, Faith brings Liberty home and Jack gets suspicious of Rocco.

    At home, Lily and Faith bicker. Lily looks forward to a day when her daughter doesn't hate her. Faith grabs some cash and walks out.

    In Minneapolis, Liberty packs up her stuff, in spite of her doctor's protests. Faith calls and says she's on the way to get her.

    Holden arrives at WOAK to see Molly. She feels him up and they make out until his phone begins vibrating. "Is your favorite flower calling?" she asks. Lily wants to talk about Faith. He asks Molly to go with him but she wants to stay out of the family drama.

    Parker is about to leave when Jack comes home. He tells his father how awkward things are with Carly and Janet in the house. Jack panics when his son tells him Janet went to see Dusty.

    Holden goes to see Lily. She moans about their daughter. He thinks things will be okay. She notices her cash is gone and wants to call the police. He snatches the phone from her hands. She accuses him of coddling their daughter. "We need to act fast but we need to do it my way," he says. They argue. Lily wishes she had her little girl back not the sullen girl who took her place. She cries in his arms.

    Janet sits at Dusty's hospital bedside and asks him to wake up. Jack arrives. Janet asks him who would do something like this to Dusty. Rocco looks in through the glass and listens. Jack admits they don't know much of anything yet. He takes Janet away for breakfast and Rocco calls the prison to leave a message for Ralph. Jack and Janet return and she tells him that they can all go back to being boring as soon as Dusty gets better. She's shocked when she spots her father. Jack begins taking jabs at Rocco's mob connection until he has to leave to take a call. It's Holden filling him in on Faith. Jack runs off and Janet fills her father in on her divorce. He acts forgiving and says he'll always be her father. Liberty and Faith suddenly walk in. Janet is shocked. Faith smiles as the mother and daughter hug. They rush off.

    Parker arrives at WOAK to ask Molly if she knows where Faith is. She's out of the loop.

    Parker and Molly go to Lily's. Jack arrives next. Faith comes in and announces she has news. She explains Liberty's return. Her mother is still annoyed. Holden tries stopping the argument. Parker jumps in and tells Faith she was idiot to do this. "I hope you get grounded for life," he says, storming out. Faith chases after him and explains herself.

    Lily asks Molly for her help. Molly thinks she's looking for someone to blame but Lily is starting to think that Molly is the only one who can help. Molly agrees to talk to Faith but she won't force things.

    Jack returns to Dusty's hospital room where Rocco is on the phone with Ralph. Rocco says he's starting to hope Dusty doesn't wake up. "You hear any of that?" Rocco asks when he notices him. Jack says he didn't. They talk about Janet and Jack wonders why he's suddenly interested in her. Rocco claims he's always missed her and wants to be around.

    Janet and Liberty go back to Carly's and talk about their new house. Janet talks about how scared she is of losing Dusty and they hug. Parker arrives and tells Liberty she was a bonehead for coming back like this. They send her to bed. She comes down a few minutes later and chats with Parker. She finds it weird for them all to be in the house together.

    Janet returns to Dusty's hospital room and tells him she knows he'll get better.

    Molly runs into Faith on the street. Molly buys Faith's cigarette off her and crumbles it. She offers to be a sounding board for her.

    Back at Lily's, she and Holden worry. She's grateful for Molly's help but asking for it is painful. He says all kids are like this and this just hurts more because she's older. Molly arrives with Faith. Her father tells her everything she did wrong and asks her to prove she doesn't need to be grounded. She hops upstairs relieved and the parents thank Molly.

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    Posted by adriana8900 at Wednesday, March 31 2010 01:57 PM

    can't wait to watch janet scenes from today in dusty's hospital room.

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, March 31 2010 03:44 PM

    I think Jack has Rocco's number. He was right when he said Rocco is on Uncle Ralph's payroll. I hope Jack gets to the bottom of this before too long. I'm thinking Terri knows something and that's why she was acting so strange the day Dusty got shot.

    I guess Liberty, Parker, and Faith are all 17 years old. First, Liberty was 18, Parker turned 17 last December, and 1 - 2 weeks ago Faith was 16.

    When did Faith and Liberty become friends? Last year, Liberty was jealous of Faith's hugging Parker that she went and slept with a guy and got pregnant.

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, March 31 2010 04:00 PM

    I was amazed to see how fast Faith left Oakdale, went to Minn., and brought Liberty home. Gees! At the speed ATWT is going, several years will have passed come September...

    Posted by jacar0720 at Wednesday, March 31 2010 08:29 PM

    I swear if I was Carly I would've taken that drink. How can is it Jack is inviting his ex-wife to live in his girlfriends house and he is not even in the house. He is living in a sea denial. I mean come onnn!! Does he not see how weird it all his. Even his kids is telling him that and he doesnt even seem to get it or maybe he just doesnt care. You would think with the way he supposedly knows Carly he could see that all is not right with her world. Come on writers. Open up Jack's eyes. Why couldnt Janet move into the house it was all taken care of. they have the keys and everything. MOve in and wait for Dusty to wake up.
    Now for Lily. I love how Molly called her Holden's favorite flower. She was quite annoying today. Good lord woman turn it down a notch. All that whining. She should have some cheese to go with that wine. Sheeeesh. I love Molly and Holden together, this Lily is just not cutting it. I actually like Faith. I think her and Molly make sense. Molly gets her. I hope the writers fix the all in the family snyder home pretty soon. before you know it Dusty will wake up and they will all be living at Carly's house, cause Dusty wont be well enough to take care of himself, and Janet is still supposed to be on bedrest and not moving around will be in the upstairs room. Poor Carly. That will really drive her to drink. Now i know where that saying comes from. to really drive some one to drink. Get it together writers. You dont have much longer.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, April 01 2010 05:48 AM

    This Janet drama wears me out, it's always something, Liberty, Dusty, and now all the drama of a dragged out pregnancy. And Jack used to be a pretty dynamic guy but they have dumbed him down, first of that woman is going to be pregnant for another 7 months or so. He may or maynot be the father but regardless, Janet has someone to take care of her and he doesn't need to hover the way he does. I really think it's a dumb s/l. Carly should just bop him over the head and go on about her business until he comes to his senses if ever! Lily's character is just no fun, the other Lily was fire ball, opinionated and quick to speak her mind, this one just whines and acts like everyone needs to cater to her even though she isn't all that. JMO

    Posted by kaf915 at Thursday, April 01 2010 06:02 AM

    I am so sick of Janet. I didn't like her character from the beginning and she has not warmed to me at all. Why in the world does she have to show so much cleavage every single day. Does the woman not own any respectable clothing? Can you imagine going into your neighborhood grocery store and seeing all that hanging out everyday? Give me a break; put some clothes on the woman! And, Lily's whining every day drives me crazy. I love Molly and Holden together.

    Posted by CMath90606 at Thursday, April 01 2010 11:22 AM

    Wait a minute, kaf915, if you want to talk about excessive cleavage, did you see Molly and her twin jugs hanging out in everyone's face? Talk about Out of Control.......

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