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    Not Again.

    Friday, March 26 2010
    Craig thinks he's being stalked, Dusty is attacked and Faith gets reprimanded.

    Parker wanders into Craig's new office and admires the digs. Parker says that there has been increased activity on his trust fund account. Craig tries to fob it off and offers to handle it himself. Carly walks in and chats with her son until he rushes off to catch a plane.

    Lily goes home and finds her daughter at home instead of school. She berates her and Faith cries. She explains that everyone at school thinks she's a tramp. Lily tells her kids are cruel but they have short memories. Faith doesn't think her mother understand what it's like to be a loser 16 year old. "This is your fault!" she yells at Parker when he walks in. Lily says that Faith should go with him to see Liberty. Parker tells Faith how rough things are for Liberty and Lily calls her mother to get her jet.

    Carly goes to see Jack at work with a suit for him to wear to her opening party. He's tired and tells her he has a conflict. He's supposed to go to a doctor's appointment with Janet. She claims that's okay. "You're the best," he says.

    Janet and Dusty arrive at the hospital. She sends him off to get the house keys. Jack arrives with the questions he wrote down in advance. After he asks the doctor his questions, Dusty returns and Jack leaves.

    Rocco goes to Metro to see Teri. He's annoyed to see Dusty there. Once Dusty leaves, Rocco complains about him but she refuses to discuss her sister's life. When she walks off to work, he pours himself a few drinks.

    Dusty takes Janet to see the house he bought for her. She think it's perfect. The only thing she's ever wanted is her own home. He hands her the keys connected to a heart key chain and she tells him she feels more hopeful than she has in a really long time. As she rushes inside, Rocco stumbles over looking for his 'no good daughter'. He rants about Janet 'catting around' and Dusty yells at him to get lost. Dusty confronts him over his mob connections and threatens to have him locked up. Rocco says he'll regret saying that and walks off.

    Carly arrives at the office as the guests begin to arrive. Jack comes in. Craig rolls his eyes. Teri hands Craig a letter. "Nice party. Enjoy it while you can," it reads. He pockets it and then asks to speak to Carly in private. He shows her the note and asks who would send them something like that. She thinks he's being punk'd. The party goes on. Jack admires Carly's finesse. They talk about how they finally have the life they want.

    Craig tracks down Ellis at the Lakeview and shows him the note. Ellis tells him to relax. Someone watches them from around the corner. When Craig gets into the elevator, it stalls.

    Parker and Faith arrive in Minneapolis. He tells her that her problems are her own fault and she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself. They go in to see Liberty. Parker pulls out photos for her wall. Liberty begins coughing. He runs off to get something. Liberty tells Faith she's glad she came and then talks about how great Parker is. "He's not so bad," Faith agrees. When Parker returns, he talks to Liberty about driving across the country when she gets better. She wants him to promise to take the trip even if she can't. "This is our trip and we're going to go on it together," he says. Faith stands in the hall and watches, telling her mother how lucky Liberty is to be loved the way Parker loves her.

    Janet goes to the farm house where her sister is waiting for her. She shows her pictures of her new house. When she talks about how great everything is, Teri voices her doubts about their father's return. Janet wonders if she is jealous but Teri claims that's not the case. At this point, Janet feels like she has made a life to be proud of and hopes her father is seriously trying to reconnect. Teri tells her how great she is and advises her just to focus on her new life, not the past.

    Dusty goes to Metro. Some thug shows up with a gun. Dusty guesses that Rocco sent him. He slaps him in the face with a coffee maker and they wrestle for the gun.

    Jack and Carly wander into Metro looking for cheese. No one can be seen so they leave. There's a body behind the bar. The couple strolls outside, bumping into Teri. Jack starts to have a bad feeling so they return to Metro. As she looks around, they find Dusty's body. "No. Not again," Jack groans.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack tells Janet about Dusty.

    Carly gets a surprise visit when Gabriel shows up.

    Margo laughs when Craig tells her someone is after him.

    Bob and Kim toast to twenty five years.

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    Posted by queen pocahontas at Friday, March 26 2010 01:02 PM

    Craig is wrong to take parkers money and open up a business with his mother.whenthey do fine out and Craig goes to jail Carly will owe that company and parker will get his money back either way it goes.Boy i hope Dusty haven't bite the dust not just yet because,Janet loves jack and wonts Dusty at the same time.She needs someone,Jack into carly again,But we will see what the out come will be.Rocco i felt that he was going to be a problem,he should have left the city and leave his daughter along.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, March 26 2010 01:53 PM

    can't wait to see dusty and janet scenes from today and poor dusty

    Posted by Peteena at Friday, March 26 2010 03:32 PM

    Can Dusty really be dead this time? PLEASE?? I'm so tired of Jack/Carly/Janet/Dusty I could throw up. I can't imagine a more boring storyline. Even Liberty's leukemia is better than them.

    Faith is a little snot who needs someone to set her straight. I doubt it will be her parents, though. Writers on all these shows seem to think that when kids act out the parents have to take it. Not in my world! Just once I'd like to see see a parent tell a kid to shape up, quit feeling sorry for themselves, and don't you dare talk back to your parents!

    Where are Henry and Barbara today? Emily and Paul? Heck, I'll even take Katie and whoever over the CarJack and Teen Angst Show.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, March 26 2010 04:19 PM

    I had stated earlier that the body Jack and finds would be the guy that purchased Dusty's house... Well, today, I thought that the body might be Rocco; never did I think it would be Dusty. Dusty made a good point about Rocco's Mom and Pop's store - that a lot of them have gone out of business, yet his is still opened. Dusty linked Rocco to the mob connection and uncle Vinnie(sp?) How did Rocco know to go to the house that Dusty is buying to look for Janet? Also, why was he drinking alcohol with "supposedly" a bad heart? Today's episode left me with quite a few questions.

    Terri was acting very strange today. I have always wonder about her "sweet girl" attitude. Could she be the one stalking Craig? At one time, she was interested in him before he hooked up with Rosanna.

    I hope Lily picked up on what Faith said about the kids wrote bad things about her on "her wall". This was Faith second day back in public school - she doesn't have a wall.

    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, March 26 2010 06:39 PM

    I think she may mean her 'facebook wall'.

    Posted by irishprincess at Friday, March 26 2010 07:05 PM

    I do not want Dusty dead. I like him and Janet together. Since ATWT isn't going to be around after September, could we have some happiness please? I would like Liberty to get well and be with Parker, Jack and Carly together, Barbara and Henry together, Luke and Reid together,etc., etc. I'm a hopeless romantic and want to see everyone end up happy and in love! Have a good weekend

    GLandWT: I think the 'wall' is a reference to FaceBook

    Posted by hera at Friday, March 26 2010 08:49 PM

    Hi everyone!

    Umm, ... do you really think that Dusty is going to die? I hope not. Though I don't like Dustnet, it would be nice to see them happy. Anything to keep Janet away from Jack. CarJack belong together.

    CarJack - Loved their scene today. I always love those two together. Carly was gorgeous and Jack looked hot in that $4000 suit that Craig "bought" him and those $500 pair of shoes. I was chuckling when Craig complimented Jack on the suit. I would be happy just to see those two walking around Old Town, sitting on a bench talking, having a cup of coffee, whatever ... those two are gold.

    I want to see Babs and Hank. I am waiting eagerly for a Dr. Reid and Luke kiss.

    I feel sad at the prospect of Molly and Holden ending to make way for Lily and Holden's eventual reunion. If MB was back as Lily, I probably would feel better about a Holden and Lily reunion. I really dislike NB's whiny, obnoxious, clueless Lily. Where is Lucinda? She could certainly help with Faith.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

    Posted by paggy at Friday, March 26 2010 09:16 PM

    i cant stand this again cant believe this i love dusty could we have a happy ending like guiding light please

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Saturday, March 27 2010 12:56 AM

    I have a big newsfladh fro the writers. From the day Little Libby got sick in Michigan, you have wroten the SL of leukemia and the way it takes it's toll on your body but more so at the end!!! ANd if A BMT was the answer and Libby was so sick she had to be in a plastic bubble - she probably would not survive the 9 months if the baby is a match. A total disgustingly written SL for any viewer who has lost someone close to leukemia. GEEEEEEEEE

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Saturday, March 27 2010 12:58 AM

    And Carly is so pretty but she needs to get that weave or whatever out of her head!!

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