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    Nothing Like Your Hot Peppercocker.

    Wednesday, March 24 2010
    Henry gets jealous, Jack and Dusty vie for Janet and Rocco is disappointed.

    Henry goes down to the bar to order a breakfast martini. He worries about his date with Vienna. Barbara comes in and feels him up. She tells him not to worry about whether they have another night together or not. He slurps his drink and walks off.

    Vienna is upstairs trying to figure out what to wear. Henry comes to the door. She answers in her underwear and gets changed in front of him. As he zips her up, they get close.

    Carly goes to Craig's to work. He tells her this is a bad time; he has a business lunch with Barbara and he's sure she's up to something.

    Dusty drops by Carly's to see Janet with a bacon sandwich. Jack walks in after just making her a bacon sandwich. "Maybe Carly's hungry," Dusty tells Jack. Janet decides she's nauseous. They start offering her saltines and ginger ale. Janet thinks this is all too weird and they are stressing her out. Dusty offers to buy her a house to relax in. Jack demands to know all about the house. Carly walks in and asks him why he cares so much. Janet reminds him that they're getting a divorce. Dusty and Carly advise Jack to get a lawyer and do the deed. Jack tries to delay but he gets chased out of the house, leaving Carly to look after Janet. Liberty calls, distraught, and asks why her mother isn't there. Janet wants to run off and see her.

    Craig meets with Barbara at the Lakeview. He wants to talk business with her. She asks him about his mysterious investor and he wonders why she is so concerned about that. Barbara declares that she isn't interested in fashion anymore, just fun and takes him by the hand.

    Vienna and Henry go to Metro. She pulls him up to dance and tries dragging him into the coat check. As she sucks on his ear, Barbara and Craig walk in. They sit down as Vienna sits on Henry's lap. Barbara begins making the moves on Craig. Henry stares at them and avoids Vienna's kisses. "I've gotta go to the bathroom," he declares, running off. Barb saunters over to Vienna and tells her she can sense the tension from across the room. Vienna opens up about how Henry can't perform in the sack. Barbara smirks, explaining that she can't just waltz back into Henry's life. She needs to back off and let him come to her, she advises. Across the room, Henry asks Craig if he has designs of Barbara. Craig laughs and guesses he's being used to make him jealous. Vienna runs over and ushers Henry out.

    Dusty is freaking out when he discovers that someone has bought the house he wanted out from under him. He offers the buyer more cash but he refuses. Jack gets called over by the realtor as Dusty begins threatening the man. After Dusty calms down, he talks about the house with Jack, who explains that the guy planning to buy the house is under investigation. He suggests that Dusty tip off the realtor.

    Janet arrives in Minneapolis and finds Rocco with Liberty. She's shocked. Rocco asks to speak to her in the hall. He tells her that he will be there for her and her child. She fills him in on her pregnancy. "What a blessing for your marriage," he says, offering to be part of her life and hugging her. She gets uncomfortable as he talks about Jack. Dusty calls and asks her where she is. She explains that she went to see her daughter. Rocco takes the phone and gets angry when he discovers it's Dusty on the line instead of Jack.

    Back in the room, Liberty tells Carly that she doesn't think she can hang on until the baby comes. She begs her to help her mom with things. Carly tells her she's not going to die. Janet returns and sends Carly off.

    Dusty arrives at the hospital and informs Rocco that he is engaged to Janet. Rocco groans, sure that Janet is about to ruin another child's life. "No wonder she lied to me. She's ashamed of herself," Rocco says. He walks off and Janet comes out to hug Dusty. They return to Liberty's bedside and Rocco stares in at them.

    Carly goes home and tells Jack about her day looking after his wife. She tells him how down Liberty is. He shows her the divorce papers and assures her that everything will work out.

    Barbara chases Craig down. He confronts her for using him and they bicker. She tells him that she is 'combustible with Henry' but Vienna only gives him 'hydraulic problems'. Craig admits that Henry seemed pretty jealous. She smiles to herself.

    Henry and Vienna go to Al's so she can makes him some peppercocker. "You haven't had any since I've been gone?" she asks. He says there's nothing like her hot peppercocker. She explains that she was with another man when she was in Sweden... but she realized that life is no fun without her Henry. They begin kissing. Barbara walks by the window and sees them together.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Katie ropes Chris into helping her and tells Alison that he's not so bad.

    Reid asks Luke for money.

    Some dude tells Parker that Faith's drugs are his.

    Molly tells Holden she needs to step back from them.

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    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, March 24 2010 01:07 PM

    **Possibly Spoiler**
    I'm thinking the guy that purchased Dusty's would be house is the person that Carly and Jack finds...

    I don't like Barbara sleeping with her son's younger half- brother. The writers could have brought in someone else to have a fling with Barbara. To have an affair with one's step-son is one thing; but your biological son's half-brother? No, No, Nooooooooo!

    I am so tired of the Jack/Carly/Dusty/Janet s/l that I will not comment on it.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Wednesday, March 24 2010 01:53 PM

    i love dusty and janet together

    Posted by takersboo at Wednesday, March 24 2010 03:23 PM

    i love dusty an janet together an i loved jack an janet together . i just cant stand carly she will never let jack be happy . jack an janet would be together without her carly always butting in . if jack dont want janet anymore leave her an dusty alone to be happy. And lilly she is sooooo annoying who cares that holden is with molly she is way more prettier then her . she had damian go find another stable boy . Katie writers find her a man LIKE MIKE! says something happen between his wife they were the hottest couple . an get henry an vienna together its nasty with barbara . hook her up with craig or tom who cares not henry!

    Posted by takersboo at Wednesday, March 24 2010 03:25 PM

    atwt is my favorite show and story lines like this is what got it cancelled

    Posted by hera at Wednesday, March 24 2010 05:12 PM

    Hi everyone!

    I enjoyed today's eppy.

    Babs/Hank - I do like them together. It's a funny thing because I didn't think that I would. I can see how Hank being Paul's half brother is kinda icky, but these two pull it off IMO. I am enjoying their scenes and want to see where those two are heading.

    Craig - I wonder why this person is trying to spook him. Someone mentioned Lucy. Could anyone freshen my memory by telling me about Lucy?

    CarJack/Dustnet - I have to say that TSW are overdoing it with Jack's behavior. I was put off by that bacon and egg sandwich scene. I still think that Jack is worried about being frozen out of the baby's life by Dusty and that is the underlying reason for his ridiculous behavior.

    I felt that yesterday's scene between Janet and Jack was to bring a close to their marriage and now today with Jack getting the divorce papers which was real quick soaptime. LOL - ATWT operates on a different time speed! Funny. I am glad that the marriage is finally over between Jack and Janet. It's about time.

    Now I hope that we are going to see more CarJack scenes with just them. No more Dustnet in Milltown or bothering CarJack. Let Dustnet get on with their lives in their own house. btw I liked how Jack was decent with Dusty who can be so obnoxious sometimes. Good for you, Jack.

    I want to see a family scene with Parker, Sage and JJ being told about CarJack being back together. Once CarJack are really public, I would love to see Holden and Emma throw a big family party celebrating CarJack being back together at the farm. I want to see happy CarJack scenes now. No more angst betwee the two - just love and romance with my fav soap couple in all of soapland.

    I am looking forward to Carly finding out about Craig's deception - Craig is going to be mincemeat when Carly finds out.

    Tomorrow's eppy looks really good. I love Dr. Reid and can't wait to see what happens next with Luke. I wonder what's going to happen with Molly and Holden - I really like them together, but I fear that Lily and Holden are endgame. Cutie pie Parker is on as well. Can't wait.

    Posted by moodyjudy at Wednesday, March 24 2010 06:30 PM

    Barbara has always been one of my favorites. She is ageless and beautiful. She battled and wrestled with nearly every emotion and human drama possible...I love her. Henry... I loved from day one. One of those refreshing characters, but not obnoxious. I think it's cool....the May/December thing between them...we fifty somethings like to think maybe there is hope for us yet if the right sweet young thing happened to come along. ;-)

    As for being Paul's whatever...that was all such a weird connived storyline that I never really bought into doesn't bother me, but even if they are...isn't that what soaps are all about?

    I still wish Janet would GO AWAY, and take Lily and lil' Faith with her....if Janet is gonna stay, maybe she could find a place of her OWN to live...first Katie's, then Emma's and Carly's...moocher.

    I can't believe Dusty is hung up on her...ick...I always kinda hoped he would hook up with Barbara but I guess that woulda been too weird. Then again...that's what soaps are about...don't you think?

    Love to all♥

    Posted by shorty1943 at Wednesday, March 24 2010 07:25 PM

    Very good post, hera and moodyjudy...I agree with all that you both said. Jack is really beginning to annoy me, shhhh for a minute, count your blessings and be happy for goodness sake. Poor Carly, how can she stand all this drama much longer and having a drink has not even crossed her strong lady!!

    moody, I am with you on Janet going away, jeez she would run any sane person nuts. Will be good to see Parker, I have grown to really like him and pray that he does not get with that nasty little Faith, that is just exactly like her dear mother, Lily! Pray that Molly is not making a mistake by leaving Holden alone with black widow Lily...might not be much left of him, but then again, maybe it will make him see that he wants Molly and not Lily!! A girl can dream anyway!

    Posted by awall at Thursday, March 25 2010 04:48 AM

    Hera, Moodyjudy and Shorty ITA with your comments. I enjoy the different perspectives. Lucy is Craig daughter that kidnapped Johnny. She is a doctor and was sending medical supplies back to third world countries and her medical supplies got mixed up with gun runners and she left oakdale. It was a wierd storyline, she and Dusty had been a hot item. She told Craig, she would be back someday for Johnny, plus she was still in love with Dusty. She had Johnny because of all the fighting between Craig and Dusty over him. She didn't take him with her this time because of being on the run from the law. I guess based on Rocco comments, this baby of Janet is the same situation as before. I say there is more to her and it is not all good.

    Posted by jacar0720 at Thursday, March 25 2010 07:39 AM

    I was watching some of yesterday's eppy and didnt get to finish but, did my eyes decieve me or did Dusty just walk right into Carly's house? Maybe I came in at the wrong time. Janet was sitting on the couch and Dusty opened the door and came in with the sandwich. Did he knock? Did Janet say come? Did I miss that?. If not how presumptuous of Mr. Dusty to just walk right into someone else's home without knocking or announcing yourself. I dont care if your mother was in the house. You dont just walk in without even knocking. Did any one else catch that? Or was i seeing things. Also on the Barbara, Craig scene. that was just hilarious!!. I was trying not to laugh too loud cause the kids were sleeping in the next room and i didnt want to wake them up. But the look on Craigs face every time Barbara was trying to make Henry jealous was priceless. I too cant wait for all the drama surrounding the foursome is over so that Carly and Jack can get down to business. Lily I have no words for. Faith was right. She is just jealous of Molly.

    Posted by awall at Thursday, March 25 2010 09:09 AM

    Katie is turning into an annoying busy body. Based on the scenes for today, I think she is responsible for Chris being back. Chris and Ali is not a good fit. I really like her with Casey. She seemed to laugh a lot more. Rude Reid is another that needs to hurry and leave town. The current action between Barbara and Henry is a hoot. It is time to stop dragging out the CarJack and Dustnet mess. Please don't put Parker with Faith, that girl is trouble. It would be nice to see a scene with Sage, Parker and JJ as Carly and Jack tell them they will be a family again.

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