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    I'm The Father.

    Friday, March 12 2010
    Janet's sonogram results are in, Vienna startles Henry and Reid comes out to Luke.

    Carly is at the station waiting for Jack. She's about to eat his donut when he arrives. He's eager to get to the sonogram. She wonders why he didn't sleep at her place last night. Jack didn't want to confuse Sage. The bicker about what will happen with the baby. He says it will take time to work things out and promises that he will be with her.

    Dusty walks into the farm house and catches Janet looking at the ring. He repeats that the baby must be his. He says that there is only a slightly better chance that Jack's baby would even be a better match than his. Dusty encourages her to try and be happy and try on the ring. "If I'm having your baby, I'm wearing this ring," she says.

    Jack arrives at the hospital. Janet and Dusty are already there. The men argue. Carly arrives. The women begin arguing. Carly insists that she's part of this. Janet blows up. Dusty drags her off. Carly and Jack hug and he asks her to trust him enough to leave. The doctor arrives and they do the sonogram. He explains that she's about five weeks along. "I'm the father," Jack says with a gulp. Janet asks to speak to Jack alone. She hopes that this can be Liberty's cure. He misses Brad but he hopes this can help his daughter. She decides it's best that she break the news to her daughter herself. They wonder how their partners will deal with this.

    Dusty meets Janet in the corridor. She offers his ring back. He won't take back his proposal. He still wants her.

    Henry crawls out of his bedsheets looking for a bottle of water. Barbara takes a swig and begins gabbing about Henry's other women. She says they should both be grateful for what they've learned from their previous lovers. They dive in for more. After sex, he gets dressed and they talk about his money. She asks him out to dinner.

    Henry gets in the elevator and spots Vienna. He's shocked. They speak awkwardly. She says she's there to see him because she's impressed by how generous he's been by donating his inheritance to the hospital. Katie told her all about it. He smirks.

    Barbara runs into Carly in the hall. She knocks over her portfolio and begins admiring her work as she picks it up. Barbara can't believe that Carly is partnering with Craig again. Carly says things will be bigger and better this time. They catch up. Carly's baffled to see Barbara being so conciliatory.

    On the street, Katie gives Reid a pair of handcuffs to remember Oakdale by. He says goodbye to Jacob. Luke watches and is shocked to see the doctor being so sweet. Katie wishes he didn't have to leave. He hands her a business card with his beeper number on it. Turning around, he tells Luke to stop eavesdropping and get lost. Luke's never seen him be nice. Katie gets a text and runs off. Luke asks Reid if he'll be sitting with Noah on the plane. The doctor discovers his flight is delayed and wants a drink. Luke offers to let him use his plane. Reid turns him down.

    Reid goes into the Lakeview for a beer. Luke chases him in and they bicker. He thinks that Reid doesn't respect him because he's gay. "I'm gay," Reid informs him. Luke doesn't believe it. Reid says he's known since he was nine and never kept it a secret. Luke thinks he should have told him so they could bond. Reid doesn't want to bond with him and walks away.

    Henry and Vienna go to Al's. As they start to talk, Katie runs in and interrupts. Vienna gets excited about the hospital donation and begins planning a party. When she runs off, Henry tells Katie she's played a dirty trick. She thinks Vienna still has stars in her eyes for him. Barbara calls but he doesn't pick up at first. After listening to Vienna for awhile, he slips away to call Barbara back and cancel on their evening. She says there is no pressure, but she's clearly disappointed. He gets off the phone and Katie leaves him with Vienna.

    Vienna and Henry return to the hotel. She knows that she's left him more than once but she still loves him. As she kisses him, Barbara sees them together.

    Jack goes to see Carly at home. She guesses the baby is his. He explains what happened and how he thought of her the whole time. They kiss and then leap into bed. After sex, she says they should tell the kids where they stand. As they get dressed, he talks about how he's never experienced a pregnancy like this.

    Janet and Dusty go back to the farm house. He tells her that he still loves her and will love her family too. He wants them to get married and have a home together. Janet says she can't marry him. He kisses her. She places the ring in his hand. Dusty walks out. Carly walks in and announces that she will be there to help her... so Jack doesn't have to.

    Dusty goes to see Jack at the station. He tells him that he is free to be with Carly.

    Katie finds Reid sitting on the street and tells him that Henry will be donating the money so he can stay. "I don't belong here," Reid says.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Barbara asks Vienna if she wants to know who Henry has been spending time with.

    Noah and Luke break up.

    Janet and Dusty visit Liberty.

    Carly says the baby will be his and so will she.

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    Posted by celja at Friday, March 12 2010 01:10 PM

    no kidding Dr. Reid is gay, I knew that from day 1, and Janet really bothers me Dusty is a great guy Jack doesn't love her, but he will stand by why not marry Dusty..and she needs to stop dressing in the past, its 2010 Janet lose the 1980 earings and hair style..

    Posted by 2kitties at Friday, March 12 2010 01:15 PM

    The baby should have been Dusty's, not Jack's. The writers better have Janet have a miscarriage because Carly belongs to Jack.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, March 12 2010 01:18 PM

    i love dusty and janet together can't wait for the next proposal

    Posted by gemini030 at Friday, March 12 2010 01:21 PM

    I knew the writers would mess with carjack fans and make Jack the father, but I was hoping until the last second that it would turn out to be Dusty. Why drag Jack and Janet out when they don't even want each other. Please put Jack and Carly back together and let Janet move on with Dusty before the show ends in September. If Dr. Reid is as smart as he thinks he is then he will get as far away from Luke as he can. Luke is too much of a whiner like his mom Lily for me. But he also has the sneaky manipulator gene from Damian. Run Dr. Reid before he destroys you!! Keep disliking him!!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Friday, March 12 2010 01:22 PM

    I am still trying to figure out what happened today. When the guy said 5 weeks I am going YES and about that time Jack says I am the father and then I am going NO! How did he have sex with Janet in Nov. and then a couple of weeks ago and she be 5 weeks and it is his baby? It has not been 5 weeks since she talked him in to having a baby with her for Liberty, but has been way beyond 5 weeks since Nov....I know soaps age much faster than real life but that was not 5 weeks ago. Someone help me here.

    I felt so bad for Dusty, Janet is going to play it for all it is worth to keep Jack and Carly apart. She was so unfair to Carly today, maybe Carly should not have gone to the hospital, but Janet had no right to talk to her like that. A little too judgemental for me, she is standing there with a man on each side of her, trying to figure out who the baby daddy and she yells at Carly.....what a nasty person she is. She committed adultry but yet she thinks she is perfect!

    Another thing, I do not like, is that Vienna came bouncing back into Henry's life. Just because he gave away the money, or so she thinks, now all of a sudden she wants him in her life again. She either loves him and wants to be with him or not, man talk about being judgemental. What makes what she thinks right? Henry keeps the money, she won't love him...he gives the money away, she loves him dearly! I love Henry and Barbara together and I just pray that he does not treat Barbara bad just because Vienna came back into town...that is not right.

    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, March 12 2010 01:27 PM

    Henry's headed the right way to lose Vienna before he even has her back again...he had the perfect opportunity to come clean about the money (and Barbara)...and, no...he kept his mouth shut.

    Katie is a cretin. She wants everyone to 'do the right thing'...but, she NEVER DOES! I am so done with her.

    Barbara is crushed. Why did that have to happen? This blows.

    Now that we know for sure who the daddy is...I'm done with that crappy tale, too. It can ONLY go down hill from here.

    At this point the only ones I'm interesting in tuning in to see are Molly and Chris. Let's see how the writers can screw this up now. Good grief.

    What a complete mess.

    Posted by hera at Friday, March 12 2010 01:38 PM

    Hi everyone! I am so disappointed that the daddy is Jack's. I really was hoping that it would be Dusty's. I guess it just wouldn't be soapy enough if Dusty was the father.

    I just wish that the final months of the show would be about love and romance. I want to see Jack moving back into Milltown, scenes of them with Parker and Sage. I wish that Janet would move out of the Snyder farm. She shouldn't be living there since the marriage to Jack is over. That would be the right thing for Janet to do because Jack won't ask her to leave. JMO. I just don't like Janet one bit.

    The funny thing is that I believe that CarJack are endgame and they are forever, so all this angst isn't really bothering me so much because they will find a way to be a family with this new baby. CarJack's love is strong enough to handle this unexpected pregnancy. Jack will never leave Carly, no matter what. I love CarJack so much!

    Posted by hera at Friday, March 12 2010 01:42 PM

    I might be in a minority, but I like Dr. Reid. I like his snarkiness. I also like how sweet and kind he is with Katie.

    I feel badly for Barbara. I want her to find love again. I really liked her scene with Carly. She was so generous with Carly . That was a great scene.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Friday, March 12 2010 01:52 PM

    I think that is why Emma is back on the show and that is to get Janet out of "her" house and who better than Emma? Janet should have been out of there long ago. Just cannot wrap my mind around this being Jack's baby, maybe because I do not want to, but I truly do not feel as tho it will be a big problem for Jack and Carly, maybe a few years ago, that would have been the case. But they now know that they want to be together and they will not allow Janet or baby to come between them. Good try Janet.

    I also loved Barbara and Carly today. Hate that Henry is more than likely going to hurt Barbara, but he will because as Earthmom says, he should have been honest with Vienna. And darn Katie anyway, do not like that girl at all. Barbara is so much more involved with Henry than she said she would ever be....please let Henry finally grow up and do the right thing by her and don't let him break her heart!

    Posted by sugarbabi223 at Friday, March 12 2010 02:22 PM

    Im glad that vienna is back I love both her and henry together. I am also sad though because I think henry and barbara are funny together. I dont want to see her hurt. Need to find another man to sweep her off her feed and put henry and vienna back together.

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