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    Making Up for Lost Time

    Tuesday, November 21 2006
    Iris tries to make her visit with Gwen a pleasant one. Katie finishes the final pages of "Oakdale Confidential." Dusty goes after Craig!

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    Posted by toosweet at Wednesday, November 22 2006 06:37 AM

    Iris and Jade the 2 most useless people on the show. Where is Barbara, please give her more then just a supporting role for Dusty . Let her deal the golddigger Iris, and the I want Will to love me Jade.

    Katie is just a brat trying to get her way, she still loves and want Simon, now she is mad that he is in love with Carly and Mike has kissed her crying cheating ass good-beye.

    Posted by gemini030 at Wednesday, November 22 2006 07:49 AM

    Why is Dusty going to let Craig take any chance he has of keeping Johnny by going after him with a gun. He needs to stay the hell away from Lucy and her crazy daddy and focus on showing that he is a fit father for that little boy. I don't know why but I would just love to see Dusty and Emily together. I think that they could do wonders for each other and when Emily is not out thinking of some way to get Paul she was a good mother to her son, so she could help him raise Johnny. I am already tired of this Carly/Simon/Katie thing. Katie is acting like a brat because Mike won't stay with her so she plans to make everyone else miserable. Then when the fall out from what she has done hits she still gone be around there whining and carrying on like none of it is her fault. We'll see how long Carly sticks with Simon when Katie ends up pregnant and don't know if Mike or Simon is the father. She gone want Jack again and I hope he makes her wait this time. Maybe Jack needs someone new to date.

    Posted by Lorip at Wednesday, November 22 2006 09:39 AM

    I cannot believe that Carly turned Jack down!! They belong together. I love Simon but he is not meant to be with Carly! He needs a new love interest!!

    Posted by woolgal at Wednesday, November 22 2006 01:17 PM

    I definitely think Katie will be pregnant. Carly and Simon are a horrible match but I am beginning to think Jack deserves someone much better than Carly! Jack is such a great guy...Yes.I can't believe Iris is back, why would they even bring her back? and Dusty is going to kill Craig? how ridiculous! I think Lucy is a bad actress!

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Wednesday, November 22 2006 01:18 PM

    Well I really didn't notice Carly, Katie, Simon and Jack today. ATWT got back to basics today, giving us some of this and that. It helps to see variety. Craig continues to look more like James Stenbeck while Paul is acting more like him. Did you notice the theft manuevers leading to a double changeout in bullets in Dusty's gun? Like it or not, Paul is definitely his father's (James Stenbeck) son.

    Posted by Enji at Wednesday, November 22 2006 01:28 PM

    I do not Like the New Craig either. complete turnaround hes nothing like the first one and the Craig character has changed. Craig has always been a little sneaky but this one is just going too far and the other craig was more sly and smooth this one is just there with a villan look and all of the sudden doesnt care about Lucy come on now. And I dont like the new Lucy either she always looks so scared and whimpy. The last Lucy had some gumption about herself and was more believeable. This one just crys and does what Dusty wants and if she does disappoint him she runs to a corner to cry. ATWT was doing better when those two werent on the show. i hate to say this but id rather see Allison than the new Lucy

    Posted by SmatieFan at Friday, November 24 2006 12:17 AM

    I think Carly is the one who is a spoiled brat with no self respect. People comment on how Katie has done "this and that" but Carly has screwed Jack over so many times, slept with her sisters fiance, slept with most of the guys on the show (Mike, Hal, Jack, Craig, Simon, Jack's brother, John the doctor ..did I miss any?) Simon Begged Katie to come back to him, went to her house and told her he couldn't hate her or stop thinking about her, that he will never love her like anyone else...they make love...then he acts like nothing happened after she gets caught..yeh it was wrong of her to do to Mike...but hey, she and Simon are soulmates. I'm actually sick of watching Carly and the way she moves her ugly mouth, and her and Simon have NO chemistry.

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