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    Only If We Do It Badly.

    Tuesday, March 09 2010
    Holden and Molly go after Lily and Faith, Dusty makes plans for Janet and Carly gets excited.

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    Posted by misspriss68 at Tuesday, March 09 2010 03:13 PM

    Okay so Jack and Janet must have slept together more than just like 2 days ago and I must have missed it....He didn't seem shocked when she said that she hadn't had her period for the last 2 months. If they hadn't slept together execpt just recently, he would have known right away that the baby isnt his. So as much as I would like for it to be Dusty's and her to move on down the road, maybe it really is Jack's. Gosh I so hope not.

    Posted by CMath90606 at Tuesday, March 09 2010 03:27 PM

    OMG!!!!! Faith is hooked on drugs instead of being hooked on phonics. No wonder JJ does not want to come home, he is probably a crack head What kind of private school is this?

    Posted by Lotgar at Tuesday, March 09 2010 04:24 PM

    When ATWT goes off it will be the end of my soap days. The Guiding Light and ATWT were the only ones I watched on a regular basis.I think it is disgusting that CBS or whoever has allowed this to happen.
    I say even if this isn't the Lilly that we all knew she should get back with Holden. They just belong together. Maybe if they hadn't made Lilly such a dumb bunny the ratings would have be higher.She is dumb dumb dumb!

    Posted by Earthmom at Tuesday, March 09 2010 04:56 PM

    I know what you all mean about not watching another soap when ATWT ends. I have become more involved than ever since we learned the show is going down the tubes. When it's over...soaps will be over for me. Here is my lifetime soap watching history: Secret Storm, Edge of Night, Guiding Light, As the World Turns. See a pattern here? Yep. It's me. I am the kiss of death to soaps. I am SOOO SORRY everyone. It's possible that we also may lose B&B and Y&R...because I watched them for a short while. But, I won't go back to them again because I could not find even one charming character to become fond of....their storylines are too repetitive and their characters are too crass. So, they may have a chance of surviving...since I'm not a fan. (

    Posted by shorty1943 at Tuesday, March 09 2010 06:28 PM

    Earthmom....I am so happy to hear you say that it might be you, because I had decided that it was me!!! I dabble a little in the B&B, but can just stand so much of the Ridge/Brooke/Taylor triangle, love the message boards for that show. The people running this show need to start closing out some of these many story lines and for goodness sake stop bringing in new characters and in turn more s/l's. Just so happy that Jack and Carly are doing so well....aren't they just so cute together, love when they smile at each other, those two play their parts well!!

    I am like you about the other soaps, afraid we are losing the soap world. Just not the way it used to be and before long there may not be any left...sad!

    Posted by Earthmom at Tuesday, March 09 2010 07:01 PM

    It is sad. These actors and characters have become like old friends. I have watched them grow up and grow old...losing them is devastating. I can't bear to get attached to another group of folks....and have them ripped away. I am going to be in my garden all of the time now. No more sipping lemonade enjoying Oakdale during the heat of the day. I'll just sweat it out...and remember the good ole' days.

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