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    You're The Sideshow.

    Tuesday, March 02 2010
    Damian steps in for Faith, Carly tries to make change happen and Jack and Janet split up.

    At home, Lily reads the paper and then calls Faith to ask her if she's heard the latest. She hasn't, but she's sure it must be a hard time for her mother defending Holden for murdering Damian. When Lily offers to call her head mistress and have her brought home, Faith tells her she'll come home when her mid-terms are over. As soon as she gets off the phone, the head mistress lectures her about the drugs they found in her locker. Faith tries making excuses until Damian arrives, claiming to be her father and bailing her out of the mess. She's been suspended so he offers to take her with him. She wants to call the police instead but he advises her to co-operate with him since he is the only one who can save her father now.

    They get into his car. He reminds her that he's saved her before. She asks him to save her dad. He tells her that he can't do that yet and claims that he is the victim of a power struggle in his family. When she pulls out her phone, he tells her that's a bad idea and she has to trust him. He promises to cover up her pot smoking and get her out of boarding school if she'll keep his being alive a secret. Molly calls her and offers to come and pick her up. Faith says she's too busy with school and hangs up.

    In Oakdale, Molly goes to the station to see Holden. They kiss and talk about what to do next. He says he wanted to kill Damian but couldn't do it. He's sure someone else must have been killed on the boat to take his place and fake his death. As they make out, Lily walks in. The three of them begin bickering about Damian and Molly tells her to get lost if she's not on Holden's side. After she leaves, Lily tells Holden she believes in him and she brought the kids to see him. He plays with the kids for a minute and then asks Lily to take them and leave town today. Holden is sure that Damian is still up to something and he can't help her while she's locked up. Lily insists that he needs her help.

    In Minneapolis, Craig throws a fit after he discovers that Carly has dragged him there just to chase after Jack again. She tells him that she expects Jack to run back into her arms. Craig seriously doubts that and tells her that Janet needs Jack right now, even if he's had one foot out the door for the whole marriage. She thinks the only way to help Liberty is for everyone to accept that Jack and Janet's marriage is unhealthy. They look in the hall and see Dusty. Carly worries Jack will throw his whole life away out of obligation. "What about me?" she asks. Craig tells her that jack and Janet were happy but she and Jack just torture each other. When she goes into the bathroom, he steals her phone and then locks the door from outside with a cord. Carly tries to leave in a little red dress and starts freaking out when the door is stuck.

    Janet walks into her room and finds Jack with Dusty. Janet tries covering and Jack orders Dusty out. He tells Janet he knows everything. Janet sends Dusty out. As he leaves, he suggests Jack look in the mirror before he lays all the blame on her. After he's gone, the couple bickers, mostly about Carly, and she insists she isn't having an affair. "There have been three people in this marriage from the beginning," she says. He asks her if she's in love with Dusty. They go over everything again. She refuses to justify her friendship with Dusty.

    Craig goes down to the bar and sits with Dusty. He tells him that Carly won't be interrupting Mr. and Mrs. Snyder any time soon. "You're the sideshow Dusty," Craig says, advising him to stay away before things get more explosive. Dusty thumps away. Craig chases after him.

    Carly escapes and interrupts Jack and Janet in her room. He tells her he doesn't have time for her. She's sick of waiting, insisting that she has every right to be part of this discussion. Craig and Dusty arrive. Carly declares that they all have to stop pretending and this situation has to end. She tells Janet that she and Jack have sacrificed everything for her and it turns out she isn't even faithful to Jack. He was going to ask for a divorce and only stopped himself because of Liberty. "Everybody knew except for me," Janet realizes. Carly thinks they should all move on. Jack refuses to listen and asks everyone to leave him alone with his wife. After they all file out, Dusty stares off sadly. Jack apologizes to Janet and says they should just be thinking about Liberty. She thinks he's an even bigger liar than she is. He wants their marriage to work. She admits that she might be in love with Dusty. He admits that he is in love with Carly and suggests they go back to seeking an annulment. "We're still going to have a baby for Liberty, no matter what," she says. After she sends him out, she packs, takes off her wedding ring and weeps.

    Craig tells Carly that they should go and see a real estate agent. She wants to be alone, sure that Jack will come to her. She walks into her room and takes chocolate out of the minibar.

    Jack wanders the streets trying to take off his wedding ring but its stuck.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Reid expects to he acquitted.

    Henry tries to ruin things for Reid.

    Damian sets something up with Faith.

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    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:28 PM

    Didn't Jack and Janet get married in 2008? If so, why are they talking about annulment instead of a divorce?

    I think Carly was wrong to do what she did. She is the other woman any way you put it and how dare the other woman have the nerves to do what she did. Jack is a wimp of a man to let her do it and also for not having the guts to tell Janet how he actually feels.

    If I were Janet, I'd say to all of them to leave me the he** alone. Dusty needs to back to the rock he crawled from under; Carly needs to concentrate on her children and if Jack is hers, he will come to her. True, Carly never cheated on Jack while they were married, but she sure betray his trust a lot while they were married.

    If I were Craig, I would leave Parker's trust fund where it is and forget about going into business with Carly and take the next flight out of Oakdale.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Tuesday, March 02 2010 12:57 PM

    Jack did tell Janet how he feels, she asked do you love Carly and he said YES!! How much more can he do than that?
    Janet cannot say leave me alone, she created this by committing adultry with Dusty, she has to own it and deal with it, she chose not to deal with it when Carly found out, she gave her the chance to tell Jack but she did not do it, that is Janet's fault not Carly's..and also had Carly not finally been honest with Janet, they would keep going on like they were because Jack was not man enough to tell Janet that he loves and wants to be with Carly and Janet would not have told him about Dusty!! Carly did just what she should have done.....ended this merry go round. The only one of the bunch to be honest, I am proud of her for being honest and forcing all those wimps to make some choices!

    And where does Janet get off telling Jack that they WILL have a baby to save Liberty.....just as she slams the door in his face.....surely she has more sense than to believe that will ever happen!

    Posted by awall at Tuesday, March 02 2010 01:09 PM

    shorty1943 ITA. I am glad to see Carly had the guts to be honest and make them all realize they have choices to make. Everyone can see they are all miserable with each other and bringing a baby into this mess is not the asnwer either. Janet started this crap and Carly gave her her chance to be honest with Jack and she kept lying. If Carly is the other woman well Dusty is the other man and that makes Janet as wrong as the next person. Besides adultery says it all. Divorce should be in order not an annulment, once you have slept together, annulment is out. Thanks Carly for being the adult in this situation!!!!

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, March 02 2010 01:24 PM

    Shorty1943, I guess I didn't make my point clear - Jack should have had the guts to tell Janet how he felt long before Janet slept with Dusty. Jack knew he was still in love with Carly when he married Janet and it became more apparent when Carly was about to marry Craig and while Carly was in rehab.

    There is no justification for Janet's sleeping with Dusty.

    I respect you as a Carly/Jack fan; however, I am not.

    Posted by iheartcarly at Tuesday, March 02 2010 01:35 PM

    Shorty1943, ITA with. You are always right on with your posts!
    awall, Janet wants the annulment because if she gets a divorce she can not get married in the catholic church again. I really think the writers need to get off this religious thing with her, because obviously she isn't religious! She was sleeping around as a teenager, libby mentioned b4 how she had different men before they came to Oakdale, she tried to break up katie and brad and she was sleeping with Jack before they got married...ummm when did she become a devote catholic? I didn't like how carly was dressed to go confront Jack and Janet...did she need to get all sexy??? That just looked trashy to me. Craigs an idiot...enough said!!! And janet had a lot of nerve to tell jack they would still have a baby! She is definetly going to pin her pregnancy on him! But at least I hope he would be smart enough to ask for a DNA test, like he asked Carly for when she was preggers with Sage! So sad I didn't see any scenes with carjack tomorrow
    Also, this damien/faith s/l is stupid! Enough said!! How many times are the writers going to use the "damien hiding from his family to save lily and luke" storyline? Its sooo old, sooo stupid and sooo unbelievable!!!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Tuesday, March 02 2010 01:53 PM

    Sorry Gland WT...I did not understand what you meant, did not mean to be grumpy about it. There are so many people not doing what should be done in this story line, it is not hard to get mixed up. I agree with you that Jack knew he still loved Carly, but Janet also knew it and thought she could change his feelings, that marriage should not have happened for a number of reasons but Janet set her sites way too high on that one. Maybe Jack and Carly will be together forever now and no more problems.

    Afraid that Janet will have problems with Dusty because he does love his women...maybe she will have better luck changing him than she did in changing Jack...

    I also respect that you are not a Jack/Carly fan....and as it should be, would be no fun if we all liked the same ones!

    awall and iheartcarly, I love reading your post, you always make me see things that I just plain missed. Thanks for some great posting..and hopefully soon we will see our Jack and Carly together for always!

    Posted by adriana8900 at Tuesday, March 02 2010 01:57 PM

    can't to watch the scenes with dusty and janet

    Posted by awall at Tuesday, March 02 2010 02:04 PM

    iheartcarly, I agree the writers needs to take a break from the religion. I also think this very subject is the conflict between Janet and her "Parents". I think that is the reference Rocco was making to Janet in the Synder kitchen. There is more to Janet than what we know. I have no love loss for Janet, she came to town to get Brad at all cost and when that did not work out she went for the next best thing. Besides Katie told her about the Jack and Carly situation and she blew her off. Janet knew in the beginning Jack had residual feelings for Carly and as usual with her not listening and rolling all over everyone, she went ahead. I have never seen that much passion between her and Jack anyway.

    Posted by iheartcarly at Tuesday, March 02 2010 02:09 PM

    shorty1943, again you are right on about Dusty. I'm afraid that once janet is no longer the damsel in distress, dusty will move on to the next women with issues...maybe even find his way back to Lily? (Although new lily and dusty have no chemistry) but, I'm sure he will get bored once janet doesn't need his help anymore!

    Posted by brattybarbie at Tuesday, March 02 2010 02:12 PM

    i think was carly did today was the most underhanded, selfish, disgussing thing that she has done! this was not hers to tell it was that not much of a man jacks, he is such a gutless human being that women have to defend him instead of thwe other way around. i agree he is not good enough for janet he deserves carly because they are both such lowlifes.i do hope janet ends up with dusty and i believe later on jack will see its not love for carly but lust and finally gets away from her!

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