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    Your Cancer Jokes Suck.

    Thursday, February 18 2010
    Dusty tracks down Janet's father, Lily gets suspicious and Molly hatches another plan.

    At Metro, Janet stares at a photo of Liberty. Dusty interrupts and tells her that she doesn't need to be there today. She explains that the chemo isn't going well. She's tried contacting everyone she can for help... except her parents. When she leaves to take a call, he gets her parents' number. He calls Janet's father, Rocco, and tells him his granddaughter is ill. "I don't have a granddaughter," Rocco says, hanging up. When Janet returns, Dusty explains he has to take care of something and runs off.

    Jack shows up on Carly's doorstep to apologize. She says it's okay; they need to be stronger than they have been. He finds that hard and begins pawing at her face. "I can't keep asking you to leave me alone," she says. Before they can kiss, Parker walks in. He can see that he walked into something so he quickly leaves. Jack offers to have dinner with Carly. She refuses because it wouldn't be 'just dinner'. She tells him again to go back to his wife; the game they are playing just isn't fair.

    At WOAK, Molly tells her producer that she doesn't have a story on Damian ready and she needs more time. She begs for a few more days.

    Holden arrives at Lily's to pick up Ethan. She tells him that her mom hired a PI to search for Damian. He nervously tells her that's a waste of time. She's starting to think there is something he's not telling her. He tries to make it clear that nothing is clear. Molly calls and tells him there's trouble. He gets off the phone. "Damian is gone. Whatever happened to him is out of our hands!" he barks at Lily.

    Holden meets with Molly at WOAK. He tells her that one of the crewmen saw a badly beaten man crawling around. He thinks it might have been Damian and he could still be alive... or he could have washed over the edge. Holden is worried that this could turn into a murder investigation and decides to turn himself in. She begs him not to do that until they have proof that Damian is dead. He has to think it over. After he leaves, she runs off.

    Carly stops by Metro to see Dusty. He's not there so she talks to Janet about Liberty. Carly tells her how brave she is. "Thanks to Jack. I'd be a basket case if hadn't come home," she says. Carly heads off.

    Dusty shows up at Rocco's hardware store. Rocco tells him he wasted a trip. Dusty explains that Liberty needs a bone marrow transplant and so far no one is a match. He's sure that Rocco will step up and do the right thing. Rocco is snide. Dusty tells him to respect his daughter and help his granddaughter. He's sure that he misses being a part of their lives. Dusty leaves him a photo of Janet and Liberty. Rocco sadly stares at it.

    Molly goes to Lily's to ask her about Damian's disappearance for a story she's doing. Lily thinks this is tacky. Molly claims she has no agenda and just wants to show the public the other side of Damian. Lily shows her the book of poems Damian gave her. "He's a good man that ended up going down a dark path," she says. Molly begins coughing and asks for water. When Lily slops way to get some, Molly photographs his handwriting in the book and takes a photo out do the back. After Molly leaves, Ethan and Holden return. Ethan asks his mother if Damian is dead. His parents explain that they don't know what's happened and send him off. They adults bicker. She wants the truth. He insists again that Damian is gone and he's never coming back.

    Liberty is at home when Parker drops by to check on her. They joke around and she theatrically fakes dying. "Your cancer jokes suck," he says. Comedy is all she's got. He promises to be there to help her all the time.

    Jack brings Parker home. He and Carly lecture him about skipping physio and accuse him of sacrificing important things for Liberty. He throws it back at them and accuses them of sacrificing their desire to be together for Liberty. They refuse to acknowledge this. Parker insists that he wants to sacrifice things for Liberty and doesn't understand their double standard. After he storms off, Carly says Parker is smart enough to realize how absurd their situation is even when they can't. Jack apologizes for his behavior and they decide to try and stay apart as much as possible.

    Dusty returns to Metro. He tells Janet that he went to see her father and he's a loser. She assumes that he's not going to be helpful. "Don't go behind my back when it comes to my family," she says, angrily.

    Rocco calls Janet at home. They bicker. "What do you want?" she asks. He tells her that he and her mother got tested and he'll let her know the results. She thanks him.

    Janet goes to Metro to see Dusty. He apologizes for going behind her back. She apologizes for jumping down his throat. She thanks him. As they kiss, Carly walks in.

    Molly goes to WOAK. She spots a ring on Damian's finger in the picture she stole and calls around to jewelry stores.

    Molly goes to the farm house to see Holden. She tells him anything can happen next.

    Lily opens her door and finds Damian's ring and a note from Damian.

    The cops get a fax that Damian's body has washed up on the shore of Malta.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack explains that Rocco is a match.

    Rocco and Janet argue.

    Janet and Dusty kiss.

    Carly tells Molly she's going to tell Jack everything.

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    Posted by Gencor at Thursday, February 18 2010 01:44 PM

    Oh Please! I am so sick of Carley and Carley an Jack! If these two would have gotten together way back when, I would have been all for it, but too much water under the bridge now. They just make me sick, mainly, Carley! She is just on my last nerve. She and Jack have been away from each other too long and I now don't think that they are as meant to be as I used to. Carley has become an idiot and I am not buying the whole Dusty/Janis storyline either. All of that is just trumped up to prop up Carley and Jack. I am not buying it at all.

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Thursday, February 18 2010 01:45 PM

    Great that Dusty and Janet are growing closer. Hope Liberty gets a cure soon and all 3 of them can clear the air of Oakdale. It's a long shot but Dusty needs stability and Janet could be the ticket.
    Mick/James storyline needs to wrap up quickly.

    Posted by cateyes2898 at Thursday, February 18 2010 02:05 PM

    I want Carly & Jack reunited. I can't stand Janet and hope that she goes off into the sunset with Dusty-I can't wait until Carly blows her out of the water!!

    Posted by cateyes2898 at Thursday, February 18 2010 02:12 PM

    I'm getting the impression that Holden will be arrested for the murder of Damien-especially when they start questioning him-I love Molly with Holden-he and this Lily have no chemistry at all. Let Paul and Emily be-I like them together-don't bring Meg back into the picture.

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Thursday, February 18 2010 02:51 PM

    Could someone please explain why all the dislike of Janet. Yes, when she came on the scene she was a complete ding-a-ling but the character has grown over time. She has done the best she could raising Liberty all alone and seems to have not gotten past being a young girl sometimes. All that is understandable as she was a child having a child. I can understand all the CarJack fans wanting those two back together but give Janet a break. Jack went after her and convinced her (and himself) that it was over with Carly. I would like to see Janet & Dusty together as I think he really cares for her. This is the Dusty I came to love when he was with Jennifer. The Carly fans seem to have selective memory when it comes to the many stunts that Carly has pulled over the years. Much too many to list. Sorry that these great actors are now coming on just in time for the finale of ATWT.

    Posted by william2 at Thursday, February 18 2010 03:05 PM

    I loved Janet when she first came on the show but when she acted like she did when Liberty was pregnant and tried to be this big christian woman, it was her way or no way. She totally lost sight of Liberty or what she wanted or how she felt, because it was just not Janet's way and she tried to put across she was so in to religion.............then lo and behold if she does not bed down someone other than her husband, while she was by the way still married!! No thank you, Janet is no longer anyone that I care for. She is all about adultry but not abortion, cannot pick and chose on this being a either are or you are not!

    No one is saying that Carly is a saint, I could care less. The time has come for Jack and Carly to be together again and spend the rest of their lives with their family...who the heck on a soap is a saint?? JMO

    Posted by iheartcarly at Thursday, February 18 2010 03:33 PM

    So so sad that I had to miss todays show with Jack and Carly ....I'm glad it looks like Janets Dad is a match for Libby. Hopefully all the spoiler talk about Janet being preggers is False!!! This is not a spoiler, but my gut is telling me somehow Carly telling Jack about all holy janet will backfire on her!!! Cannot wait until tommorow!

    Posted by Stace7 at Thursday, February 18 2010 05:10 PM

    I was not on board with the Carly jack thing for the longest time. But I have been now for a couple months. The scenes have given me no choice really.

    Love Dusty & Janet! When Janet first came on I thought they would make a good pair, but never thought it would happen.

    I liked Janet a lot when she first came on. I still do and glad she has more of a character but I dont know I hope when this whole Liberty thing is solved Janets character can be straightened out.

    Not really looking forward to a new Liberty, I hope she works as well with Parker as this one does. I am just used to this one, I am sure the new one will be fine.

    You can really hold everything bad a character has done against them. Soap characters are loaded with that stuff. Its easy to forget some because there is so many, and sometimes its just easier to forget it and just go with the s/l and enjoy what comes out of it. Carly has been a good girl for what a few years in soap time? So I think she can be forgiven now (at least for now). I love the way Jack has been looking at Carly latley! All googly eyed with butterflies. How cute.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, February 18 2010 05:20 PM

    iheartcarly, you can watch today's episode on (I've watched ATWT and others online). I don't like Janet because she's a hypocrite. She pretended to be a good person. But she's selfish, needy, demanding, and greedy. She sponged off Brad for weeks. She tried to steal Brad from Katie. When that didn't work, she settled for Jack. She wanted Jack to buy her an expensive wedding dress and a house. Two things a divorced parent of 3 with a mortgage cannot afford. She steamrolled over Liberty's and Jack's objections in order to adopt Liberty's unborn baby. She was cruel to Jack after Liberty had a miscarriage. Their constant fights drove Jack to drink, which resulted in him accidently killing Brad. Janet and Liberty blamed Jack for Brad's death. That along with Jack's guilt led him to leave town. In Jack's absence, Janet grew close to Dusty. Eventually, she slept with him. When she should have confided in Jack, she turned to Dusty. When Jack was ready to move on, Janet told him about Liberty's illness. (Deep down, Janet knew it was over. She wanted to keep Jack and Carly apart. She still does it). She doesn't want Jack, she wants Dusty. She's in denial of her feelings. No drama Janet is not the paragon of virtue Jack thought she was. She is not better than Carly. The sooner Jack learns the truth the better.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, February 18 2010 05:30 PM

    One more thing. Today's episode was great. Lily is a fool. She will cause Holden to go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. I love how Parker gave Carly and Jack a reality check. (He's a good kid. I'm glad he turned his life around). There's no way Carly and Jack will be able to keep up that bargain. Carly got the goods on Janet. It won't be long before she tells Jack about Janet's infidelity. I can't wait.

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