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Friday, January 29 2010
Damian goes on the run, Reid meets Katie and Henry gets an idea.

"Don't speak to my wife like she's yours," Damian warns Holden as he holds him at gunpoint in the hotel. He tells Lily they can still make things right and leave. Holden begins arguing with him but Lily claims she still loves Damian and will leave with him. Before they can run off, Meg suddenly comes back to the land of the living and leaps out of the trunk, gasping and holding a gun. Holden tells her not to do this. Damian tries to negotiate and offers to spend the rest of his life making things up to her. She hands the gun to Holden. Damian lurches for it. Lily jumps him. He throws her off and she bumps her head. Damian escapes and Meg runs after him. As the cops come, Holden tells Lily he's got her and cradles her on the floor. Molly arrives and finds them together. Holden glosses over what happened and then leads Lily off so he can get her to a hospital. Molly is left behind weeping.

Lily and Holden go to the hospital. She rants about how stupid she has been about Damian. He tells her that love makes people do desperate things. Molly arrives and explains that the police haven't found anything yet. A doctor comes in and Molly and Holden slip into the hall. She asks him if he can help her forgive herself for being desperate. He doesn't want to do this right now and blames her for nearly getting Lily and his sister killed. She begs him to try and build something with her. He sighs. The doctor comes out and says that Lily wants to see them. Molly dries her tears and they go back in. When Holden leaves the women alone to take a call, Lily demands some answers. Molly admits that Damian convinced her to cover up the truth. Lily can understand that, but doesn't see why she is so insecure. Molly tells her that it's because she knew Holden would run for her.

At the hospital, Luke corners Dr. Oliver, who is complaining about having to treat people with chronic fatigue. He says that Noah is a charity case and he doesn't do that. Luke offers to help pay his legal fees and put a good word in for him if he'll just help Noah. Dr. Oliver is unimpressed. Luke continues prodding him. Reid still doesn't care; he refuses to be bought or pushed around.

Noah is at Lily's. He listens to his DVD and then throws it away. He calls Maddie over. When she arrives, she finds the DVD on the floor. He's grouchy and asks her if she will take him to the hospital so he can beg Oliver for help. She thinks Luke should be involved but he blames him for messing things up with the neurosurgeon. Before they can leave, Luke arrives. He warns them that Dr. Oliver is still impossible. Noah wants to try anyway. He and Maddie leave. Luke answers a call from his father. Damian asks him to meet him at the office immediately.

In his office, Damian packs up papers and jewels. Luke arrives. His father tells him he is leaving on a freighter and can't explain anything else. He just wanted to say goodbye and tell him to take over the company. Luke thinks this is insane. "This is reality," Damian says. His son demands to know what he's done. Damian tells him that he's done everything out of love and promises they will see each other again some day. "Dad, be careful," Luke says. They hug and Damian runs. Luke calls Holden and tells him what just happened.

Katie drops by Henry's to complain about Jacob and her fridge. She decides she doesn't want to be alone anymore... she wants to live with her sister. After she thanks him for letting her vent, she putters off.

Katie goes to Java. Her baby cries. Dr. Reid walks by. She asks him to take a look at her baby. He refuses and ignores her. She rants at him and accuses him of being a podiatrist. He's offended enough to take a look. He explains that it's just an ear infection. She's shocked to learn that he's a neurosurgeon. He assures her he won't be sticking around town and complains about staying in the 'germ farm' of a hotel. She tells him there are other places he could sleep.

Noah and Maddie go to the hospital. He complains about Luke acting like a Grimaldi. Dr. Oliver walks by. Maddie runs off. "You can't leave him here. What if he trips over a nurse?" Reid yells at her. Noah continues asking him for help and admits that he doesn't like what Luke has been doing. Noah begs him to add him to his list of successful operations. Reid checks him over again and agrees to operate, claiming he is 'cautiously optimistic' but won't guarantee anything. He makes Noah agree to keep Luke away from him.

Luke finds Noah standing in the hospital hallway. Noah explains that he got Dr. Oliver to agree to the surgery. He tells him that they have to stay away from each other.

Maddie meets with her brother at Al's. He complains about all of his problems and how it looks like he's going to end up alone. She can see that he's lonely so she suggests that he ask Katie if he can be her roommate. He explains that she wants to live with her sister. Maddie suggests he give her a pitch and hints that he wants more than friendship with Katie. "Nothing ruins a good friendship like love," he warns her.

Henry walks into Katie's and finds her relaxing. Sitting down, he begins to massage her foot. He babbles about how much he likes sisters... but they don't make good roommates. Before he can offer himself as a roommate, Dr. Oliver walks in and looks around. Katie introduces him as her new roommate.

Meg bursts into Damian's room at the hotel. There's nothing left but a sweater.

As Damian stands by his freighter, Holden shows up. "You have everything. Why don't you just let me go?" Damian asks. Holden can't do that.

Next on As The World Turns:

Holden vows to make Damian pay. Damian thinks he's a fool.

Mick and Ali get intimate.

Jack tells Carly that when he's with Janet, he feels like he's cheating on her.

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