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    Long Term Commitment.

    Friday, January 22 2010
    Noah's operation hits a snag, Jack's plan to leave Janet doesn't work out and Carly gets disappointed.

    At the hospital, Dusty is talking to Bob about Liberty's care. Bob offers to do what he can, but he wonders why Dusty is invested in this. Dusty says that Janet is a friend and employee.

    Down the hall, Dr. Reid Oliver rants about how white bread and self-righteous Oakdale is. He decides it's time to get the operation over with fast so he can get out of there. Luke doubts that jumping into the operation is safe but the doctor is eager to take a crack at it. Luke doubts Noah is ready. "I'm ready," Noah claims. Reid walks out and finds Bob. He orders an operating room and a bunch of equipment. "Who are you? What are you doing in my hospital?" Bob asks. Luke comes out and explains. Reid returns to Noah and tells him to sign the consent form. Luke urges him to think this over some more. Bob calls Reid out and tells him that his procedure could actually make Noah worse. He won't sign off on this surgery unless he's sure that Noah is fully informed. Until they have the consent, nothing will happen. Reid returns to Noah and tells him that the operation could kill him but if he wants his eyesight back, he's the best man for the job. Noah repeats that he wants to do this and signs the forms. Reid takes the paperwork to Bob and orders an OR prepared. Reid runs off. "What an ego," Kim remarks. Bob knows he's unbearable but he's a genius.

    Bob and Kim find Luke pacing in a waiting room. Dr. Oliver comes out and explains that he's not going to operate. After looking at the scans, he's realized that many operations will actually be necessary. "That's a long term commitment and I came here for a one night stand," he says. In spite of Luke's protests, he walks away. Bob and Kim tell him that they can plan the next step together. Luke is afraid that Noah will be devastated that he didn't get the surgery. As Reid walks by to the exit, Luke stops him and refuses to let him leave on the Grimaldi jet. Reid sneers, shrugs and walks away again.

    Luke goes into Noah's room and breaks the news to him. He promises him that this isn't over. Noah turns away and asks to be left alone. When Luke walks out, he finds Dr. Oliver still there. No commercial flights are leaving because of the weather. Luke asks him again for his help but the doctor refuses and orders Luke to drive him to the airport.

    Bob and Kim are walking. He worries that Dr. Oliver didn't give the boys much of an explanation. As she gets in her car, Dr. Oliver and Luke walk into the parking garage. The doctor climbs into Luke's car and tells him he can pick it up at the airport. As he pulls out, he drives into Kim's car.

    Jack finds Janet crying at the farm house. She tells him that Liberty has leukemia. "I don't know how to handle this by myself," she admits. They sit down and she explains how they found out. He wonders why she took days to tell him this. She couldn't find him. "Tell me what I can," he says. She needs his help. Her daughter needs her but she's scared. Jack says she won't have to go through this alone; he will be there for her. Janet doesn't need pity, she needs her husband. "I'm your husband," he says, and they are family. He gets her to rest and tells her not to worry about Carly.

    At home, Carly flashes back to Jack telling her that he was going to finish with Janet and return to her. Craig shows up at her door. He wants to talk business but she's not interested in money any more, just her heart. He wonders what's really going on. She explains that she is planning on going back into fashion. Her pizza and beer arrive. She tells Craig that the alcohol isn't for her. He worries and then figures out that she has things set up for Jack. "You've gotta be kidding me," he says. She reminds him that this is none of his business. Besides, nothing will happen until Jack finishes with Janet. He's sure she won't let that stand in her way. "What Carly wants, Carly gets," he says. Jack arrives as Craig leaves. From the look on Jack's face, Carly quickly guesses he didn't end things with his wife. She knows that they've been through all of this before but they've both changed. The only thing that is the same is that they love each other. He backs her off and explains that Liberty is sick. If Brad were around, he could look after her, but he's not. Jack reminds her he made a wedding vow. "I've heard those a time or two myself," she sobs. He wishes this wasn't happening but he has no choice. She understands, but she can't settle for anything less than all of him. He leans in to kiss her, but they can't do it. He walks out. She bursts into tears. Later, she tries to throw the beer away. She can't, so she takes her keys, the beer and leaves.

    Dusty finds Craig taking a drink at the Metro. He's in a foul mood. "To CarJack!" Craig sarcastically toasts. Dusty doesn't want to be part of the pity party. He walks off and calls to have his plane readied so he can take Liberty and Janet to New York.

    Janet wakes up alone in bed and hears a knock at the door. It's Dusty. He wants to help. She tells him that Jack has come home. "We're going to find a way to make our marriage work," she says. He tells her that he's booked tickets for her and Liberty to see a specialist. She thinks he's amazing and she's grateful that what happened between them hasn't turned into something uncomfortable, but made them friends. She hugs him. He looks uncomfortable.

    Craig corners Jack in the street. He's sure that Jack is going to murder Carly's self-esteem again. He would kill for the kind of love that Carly gives him. "But you kick her teeth in. What is it that you do to her?" Craig asks him. Jack flips out and grabs him by the throat, yelling at him to shut up.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    After finding an old photo, Paul demands to know who Mick is.

    Noah tells Luke that they have to spend some time apart.

    Damian climbs into bed and finds Meg waiting for him.

    Janet asks Carly if she and Jack are finished.

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    Posted by chantepalmer at Friday, January 22 2010 12:11 PM

    I wish the writers would bring some kind of normality back to as the world turns. Can someone make a decision and actually stick to it? Everybody knows Carly and Jack belong together they are deep in love! Janet cheated on Jack and should come clean with him, she wants her cake and eat it too! Doesn't she realize people shouldn't be played with like that, Dusty doesn't even want any part. He really wants to be with Janet so that's who she should be with.

    Posted by golflover at Friday, January 22 2010 12:33 PM

    This time I really feel sorry for Jack & Carly, but typically soap drama!! When is Damian going to get his just rewards?? Lily doens't seem to know who she wants, & Mollie is not going to help the situatuin one little bit. And the weird story aboutMick/James is crazy & not good, at least to me.

    Posted by Milzi at Friday, January 22 2010 01:16 PM

    The thing I don't understand is how many lives does James have? we have watched him die several times now, are you hurting for a storyline or what? Carly and Jack belong together, so what are you waiting for? Lily is so stupid she needs to take off the blinders. It's okay to start these storylines but they last to long.

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Friday, January 22 2010 02:20 PM

    All the CarJack fans need to be patient - they will be back together. Even Craig is calling them CarJack-that was real funny. Folks need to cut Janet a bit of slack right now.
    Try to remember she was a kid when she had Liberty & raised her all alone. Now she is scared & really doesn't know where to turn. Unless you have faced this terrible disease you don't know the panic. I have been there & the way the writers are handling it so far is right on target. If Carly starts drinking again then that is purely Carly's problem. Craig was right on target with "what Carly wants Carly gets". If she doesn't get her wish then she better get hold of herself and act like a grown up. Carly has no idea what it must be like to raise a child with no support. She has always had some man to call on. Everyone calls Janet a whiner and sometimes she is but Carly is not much different. I think that Janet would be much better off with Dusty because Jack is being portrayed as a fool.

    Posted by chantepalmer at Friday, January 22 2010 02:52 PM

    I really think Janet will be good with Dusty maybe they can get married and have a happy ending,dusty deserves to finally be happy Janet will be a perfect stepmommy for his son!

    Posted by brattybarbie at Friday, January 22 2010 06:11 PM


    Posted by CBSoapKing at Friday, January 22 2010 07:38 PM

    I am disappointed about yet another stumbling block for Jack and Carly. I was hoping the writers would start rehoning their vision toward ATWT's finality. Hope they don't end up cutting it short like Guiding Light. I welcome a couple of newcomers but they need to start cleaning out the house some.
    I don't like how they're using Tom Pelfrey (aka James Stenbeck).

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Saturday, January 23 2010 12:13 AM

    ITA with CBSKing - I hhad hoped Jack and Carly would get together knowing the show needs to start winding down. That being said, I have never ever liked bubbly Janet or Liberty since they came to Oakdale, But I would not wish leukemia and the horrible treatments that go with the disease on anyone. Janet does need a caring person by her side at this time but they should have let that person be Dusty as I like them together. And the way Libby's leukmemia just popped up witha bruise after the trip to Detroit was a slap in to the face to the reality of the way this cancer creeps up on one and steals thier life before they know it. They just should have left out this SL at this late stage IMO as no way if written properly do they have the time do show the treatments and month and month of hopsital stays to just get the disease in remission. And that is only the beginning!!

    Posted by Maristel at Saturday, January 23 2010 02:03 AM

    the story is getting worse with Luke and Noah......but i think it's better that Luke be away to Noah..and find someone that he deserves....Noah is only happy if Luke does what Noah's wanted..but if Luke does something that has no good result..Noah again gets mad at Noah.....Noah pushes Luke away..insensitive.......Noah is selfish...he is suffering but Luke as well.....

    Posted by lovinthesoaps at Saturday, January 23 2010 06:12 AM

    So disgusted with Janet telling Jack she couldnt find him????? He was trying to talk to her at the school AND calling her phone like 20 times! Even Dusty asked her if she was going to answer it? My heart breaks for any mother who finds out their child is sick and I can also sympathize with her not wanting to say it out loud but she cannot blame Jack for this one. She has been confiding in Dusty and obviously thats where she wants to be, but yet she keeps draggin Jack along for the ride! As for Damien, I cant wait for Meg to scare the crap outta him! LMAO!!! I cant wait to see him squirm. Hopefully all this will help Lilly get a clue!! I gotta say other than Luke turning into Damien (at least he is becoming interesting) this whole s/l is lame! Oh well, enough for me here! Enjoy your weekends!

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