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    You're Like Alcohol To Me.

    Thursday, January 21 2010
    Jack and Carly agree to get back together, Liberty tells Parker she's sick and Dusty pushes Janet away.

    At Metro, Dusty tells Teri that she should talk to her sister. He breaks the news that Liberty has leukemia. She's shocked and wonders why Dusty knows all about this. She hopes that Janet has been talking to Jack. "A lot of marriages fall apart," Dusty says. Teri thinks they'll get back together as long as no one gets in the way.

    At the station, Jack calls Parker and offers to pick up his homework for him. He asks to speak to Carly. When Parker calls for her, she doesn't answer. Jack gets off the phone as Margo comes in. She knows that he was sleeping in the office. He wants to come back to work and claims that he is okay now. "Bull," she says. She tells him to get his life back together so he can come back and concentrate on his job.

    At home, Parker tells Carly that Jack called. She's uncomfortable when he tells her that Jack will be dropping off his homework.

    Janet is following her daughter to school. Liberty just wants to go back to normal. Janet worries and wants to tell the principal everything. Liberty doesn't want anyone to know because she doesn't want to be treated weirdly. Her mother thinks the people around her should know. "Then why haven't you told Jack?" Liberty asks. Janet agrees to think about telling him. When Janet walks off, she walks right into him. She almost tells him about her daughter, but stops herself. He tells her that he moved out of Carly's but he still has to get his life in order before he can go back to work. She avoids him and walks away.

    Liberty is walking down the hall with Mac. She worries about her test. "If I don't ace it, I'll die," Mac says. Liberty somehow doubts that and wanders off.

    Liberty goes to Carly's to see Parker. She asks him for the car keys so they can run off and do something crazy. He can barely move. "We'll have to do something crazy here," she declares as she starts kissing him. She asks him to go upstairs. He wonders what's wrong with her and offers to help her. "I have leukemia," she explains. Parker refuses to believe it but it's true. They hug and he tells her she won't die. "You're not going to be alone," he promises.

    Carly goes to her AA meeting. She tells them that she's been shaky since she kissed her ex-husband. Being with him made her feel like she was taking a drink again. It was familiar and warm, but she knows it could kill her. He's the love of her life and she knows he still loves her... but if they got together again and he left her again, she couldn't handle that without drinking again.

    Janet arrives at Metro. Dusty suggests that she talk to her sister. She can't do that now. He asks her if she's told Jack yet. Janet can't do that yet; talking about it will make it feel too real. She asks him for a hug. He doesn't budge. She wants them to still be friends. "You should talk to your husband," he says. She'd rather talk to him. He calls Teri in to talk to her sister and then slips out. The sisters sit down and Teri offers to help. Janet can't talk about it and leaves.

    Jack goes down to the water. He flashes back to Carly telling him that she loves him. "We've made so many mistakes," he muses. Carly surprises him. "Let's not make another one," she says. He asks why she has been avoiding him. She explains that she went to an AA meeting. "You're like alcohol to me," she explains. She can't kiss him or hang out with him anymore. He came there because he wanted to remember the woman who loved him and promised to always love him. "I lie a lot," she says... but she came to remember too. Being with him is suicidal and it scares her. Neither of them can walk away. She tells him to go home to Janet, her food and bed. "She doesn't want to be with me," he says. He tells Carly that he loves her and always will. He thinks they need to face this but she can't go through it again. Jack needs her; she is the only person who can save him. Carly can't tell him how she feels... so she kisses him and then pulls away. She tells him that he has to tell Janet it's over before they can go any further. It's what he wants. "We belong together. I could never leave you again," he says, promising to talk to Janet and then come back to her.

    Dusty takes Johnny to the hospital for a checkup. Liberty's doctor spots him and offers to tell him the latest about her. Dusty insist he's only a friend of the family and suggests that he talk to Janet. "Is Liberty going to die like my mommy?" Johnny asks.

    Dusty takes Johnny out for ice cream and tries to reassure him. Margo comes in. Dusty corners her and they begin talking about how fast he runs through women. She suggests that he find someone special for his kid's sake.

    Liberty meets with her aunt and tells her that she broke the news to Parker. She's mad and scared. Even if she beats it, it will always being hanging over her. Teri tells her she'll be fine.

    Carly goes home and tells Parker how good and exciting life is. Her cheeriness gives him a headache so he hobbles upstairs. She orders a pizza and beer.

    When Jack arrives at the farm house, he finds Janet crying. "I'm so glad you're home. I need you so much!" Janet says, throwing her arms around him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Dr. Oliver wants to operate on Noah immediately.

    Jack flips out at Craig.

    Janet tells Dusty that she and Jack are going to make their marriage work.

    Carly realizes Jack didn't break up with Janet.

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    Posted by awall at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:30 PM

    Jack stick to your guns and go back to Carly. Read between the lines that something is up with Janet and Janet for once be honest and tell the truth. Janet is so quick to judge everyone and look at the mess, she is creating. Course everyone will blame Carly, but this is not her mess this time. Carly please don't fall off the wagon and keep Craig away. Please don't put Parker and Liberty back together because she is sick, boring. Dusty find someone other than Janet or Teri.

    Posted by cbsno.1fan at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:42 PM

    Jack and Carly belong together and I cannot believe how the writers are making Janet out to be. She is so two-faced and needs to tell Jack the truth about what happened between her and Dusty. I hope that Carly does not go back to drinking again.

    Posted by awall at Thursday, January 21 2010 01:02 PM

    I agree, Carly has really been fighting her feelings for Jack and keeping them both on the right path. She made him leave before they ended up sleeping together and then regreting it and look at Janet. Running hot and cold and she will try and blame all of this on Jack and Carly. Writers give them the divorce and place Jack and Carly back together for good.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Thursday, January 21 2010 01:48 PM

    Man, Janet is at it again, it is you I want Jack, no wait a minute, maybe I want Dusty, no Jack is getting close to Carly again, I want him back........give me a break!! She is a good ole christian girl, let her confess to Jack what happened between she and Dusty and then she will not have to worry about making a decision as far as Jack is concerned, cause he will make it for her when he slams the door in her face!! Who deserves it more?

    You are right awall...they will all blame Carly, but if that makes one feel better go for it, we know it is not so. At least she has stayed out of Jacks bed as long as he is married....Janet cannot say the on this earth is Jack going to find out about her and Dusty? Any ideas, however he finds out, please let it be soon!!

    I loved Carly with the short hair, looks so much better on her in my opinion!

    Posted by Rita H. at Thursday, January 21 2010 02:49 PM

    Why does everyone hate Janet? Jack is the one to blame for this mess. He loves Carly, but he doesn't love her behavior. Every time they get back together, he gets upset with her for something and leaves her. When he started dating Janet, she had her doubts; but he said that he was over and done with Carly. Yet - throughout their marriage, he has always been in Carly's business. Jack married Janet but he has never acted like they have a marriage. He never loved her and deep down she knows that, and that's why she hooked up with Dusty. Most women would have done the same thing. Jack has been away mentally, emotionally, and physically 95% of their marriage. So I can't hate on Janet because she hasn't done anything Jack and Carly haven't done.

    Posted by brattybarbie at Thursday, January 21 2010 04:10 PM


    Posted by mommy 2 at Thursday, January 21 2010 04:38 PM

    I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE Carly and Jack finally giving in to their feelings,they belong together Then i was upset at the end of the show I hope they work it out and find their way back together!!!! Dusty and janet suit each other pair those two up dusty needs someone in his life!!

    Posted by joys at Friday, January 22 2010 01:38 AM

    fyi this will all turn around again because liberty will need a bone maral trans plant ti fix her cancer and the only match is going ti be carly and jack acouse will find out about dusty & janet and well it will be carly and jack again as it should be but don't want dusty with janet they someone new to realy get is interance up before the show go off air janet was ok at first but not really liking her now she should just move away ya think that would be best for the whole town.

    Posted by Starlady5 at Friday, January 22 2010 05:00 AM

    I always wanted Jack and Carly together...but really..come on..Jack has always been so unforgiving to her in the past. He let pride and stubborness kep them apart. Janet is NOT to blame in all Jack's troubles. I think she took so much indifference from Jack...more than most wives would have. He ran to Carly's side over the least little thing. Jack forgot about Janet..treating her so badly. So, she made a mistake and slept with Dusty. She was left again on New Year's Eve by arrogant Jack, running after Carly. Janet had her feelings tramped on, and she was lonely, and made a mistake. Jack wasn't the perfect angel. Jack is very much getting hard to take. He is self centered in his marriage to Janet. I think Carly will drink that beer she ordered for Jack with the pizza. That will be the start of her drinking again, I think.

    Posted by awall at Friday, January 22 2010 05:06 AM

    Carly has not been in Janet and Jack business. She has told him the whole time to go home to his wife. Problems in a marriage does not get solved by sleeping with someone else. Janet knew what she was doing and she has known all along the bond between Jack and Carly. Besides she was warned about that before she married him. When she accused Jack doing the Brad incident that did it for me, she has not been supportive of him at all and why wasn't she trying to go and bring him home. She was acting as if Brad was her husband. She and Liberty both came to town to cause problems and now it is time for them to go. Plus I don't see her and Dusty lasting for any length of time. Above all keep Craig out of this, he is no good for anyone.

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