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    The Deep End.

    Wednesday, December 23 2009
    Casey proposes to Alison, Mick tries to talk Barbara around and Emily discovers Meg is in her basement.

    Kim shows up at the hospital to drag Bob away from work and over to Tom and Margo's. He's reluctant to leave but she marches him out.

    At home, Tom and Margo look at ornaments that Adam made. He tells her it's okay to miss him. Meanwhile, Alison is decorating the tree and remembers her dream again. Casey interrupts her. He's been watching his mother remember Adam and blames himself for costing her time with her son. Ali tells him to stop talking and fix it. Kim and Bob arrive. The doctor turns off his pager and begins teasing Casey. The round of apologies begins. Tom apologizes for not supporting Adam. Casey apologizes for driving him away. Margo thanks them. Bob apologizes for Kim's cooking. As Tom breaks out the booze, Bob tells Ali she has a knack for keeping his grandson in line. When Bob turns to Casey, Casey tells him he is taking things slow with Alison. Bob warns him not to take too long. Sometimes it's best to dive into the deep end.

    The family joins around the table. Bob toasts to the family, those present and those absent. He talks about how proud he is of Casey turning his life around and tells Alison that she is very welcome to be with them. Before Bob can say grace, Casey apologizes to everyone and then declares that the biggest mistake he ever made was messing things up with Alison. He takes her hand and tells her he wants her to be with him all the time. "Will you marry me?" he asks. Her jaw drops. She doesn't know what to say so she leaves. Kim prompts him to run after her. When he does, they all laugh and Kim asks Bob if he pushed Casey into this.

    Outside, Casey apologizes to Ali for jumping the gun. She thinks he's out of his mind, reminding him of all the times their relationship has failed in the past. He loves her, everything about her. Alison can't deal with this right now and walks away.

    Casey goes back inside. He and Tom give Margo a gift. It's a cell phone. They explain it is pre-dialed and tell her to press a button. When she does, it calls Adam. She tearfully tells him how much she loves him. Bob and Kim watch. They talk about how fast time has been going. She thinks he's been pushing himself too hard and should slow down. He agrees and hands her a gift. It's a pair of sunglasses and a brochure for a cruise to the Greek Islands. She's thrilled and they hug and kiss.

    "I'm just trying to decide if you're a liar or completely insane," Barbara tells Mick in his room. He insists that he has discovered the secret to youth and asks her if she is willing to take the challenge. She asks him to visit Paul with her. They get into the elevator. He asks her how she felt when he died. "It's complicated. Sadness and relief can go hand in hand," she says. He wants her to believe him because she feels it not because he gives her facts. He pleads with her to believe him so he can make amends to her and Paul. "I am James. I am also a man reinvented and I am offering you the same thing... to become someone new, someone better," he says, sure that she really wants to believe him.

    At home, Emily and Paul kiss until Eliza wakes up. When Emily runs off to see the little girl, Paul slips downstairs to check on Meg. She wonders what he's going to tell Emily. He's not going to tell her anything and assures her they will talk a judge around to their side. She begs him to bring Eliza down to see her. He hands her a bottle of wine and goes back upstairs. She mutters to herself, vowing revenge on Damian. As she drinks, she hears Eliza crying.

    Upstairs, Paul and Emily toast to each other and the child they might have. As they hold Eliza, Emily says she will be a mother to her as long as she needs to be. "Like hell you will!" Meg blurts out as she interrupts. Emily flips out as Meg takes her daughter away. Paul confesses that he helped Meg escape. Emily's not happy, even though Paul claims this is only temporary. "You promised you were not going to drag this woman's problems back into our lives!" she shouts at him. Meg insists that she isn't crazy. As Emily explodes, Meg says she won't let her insecurities get in their way. Barbara and Mick rush in. Mick walks straight over to Eliza and hands her a stuffed animal. After Mick tells Eliza all about the importance of hope, he hands her to Paul and tells him not to waste any of the time he has with her. Someday he'll be old and it will all be gone... Everyone stares quizzically at Mick. He walks out. Barbara asks her son what is going on. He doesn't understand what was going on with Mick. She's flustered and leaves. Paul apologizes to Emily. She agrees to let Meg stay temporarily as long as he promises to put them above her. Meg offers to leave but they ask her to stay. Paul and Meg help Eliza put an ornament on the tree. Emily grimaces.

    Alison goes to a church. Mick spots her and then runs off to the bell tower. As she walks around the building, recognizing it from her dream, she notices Mick in the corner. He demands to know what she is doing there. She ended up there by accident. They talk about their mutual desire to run away from the other pressures in life. She tells him about how great spending the evening with the Hughes family was, but something felt wrong. They discuss Mick's anti-social behavior. He claims he doesn't want any distractions and walks her out.

    Mick meets Barbara at the hotel. She asks him why she would want anything to do with him. He repeats his offer to do for her what he has done for himself. "Another decade for us... let's start this one together," he suggests.

    Alison returns to Tom and Margo's. She watches the family through the window. Casey goes out to see her. She agrees to marry him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Santa takes Brad around town to say goodbye.

    Dusty and Janet kiss.

    Jack spends Christmas with Carly, Parker and Sage.

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    Posted by cbruns71471 at Wednesday, December 23 2009 01:34 PM

    Didn't adam just get divorced from Alison's sister/mother Emily. He's not even 25 and already onto his 2nd marriage. A third marriage for Allison.

    Posted by tnelli at Wednesday, December 23 2009 02:08 PM

    I think you meant Casey, not Adam...but you are right..they already have marriage track records and so young..Yaay if they put Paul and Meg back together..I now a lot of people dont care for Meg but I like her and I think her and Paul should be together..Emily already sees it and I hope she doesnt do anything stupid to hang on to Paul..

    ****Spoiler Alert*** Damien is leaving next month Paolo confirmed this on his FB page

    Posted by Butterflyrose34 at Wednesday, December 23 2009 03:42 PM

    So Alison said yes, I hope she means it and really wants to marry him not like with Aaron where she did because she felt she owed him.
    Damien is leaving? Good! Can't stand him. I knew he couldn't be trusted I never bought that he had changed for a
    second. He'll never change.

    Posted by Earthmom at Wednesday, December 23 2009 08:30 PM

    Alllll right! Now we're talkin'! Tom P. is ready to show us his acting chops! That was INTENSE. I can really SEE James when he is playing him. I'm actually sad for James that he feels so driven to be with his old family...instead of starting a brand new life with new people. He clearly longs for Allison. Why can't he just forget his evil self and be a whole new person? I love the way Tom just sort of held back and felt out the situation at first....nice and quiet and calm and then...WHAM! Oh, yeah...he's here now! I couldn't figure out why the writers gave him such a mellow personality to portray when Tom is capable of such incredible intensity. Guess what? He isn't going to be mellow at all! This is awesome. He is going to ROCK this part! But, sadly, when James is involved....someone's gonna get hurt. Bad. I know most of you are tired of 'the man who wouldn't die' but, I love these freaky impossible senarios. I was so disappointed that they didn't take Adam/Riley in a super bizarre direction...they just let the storyline fizzle and he left. I hope this Jame's SL is worthy of Tom's incredible skills...he can take it to the limit if given the opportunity. I hope they give him the opportunity. Paul was hilarious...after Mick calmed little Eliza down and then said his peace/love/Christmas thing....Paul said... 'What. Was that!?' I totally cracked up! Loved today's show...awesome show.

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