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This Is The Way Love Is.

Friday, October 23 2009
Lucinda hatches a plan to get Lily and Holden back together and a shootout at the warehouse goes wrong.

In the warehouse, Ralph holds the baby and Katie climbs over to him. He tells her that he's been having nothing but trouble today, but the trouble is about to get worse for her. Ralph tries to get the baby to stop crying and finally hands him over to her. She quiets the baby down and promises him nothing will happen to him. Ralph tells her he likes kids, and dogs too, but he has to tie up some loose ends. She knows too much. She offers to keep her mouth shut and then tells him about what a miracle her child is. She taunts him to kill her, but he won't shoot babies or defenseless women and says he's leaving her alone to let nature take its course. Katie begs him not to let her baby die and asks him to drop him off at the hospital.

At the station, Brad is desperate to find out who Madigan is, he searches the database while the cops get a graffiti guy they picked up to empty his pockets. He has Katie's necklace among his things. Brad spots it and throws the kid against the wall, screaming for answers. The cops pull him off and let the kid go. Brad runs off to find his wife with Henry trailing after him.

Brad follows the graffiti guy and corners him. He threatens him into revealing where he found the necklace.

Jack and Janet go home. She feels like a miserable excuse for a mother. Although she blames herself for the miscarriage, Jack tries to reassure her and tells her this is no one's fault. She begins berating him, accusing him of being happy that he won't have to raise the child. He claims he would have helped raise the child. "That's easy to say now that the child no longer exists," she says. He's offended and walks out.

Janet chases him to the bar and apologizes. She was pointing a finger at him instead of looking in the mirror. He repeats that this has all been an accident. Janet assures him that he is enough for her, but the thought of having another 'Libby-Lu' was too hard to turn down. Jack has another drink and confesses that he went to see Carly today. He has another drink and tells her about Rosanna and Craig's affair. Janet is shocked.

Henry goes back to the hotel and tries getting information on Madigan from one of Ralph's guys. He reveals that Madigan's is actually a warehouse. When he walks outside, he calls Brad to tell him what he's learned. Jack and Janet walk by and overhear him. They demand some answers. Jack tells him to get Margo to send back up and he rushes off.

Brad arrives at the warehouse. He hears the baby cry and then Ralph clobbers him. Ralph points the gun at him and tells him he's a papa. "Your kid had the chance to grow up with at least one parent but now you give me no choice," Ralph says.

Jack and Henry are outside arguing. When they burst in, Jack starts shooting. They can hear the baby cry. Jack picks up the baby while Henry wakes up Katie. Jack searches around the warehouse and finds Brad on the floor. He's been shot.

Damian is disappointed to bump into Lily at the Lakeview and learns she is just looking for Holden. He points to Holden laughing at the bar with Maeve. Lily walks over and tells him that their children want to throw a Halloween party. Maeve makes herself scarce. Holden tells Lily to talk to her husband and walks away. When Damian asks her to have a drink, she turns him down.

Lucinda summons Luke home and tells him that they have to get his parents together again. He says that his parents are destined to be together. Lucinda agrees but says that destiny sometimes needs a kick in derrière. She wants to get Lily and Holden up to the cabin together so they can make up their minds. Lily comes home and complains about Maeve. Lucinda thinks Holden is just playing hard to get and his pride has been hurt. She suggests that she take Holden up to a cabin in the mountains. Lily thinks that's a horrible idea... until her mother suggests she's afraid.

Holden goes to Maeve's room to apologize for Lily. He spots the bag of money and warns her that the bills are probably marked. She knows but she finds it hard to give up the money. She even slept on a blanket of cash when she checked in. He offers to reimburse her if she gives the money back. Maeve doesn't want charity, she'd rather find a job and wonders if the hotel is hiring. "Lily owns the hotel," he explains. He offers to talk to Lily for her.

Luke runs into Damian at the Lakeview. He tells his son that he is legally married to Lily and Holden has no claim on her anymore. Luke doesn't know what to think. "This is the way love is," Damian says. Luke says the only important thing is what his mother wants.

When Luke goes upstairs, he bumps into Holden and Maeve. She gushes about how wonderful Holden is and then walks off. Luke tells his father that they should rent a cabin for the family and go up to the woods. Holden thinks that's a great idea.

Damian buys Maeve a drink at the bar. When she goes back to her room, she runs into Holden who tells her he's spending the weekend with his kids.

Lucinda runs into Damian at the bar and tells him to get used to being alone. He tells her that he's planning a romantic dinner with his wife. She laughs.

Next on As The World Turns:

Holden sees Lily with Damian.

Holden makes a move on Maeve.

"I have no one to blame because I am the reason this happened," Jack tells Rosanna and Craig as he points a gun at them.

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