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    I'm Not Your Pet Incubator!

    Wednesday, October 14 2009
    Everyone fights over Liberty, Craig can't stay away from Rosanna and Lily's future is unclear.

    When Paul goes home with some soy ice cream, he finds Emily freaking out because Liberty has run off. She explains that it's all her fault that Liberty missed the SATs and worries she'll never come back. Paul promises they can fix this.

    Liberty and Parker stop in the park. She's still nauseous and feels like a loser. When he offers her orange juice, she threatens to barf on his shoes. She's tired of everyone telling her what to do. They talk about Janet's plan and what a torture it would be for her. Liberty feels like her mother is trying to turn her into her. He offers to bring her home but she needs some time alone.

    At Metro, Craig and Rosanna are thrilled when their meeting goes off well. "You guys make a great team," their business partner says as he leaves. Craig is enthusiastic. Rosanna orders him to stop flirting. He reassures her, claiming that everything will be okay. Jack walks in. "I talked to Carly today," he tells them. They get nervous. Jack explains that she only called about the kids and she sounded peaceful. They tell him how much they want to see her again. "That's good because I was beginning to think you were enjoying this set up a little too much," Jack says. Craig gets defensive. Jack thinks he's enjoying having all the control and vows to keep his eyes on him. After he walks off, Rosanna tells Craig that they should come clean to her sister before it's too late. "How can we tell her when we don't even understand this ourselves?" he asks, taking her hands.

    Brad and Janet remember that it was the SATs today and he wants to throw a party for their daughter. She agrees and he hurries away to put it together. Emily calls Janet, looking for Lib, and they yell at each other.

    On the street, Janet runs up to Parker looking for Liberty. He explains that she didn't get to take the test and it was really Emily's fault. Janet starts to erupt. "The two of you just want Liberty's baby and the fact that her life is hanging by a thread seems to mean nothing," he tells her, storming off as Brad arrives with balloons. She explains what happened and they grumble until she lets it slip that she still wants to adopt the baby. Brad isn't happy but she insists that it's the only way. He accuses her of being consumed with 'baby lust' and tells her to get one of her own.

    Liberty gets back to Paul's. Emily sees her and yells for Paul. He offers to set up a make-up test for her. Emily smells booze on her and freaks out. "I'm not your pet incubator!" Liberty says. She tells them that they'd be better off without her and she is better off without them. She pushes past them and walks out. Emily keeps freaking out but Paul tries to calm her and promises they can prove themselves to her. Parker walks in and they ask him to tell Liberty that they are sorry. Emily stutters. She's not used to dealing with teenagers. "Her mom's not that great at it either," Parker says. After he leaves, Emily cries to Paul, saying that this is her last chance at being a mother. This baby is their opportunity to make up for what they've done wrong. He thinks they deserve a miracle.

    "I don't know how much clearer I have to be, I don't want to be with you," Damian tells Meg. He asks her to send him the rest of her comments by email. She won't back off and tells him that she knows how hard everything must be for him right now. He tells her that he is still legally Lily's husband. She may want to do the right thing by Holden, but once the shock wears off, he's sure she'll figure out that what she really wants is him.

    Lily's in shock when she runs into Maeve and Holden on the street. "What are you doing with my husband?" Lily demands. Holden tells her to calm down and explains that Maeve was as much of a victim of Ebb as he was. They explain how they helped each other and Lily apologizes. "A good husband is hard to find. But some people are greedy with them," Maeve snipes. They bicker. Holden ends it and Lily asks him to come and see the kids later. After she walks away, Maeve asks Holden if he still wants Lily back.

    When Lily walks into the Lakeview, Meg calls over to her, "Misplace one of your husbands? I hate it when that happens." Lily isn't in the mood to fight. Meg tells her that she was talking to Damian about the marriage and she wants them to be happy. Lily isn't buying her friendly act and insists that she will be going back to Holden. "So where does that leave Damian?" Meg asks. "Not with you," Lily says. They argue. Lily tries to pull the ring off again to prove she doesn't love Damian. Meg tells her they both want her out of her marriage with Damian. "No matter how much you love Damian, he'd rather be alone," Lily says.

    When Damian walks into Lily's, he finds Holden there. They begin sniping at each other and Damian explains that the marriage is legal. Holden thinks he's pretty smug for a guy who spent his wedding night in a hotel alone. Damian is sure that Lily will come back to him and declares that he will wait as long as it takes. After he leaves, Holden plays with Ethan until Lily comes home. She tells him she doesn't care what the law says, they are still married. He walks out. She chases after him and tells him he won't always be angry. She was the only reason he came back, he explains. If he can't have all of her, he can't stay...

    Liberty sits in the park. Jack spots her and calls her parents. They arrive and stand on the road arguing about what they should do. Jack reminds them that their daughter just needs her parents right now. They walk over to her. "Libby Lu!" Janet says with open arms. They hug her.

    Jack and Janet sit on the porch after putting Liberty to sleep. He tells her how proud he is of her. She says that she feels like she has her little girl back.

    Inside, Parker tells Liberty that she won't have to listen to anyone soon if things work out the way he's planned.

    When Holden returns to his room at the hotel, he runs into Maeve in the hallway, "Hello there neighbor. Can you spare a little ice?" she asks. He smiles.

    Damian approaches Lily outside. She's still trying to get her ring off. He tells her that they belong together. "Maybe," she admits. She finally gets the ring off and hands it to him.

    Craig stops by to see Rosanna and tells her that they better be sure about what they are confessing to. What they did was only wrong if it was just sex. "Is that all it was to you?" she asks. He says that depends on what makes her feel better. Parker shows up and announces that he's agreed to Craig's offer. He'll keep their secret if he gets access to his trust fund. "Over my dead body!" Rosanna blurts out. Craig agrees, in spite of all of Rosanna's protests. Parker's happy, but he tells them that his mom will see right through them as soon as she gets back. "The more I see of that kid, the more he reminds me of me," Craig comments as Parker leaves. "God help him!" Rosanna shouts, shutting the door on him. He kicks it open and takes her in his arms. She just wants to be a good person. He tells her she is and they begin kissing and tearing off their clothes.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Ralph threatens Paul.

    Jessica asks Dusty about his intentions toward her daughter.

    Bonnie asks Dusty if they have a future.

    Henry has another plan to get Ralph off his back.

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    Posted by morisey at Wednesday, October 14 2009 12:39 PM

    Who the heck throws an SAT party? Oh wait any excuse to have your friends buy your children presents. That's the way it seems these days. And what judge in the world wouldn't annul Damian and Lily's marriage in a heartbeat?

    Posted by tnelli at Wednesday, October 14 2009 01:06 PM

    In reality, all they would have to do is reverse the death certificate and Dily's marriage would be invalid...How come that stipulation is only used when convenient? When Jack lost his memory and married Julia, his marriage became invalid once everyone found out he was alive so why all of a sudden does that not matter? Anything to keep this crap of a storyline going...It was good to see Jack being Jack with Craig today..Hopefully Carly will bring the G man back out of him because Janet sucks the life out of him...I'm getting tired of Parker having to sneak around at HIS family's farm just because of Liberty..

    Posted by tnelli at Wednesday, October 14 2009 01:18 PM

    Another couple of things; Its bad enough that Ro and Craig are having an affair, in Carly's home of all places, bribing her son to keep quiet, now Craig has to go and break the woman's door? How much more disrespectful can yall get...I really wish they would get busted by Jack...and why does both Paul and Emily who are business professionals making light of a girl missing her SATS? I know they had to finish school so they have to know how important those tests are to get into college...SMH at TIIC

    Posted by shorty1943 at Wednesday, October 14 2009 01:49 PM

    Emily and Janet are both equally big time nuts!! I was so mad at how Emily behaved today, that I just walked out of the room. You could not put Lily, Meg, Janet, or Emily in a pile and come out with one brain cell...what's happening with the women on this soap?? Be glad when this story line is done because it makes everyone acts like idiots.

    Liberty will lose the baby now and then have a lifelong guilt trip because she drank liquor.....I can just see it coming!!

    Really think that Carly has decided in rehab that she does not want to be with Craig any longer, she actually never loved him enough to marry him anyway and I feel as tho she has not figured it out. Probably end up with Jack and I hope so just so Janet can freak out...wish she and Mike would end up together...

    Posted by shorty1943 at Wednesday, October 14 2009 01:51 PM

    oooopppss, feel as tho Carly has figured it out!! Silly gremlins..

    Posted by 2577Echo at Wednesday, October 14 2009 02:14 PM

    Go Maeve! You seem to be the only adult woman with any sense. I also noticed that Holden's smile is really genuine in your company. A good friend is beyond price. Maybe poor Liberty should leave with you.

    Posted by ness17 at Wednesday, October 14 2009 03:26 PM

    Hi everyone...I am not a Lily fan...I hope Holden move on at least for a while, until Lily get her life together. First Dusty, Mike, now Damian. I am tired for Holden. I am liking Paul and Emily as a couple, they get each other and look like they really love each other. I have never been a Jack and Janet fan..and can not wait until Carly get back...she bring fire to Jack that he have been lacking with Janet. And the Drama that Carly is going to bring for Craig and Ro..that is going to be good.

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, October 14 2009 03:42 PM

    Emily so picky about Liberty's baby but she sure didn't do all that when she was pg! I hate her holier than though attitude. Meg what a dunce. She is so desperate for any man & stooping to doing things that she hated when Paul did it to her. Puke! Sick of Henry & his Momma story line. Stupid, Stupid!! They have gotten way to many story lines going on this show now. Good grief. Look at all the new characters. Henry's Mom needs to go & the Uncle. This show is going to end up history also at this rate.

    Posted by The Green Manalishi at Wednesday, October 14 2009 03:47 PM

    i don't know if its a spoiler as much as a wish, but it'll be cool to see jack throw parker in jail for extortion and blackmail....and kudos to the usually lazy props dept. for the show....for them to actually throw down leaves on lillys porch was a total exercise in attention to detail which lacks in all soaps probably to budget restrictions, but nice to see....and is it me, or should meg not be slapped a couple more times...shes beyond annoying...can uncle ralph sleep with the fishes already? this was a kinda lame s/l.....whats next?.....a gay gangster? (not that theres anything wrong with that)

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, October 14 2009 04:49 PM

    This show is at the BOTTOM of the list in the RATINGS! I keep wondering if it will be following the same path as Guiding Light - OFF!

    As The World Turns will have NO WHERE TO TURN!!!

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