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    My Life Is Over.

    Tuesday, October 13 2009
    Liberty messes up, Craig and Rosanna are caught again and Lily is legally married to Damian.

    Parker shows up at Paul's to wake up Liberty. She's late for her SATs. She wakes up when she hears him shouting for her. When she gets downstairs, she freaks out and runs out the door with Parker.

    They rush over to the school but she has to stop to be sick. They're too late. The exam has started and they are forbidden entrance. She will have to take the test in the spring. They walk over to the cafe as she freaks out. "My life is over," she complains. Some of her friends come in and Parker leaves her with them while he takes care of something. They talk about the test and then the party that is supposed to come after. Liberty doesn't think she should go.

    Rosanna is making lunch for Sage. She remembers kissing Craig. He calls her and asks her over to brainstorm. She doesn't think they should be alone together and reminds him of the deal they made with Parker. He says that doesn't apply to business and agrees to meet her in public.

    Meg tries to stop her mother from frantically cleaning the farm house. Emma can't stop; she's too anxious to see Holden again. Meg says he probably doesn't want a big reunion after everything that's happened. He walks in. Emma hugs him and offers to make him breakfast. He tells her that he already had room service and explains that he stayed at the hotel. She can understand why he doesn't want to be with Lily right now. Meg asks him to cut her some slack. "She turned to Damian," he points out. He needs time to think things through alone. Meg points out that he's not alone and mentions the blond woman who came by looking for him. He hurries out. They wonder what that was about. Emma changes to ranting at Meg about her obsession with Damian and orders her to let the threesome work things out on their own. Meg storms out.

    At home, Lily tells Luke that there is no choice to be made – she's married to his father. "Which father?" he asks. She means Holden and tries to pull off her new wedding ring to prove it. It won't come off. Damian shows up a few minutes later and tells her that there is no reason for them to spend any more time apart. She tells him that she is grateful to him for everything he's done, but Holden is back and she has to do what's right. He says that the ring not coming off her finger is a sign and explains that their marriage is legal. Her marriage to Holden was nullified when he was declared legally dead. "I am your husband now in every way that counts," he says. This doesn't make sense to her so she demands to meet with a lawyer.

    Holden hurries over to the hotel looking for Maeve. When he turns around, she is standing there with a makeover. "Do you like it?" she asks. They sit down and she admits that she didn't know where else to go and didn't want to leave town. "You look like a million bucks," he says, before asking her if her makeover was the first thing she did with the stolen money. After some encouragement from him, she agrees to turn in the money if he'll show her around.

    Rosanna meets with Craig and Johnny at Metro. Mrs. Miller calls and invites Johnny to a sleepover. Craig tells her she can pick him up there. After the little boy gets picked up, Craig and Rosanna stutter and try to work. They need the ad mock-ups for their meeting later so she leaves to get them at home. She asks him for his help. They leave together.

    They find the ads in Carly's room. Their hands touch. They're awkward and then begin to kiss. He apologizes and tries to tear himself away. He can't. As they embrace, Parker storms in. "I should have known. You two are a couple of liars!" he says. Craig claims it isn't what it looks like. Parker reminds them of what they promised and admits that he came looking for help. He wanted Craig to pull some strings for Liberty, but, instead, he orders Craig out of the house. Rosanna apologizes. "I don't believe you," Parker says.

    Meg bumps into Emily on the street and asks her how she can forget everything that she and Paul did to each other. Emily doesn't want to talk about this. Meg tells her that she and Paul will never be a normal family. When Emily turns to leave, she bumps into Liberty. "Good luck. You're going to need it," Meg snipes before walking off. Emily apologizes to Liberty and asks if they can have dinner and then a maternity wear fashion show. After she leaves, Liberty calls her friend and asks her where the party is.

    When Parker goes outside, Craig is waiting for him. He tells him how powerful the force of attraction is and that he can't turn off his feelings for Rosanna. Craig tells him how impressed he's been by his maturity lately and offers to loosen the ties on his trust fund. Parker assumes this is a bribe to keep him quiet and shouts at him to go to Hell.

    Emily goes home with all of the maternity clothes she bought for Liberty. She calls Paul and happily gabs all about them.

    Liberty shows up at the party and starts drinking. Parker arrives as she gets drunk. He asks her why she is doing this. She just wants to be normal. When she starts crying, he takes her out.

    Craig tracks Rosanna down at Metro and tells her that Parker is still angry with them. She's sure he will tell his mother and suggests that they tell Carly themselves. He asks her to wait until they see what Parker does first.

    Maeve and Holden go on a tour of the town. They notice Lily with Damian down the street. She's telling him that she wants to talk to the lawyer alone. He's reluctant but agrees and leaves. The lawyer informs her that she is legally married to Damian. She spots Holden and Maeve together. "Excuse me. Who is this woman?" she demands as she bustles over.

    Meg finds Damian while he's having a drink and says that she was looking for him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Parker agrees to stay quiet in exchange for his trust fund.

    Liberty tells Paul and Emily that they would all be better off without each other.

    "You want out of your marriage with Damian and I want you out of it every bit as much," Meg tells Lily.

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    Posted by tnelli at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:24 PM

    I don't like this crazy version of Meg one bit..She is setting women back to the stone age..Put her back with Dusty please or let her fall into that methane gas hole on her mother's property. I used to love Meg but I swear that poisoned necklace sent her to the point of no return..Lily you can fall into that hole too, take your son, Damien, Liberty, Janet, and Teri with you.. I love how Holden smirked at Lily when she approached him and Maeve...they already saw you and Demon Grimaldi

    Posted by mom of 6 at Tuesday, October 13 2009 12:44 PM

    I like the Holden Maeve SL. I don’t necessarily want then to be together but I think it’s interesting and different.
    Meg has turned into a nut case. I agree I would like her better with Dusty then like this. Damian can not be worth it.

    If they just had Luke and Janet fall down that hole I’d be happy.

    Posted by tnelli at Tuesday, October 13 2009 01:03 PM

    I don't want Holden and Maeve together either, I just like how mad Lily is when she saw them together and they both just smirked at her like 2 kids who know her dirty little secret..Meg doesn't play crazy well, and after awhile Damien isn't charming anymore just annoying..

    Mom of 6 I can suffer thru the rest of them if Janet and Luke fall down that

    Posted by momonmaui71 at Tuesday, October 13 2009 02:12 PM

    Thank goodness for recaps like this website. I no longer have to waste my time recording my soaps especially with the same oh same oh s/l. Instead of wasting 2 hours Im down to just 10 minutes a day. A big thankyou for the person who developed this site,

    Posted by whateverbena2 at Tuesday, October 13 2009 02:12 PM

    can someone please tell me where carly is and is she and when and if she is coming back where the heck did she go i missed that part of her leaving. i want her to come back and get rid of janet so jack and carly can be bak like it should be...please comment me and reply to tell me thnx...

    Posted by dd18always at Tuesday, October 13 2009 02:31 PM

    carly is coming back nov 2 she is in rehab...
    ooh i love liberty and how parker is always there for her
    i do like the maeve and holden sl.. and meg omg is so despereate its pathic lol i love it

    Posted by tnelli at Tuesday, October 13 2009 02:38 PM

    Whateverbena here is the story on Carly being M.I.A

    When Metro (Carly's Club) started having financial problems, Craig bailed her out of trouble..They grew close over time and they decided to start a vodka business called Midnight Sun..unfortunately there was a lot of stress on Carly: Jack married Janet, Parker was with Liberty and had no respect at all for his mother, among other things..she started drinking, and eventually she became an alcoholic..Craig tried to cover for her, Parker first blackmailed her to allow him and Libs to be married, then later on in the story he covered for her at Craig's urging so Jack wouldn't get in her face and take the kids... Even big mouth Janet covered for her a couple of times so Jack would spend less time involved in Carly's life .Rosanna came back to town and stayed with Carly to keep her from marrying Craig..on Craig and Carly's wedding day, Rosanna found liquor bottles all over the house and confronted her sister..She was a no show at her wedding when she overheard Craig and Ro talking about her problem..she ended up at Holden's house and they went to a motel//She drank so much she tried to have sex with Holden and ended up passing out with alcohol poison..Holden called Jack and they took her to the hospital and Jack told Craig stay away from her...She kept drinkin so they staged an intervention and she is currently in rehab....the actress who plays Carly is actually on maternity leave so that is the reason for the rehab storyline....She will be back in November according to SOD...Its not a full detailed story but thats about the jist of it..I hope this helps

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