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Over My Dead Body!

Wednesday, September 30 2009
Janet gets a new idea, Adam has his hearing and Casey gets his way.

Janet runs into the farmhouse and asks Jack where her daughter is. She worries that Liberty didn't come home last night and asks him to put out an APB. He suggests she actually try calling her daughter.

Liberty wakes up at Paul's and has breakfast with him and Emily. She talks about how great the bed in the guestroom is and then she worries about all of the stress she's in for when she goes home. Paul and Emily suggest she move in with them to avoid it. Janet calls and Liberty tells her that she just stayed at a friend's. After she hangs up, she decides she has to go home. Emily says that's a bad idea and they'll go with her to convince Janet to let her move in with them.

They head over to the farmhouse. Janet isn't happy when Emily butts in and explains that Liberty will be living with her until she gives birth. "Over my dead body!" Janet shouts. She argues with everyone but Liberty tells her that she has been no help ever since she got pregnant. Jack drags his wife outside and tells her she is going about this all wrong. They can't lock her up and they need to calm down. Janet takes some deep breaths and then goes back inside. She tells her daughter to pack a jacket. After Liberty walks off to pack, Janet lays into Emily for turning Liberty against her. "I think you did that yourself," Emily shoots back. They argue until Liberty returns. She refuses to listen to any more from her mom and walks out.

Jack walks in on Paul while he's playing with his daughter. Jack asks him to back off on the 'baby situation'. Paul didn't know it was a situation. Jack tells him to pick another baby and stop upsetting Janet.

Liberty unpacks at Paul's and then Emily begins looking after her and they start talking about prenatal nutrition. Liberty gets uncomfortable. After they get some brochures, Emily talks about labor pains. Liberty needs to lie down.

Jack goes home and tells Janet that he saw Paul with his daughter and he seemed like a good father. Janet still feels like she has to stop her daughter. Instead of backing off, she wonders if they should make a better offer. "We can keep the baby and raise it ourselves," she suggests. Jack sighs but she says he knows this would be the best thing for everyone. "If this is what you want," he finally says.

At the station, Tom drops by to see Margo and pick her up for the hearing. She worries about Adam and he says that he's okay. Margo thanks God that Maddie came back and everything can start getting back to normal... except for Casey.

Adam buys breakfast for Alison and thanks her for bringing Maddie back. He admits that he doesn't trust the hope he feels and he feels bad about the problems this has caused with Casey. She's sure that his brother will come around. They chat and he tells her how lucky Casey is to have her. She hopes they can get things back on track.

Maddie slips into Casey's room as he wakes up. She accuses him of trying to emotionally blackmail her out of testifying for Adam. Maddie tells him that this has nothing to do with her feelings for him or their break up. Casey blames all of that on Adam as well. "I can't stand by and let Adam hurt you," he says. They go back over the past and she insists that Adam didn't deserve what happened to him. He warns her that a judge could punish her for trying to bury him alive. She thanks him for caring and gives him a hug.

Adam meets his parents outside of the hearing and Tom tells him there's a good chance he'll be sleeping at home tonight. They wait for Maddie but she doesn't show up. Tom asks for a recess. Adam has an idea about why she didn't show up and hurries off.

Maddie runs into Ali at the cafe. The brunette admits that she couldn't go through with testifying. Ali thinks this is all down to Casey manipulating her. "You may have slept with him but you don't know him at all," Maddie tells her.

Adam rushes home and confronts his brother. "What do you want from me?" Adam asks. Casey wants him out of his life once and for all. Adam agrees to leave, but they continue angrily arguing about the past. "I never knew I hurt you so much, "Adam admits. He wishes he could take it back, but he can't.

Casey runs into Maddie in the street and tells her that he needs her to testify after all. She says she'll feel better if she tells the truth and gives him a hug. She rushes off to the hearing, warning him that Alison is inside and angry. He goes in to see his girlfriend, who tears into him but he says that he's fixed everything. "I guess I owe you an apology then," she says. "This is the right thing for everyone," he claims.

At the hearing, Maddie takes the stand and tells the story of burying Adam after she thought she'd killed him. After her testimony, Tom makes the case for leniency and asks that the charges be dropped. The judge dismisses the case. Margo hugs her son. He tells her how much her love means to him and then turns to Tom, telling him how good it feels to call him 'dad' again.

Maddie returns to the cafe and tells Casey and Adam that she testified. Tom calls and tells his son that Adam is a free man. He invites them all to come and celebrate with them at the Lakeview. Maddie's reluctant but Ali and Casey talk her into going. He rushes off to take care of something.

Casey goes home and finds his brother writing a goodbye note. Adam hopes that someday he'll want him back in his life. He walks out.

Margo, Tom, Ali and Maddie wait at the Lakeview but Adam doesn't show up.

Ali and Maddie find Casey in the cafe. He tells them that Adam is gone and it's all for the best. She worries about what this is going to do to his mother. "If you loved me, you'd be on my side," he says. She does love him, but she doesn't want to be used like this. She storms off. He trails after her and she confronts him for lying and being so manipulative. "We can't play this game anymore," she tells him, walking away. Maddie walks up and reaches out to him.

Tom and Margo go home and find the letter. She begins to cry as she reads it, sure that something must have driven her son away.

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Hunter gets between Alison and Casey.

Maddie offers to be there for Casey.

Tom tells Margo she has another son who needs her.

Maddie confronts her brother about his latest scam.

Vienna nearly catches Henry kissing Barbara.

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