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    Simon and Carly Make Love

    Wednesday, November 01 2006
    Carly tells Simon what happened between the two of them was great! Gwen tells Will she's worried that if Adam is with Jade, then Jade will complicate things.

    Carly fears the knock at the door is Jack!

    After Simon and Carly make love, Simon informs Carly that he and Vienna did not have sexual encounters while he was with her. He tells Carly Vienna was drunk and passed out, and then he reveals to Carly that is when he stole the necklace.

    A knock at the door interrupts their conversation. Carly fears it's Jack, but Carly and Simon are horror-struck when the voice behind the door isn't Jack, but Vienna instead.

    Carly wraps the sheet around her and hides. As soon as Carly is hid, Simon lets Vienna in. Vienna tells Simon she told the prince she was leaving him for Simon, and she begs Simon to make love to her, but as she walks toward the bed, she discovers a shoe. Vienna demands to know what woman it belongs to. Then Vienna recalls seeing the shoe before, and she remembers that it belonged to Carly. She knows Carly's in the room, so she starts to look under the bed for Carly, but Simon panics and pulls Carly out in the open.

    "You told me you were through with her," Vienna says.

    Simon responds by telling Vienna he lied to her. He goes on to tell Vienna Carly came by to comfort him, and then one thing lead to another.

    "So, it was just sex?" Vienna asked.
    "Yes!" Carly quickly answered.
    "No," Simon corrected as he turned toward Carly.
    "Are you in love with her?" Vienna asked Simon.
    "Maybe I am," Simon answered as he continued to stare at Carly.

    Simon apologizes to Vienna telling her he didn't mean to hurt her. Vienna, upset by the news, pushes Simon and tells him he's the one who's going to get hurt.

    After Vienna storms out of the room, Carly expresses to Simon how she's worried that Vienna will find out about the necklace and return, but Simon assures Carly that Vienna won't find out. Carly tells Simon what happened between the two of them (Simon and Carly) was great, but they must not get sidetracked, and she too leaves.

    At the dorms, Casey goes to lock the door so he and Maddie can be uninterrupted, but before he locks the door, a man dressed as the stalker comes in. Casey starts beating the man, but Maddie pulls Casey off the guy. The guy apologizes and leaves.

    After the guy leaves, Maddie scolds Casey for over reacting. Casey tells Maddie he can't stand the fact that she was raped, and he tells her he won't apologize for attacking the guy.

    Later, Casey asks Maddie, "If I want to kiss you what should I do?"
    "Just look at me like that and I'll get the message," Maddie replies.

    Immediately after Maddie's response, Casey kisses Maddie.

    At the party, Gwen expresses her concern to Will about Adam being involved in her singing career. Will thinks Gwen doesn't like Adam and asks her about it. Gwen tells Will she does like Adam, and she goes on to say she's just worried that if Adam is with Jade it will complicate things. Will assures Gwen that once Adam finds out the truth about Jade he won't want anything to do with her.

    Later, Will and Gwen arrive at Gwen's dorm room. Will asks Gwen where her roommate is, and Gwen tells him she's away with her soccer team. Soon after, Will smiles and gets onto the bed. Gwen takes the hint and joins him, telling him she's getting lonelier. They begin making out.

    Back at the party, Lucinda asks Luke if the woman he was just talking to was Jade. Luke confirms that it was, and Lucinda starts to notify Lily, but Luke stops her.

    Later, in the dining room, Luke tells Lucinda to give Jade a chance, but Lucinda tells Luke Jade is a liar. Luke reminds Lucinda that he has lied too, but she tells him his lie was different, because he was hiding the fact that he was gay.

    Back at the Gala, Dusty tells Barbara she should be thanking Lucky for what she done. Lucy tells Dusty its okay, because they're all upset. Dusty continues by telling Barbara he's going upstairs to put Johnny to bed, and he wants Lucy to join him. He goes on to tell Barbara if she's not comfortable with Lucy joining him then he'll take Johnny and leave. Barbara tells Dusty it's okay if Lucy joins him.

    As Dusty and Lucy exit the Gala, Dusty turns to Chaz and tells him he can take the night off. Chaz thanks Dusty and leaves.

    Later, at the suite, Dusty reminds Lucy about Steve (her date). Lucy feels terrible because she forgot all about Steve, and she tells Dusty she needs to go back to the Gala to see if he's still there. Lucy tells Dusty she doesn't want to leave him, and she goes on to say she likes being with him, but she must go check on Steve. Dusty tells Lucy Barbara will be back soon to exit through the back. Before Lucy leaves, she and Dusty share a brief moment of passion as they gaze into one another's eyes.

    At the Gala, Meg asks Paul if he ever notices her. She tells him she feels like he's always looking past her to Emily, Craig, Paul, Johnny and Dusty. Meg walks off, and Paul look as if he's surprised by what Meg just expressed to him.

    Later, still at the Gala, Paul calls for everyone's attention, he conveys that he has an announcement to make. Paul continues by telling Meg how much he loves her, and he tells her he took her for grantit. After Paul expresses his feelings to Meg, he gets down on his knees and asks Meg if she'll still be his wife. She tells him to get up, but he says he won't until she answers his question. Meg says yes to Paul and everyone applauds.

    After Emily witnesses Paul's proposal to Meg, Craig takes the opportunity to make a proposal of his own to Emily. He suggests they work together to break up Paul and Emily's relationship. Emily tells Craig breaking them up will not bring her baby back. Craig continues to try and convince her to help by bringing up her past with Paul, and she finally gives in and asks Craig what she has to do.

    Adam sits down with Jade and insists that Jade tell him the truth, but Jade is hesitant. When Adam threatens to leave, telling her he'll just ask Will, Jade gives in. Reluctantly, Jade reveals the truth to Adam telling him all about the fake pregnancy. Adam responds by telling her she shouldn't have lied to Will and Gwen, but he assures her he's not going anywhere, even though what she done was "twisted."

    After Jade tells Adam about the fake pregnancy, she goes on to tell him that Rose is her Mom and she's dead because of Will, but she says she doesn't blame Will because he was a kid. Adam tells Jade he understands how things are complicated between she and Will, and he says he still wants to see her again.

    Next on As the World Turns...

    Vienna runs to Katie and reveals the truth about Carly and Simon. Vienna tells Katie she caught them in Simon's suite, and she goes on to say they were "burning with love for each other."

    Emily warns Dusty that Craig is up to no good.

    Carly asks Jack if there's a chance for them. Jack tells Carly it depends on if Simon is "out of the picture." "Is he?" Jack inquires.

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    Posted by MsShannon at Wednesday, November 01 2006 05:40 PM

    Carly and Jack need to get past all there crap, and get back together before it's to late. Gwen and Will, love them. But they need to find some how for them to be able to have there own kids together. That would be such a good, and emotional story line. It seems like they've ran out of story lines. Starting to get boring.

    Posted by RevaLovesCancer at Wednesday, November 01 2006 05:54 PM


    Jade told the truth for the first time ever.


    Posted by Sarah Jayne at Thursday, November 02 2006 04:56 AM

    I wouldn't say Jade told the whole truth. She told Adam that she 'thought' she was pregnant because she had all the symptoms and that she was too scared to take a pregnancy test. But She really told that Will that she had seen a doctor and had the pregnancy confirmed and was getting ultrasound pics made so he would believe she was pregnant. She also faked that home pregnancy test. So Jade DID NOT tell the truth. She spun it so Adam would think she told him the truth and wouldn't ask Casey and Will what really happened. She just keeps getting craftier at getting what she wants. Plus she brought up the fact that Will killed her mother but that she forgave him for that. What a way to get pity! Now Adam doesn't know what really happened but he feels sorry for Jade and won't ever ask Will and Casey what really happened.

    Posted by Damoni at Thursday, November 02 2006 05:41 AM


    Posted by niecy5314 at Thursday, November 02 2006 05:54 AM

    Let's get real here even for a soap, if Adam falls for Jade's crap, he's just plain stupid and after only knowing her a few minutes?? Come on!!Of coarse the writers are going to keep Jade in Will and Gwen's business, can't they have one story line that's without her and yes I'd like to see Gwen pregnant, that would really get Jade, I'm sure they will have Jade get pregnant by Adam, then she will be in the family, how bad and how lame, just can't stand her and the whole story line with her and I have watched this soap for years and now it makes me sick.

    Posted by niecy5314 at Thursday, November 02 2006 05:58 AM

    Why would the writers even put in the story Jade and her mother and how Will killed her?? Jade didn't even know her!!PLEASE!! Is that how we are to warm up to her? Forget it, its old news and nothing Jade should even be saying, Will was a kid and lets get Jade out of town, can't stand anything about her and it doesn't make sense, how stupid do the writers think us watchers are, lets see her get hit by a bus, I'd stand up and cheer for that.

    Posted by niecy5314 at Thursday, November 02 2006 06:02 AM

    I'd like Jack and Carley to get back together, Jack is so sweet and Carley is acting like a fool. Simon and Carley are not a match and why put Katie with Simon again, thats stupid, I'd take Mike any day over Simon, why do you play Mike as such a loser that no one stays with?? How many times does Simon have to die before he is really dead? Need new writers.

    Posted by gemini030 at Thursday, November 02 2006 07:12 AM

    I am so sick of Jade, what is her purpose??She is acting like she is so sorry for hurting Will & Gwen, but the only thing she is sorry about is getting caught. She was more interesting when she was going around being nasty to people all the time. They are going to have to get her a better storyline or let that character go, and Lily defending her all the time is getting old too. Lily has a brand new baby so why is she wasting so much time on Jade??Carly and Simon together is boring. They are turning Carly into a dummy. What happened to the Carly that had street smarts and knew a con when she saw one. They have made Simon into an idoit also. When he was on the show before, the character had much more spunk. I know that soap operas are for entertainment only and should not be taken so serious, but they are ruining good characters and making it hard for you to want to tune in everyday.

    Posted by smcherry at Thursday, November 02 2006 08:05 AM

    Jack and Carly can't be together now that she is in love with Simon!! I like their new relationship alot and i hope she realizes her and Simon should be together.Jack and Carly were BORING!! I am really glad that Jade is changing and Adam is going to help her do that because he is a great guy. I think Jade deserves a second chance because everyone has some good in them.

    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Thursday, November 02 2006 10:11 AM

    I don't think Carly is in love with Simon I think she is just infatuated with him. I realize she loves Jack.however the things she kept doing is what drove him away. When do people realize enuf is enuf. No man is going to put up with that. I realize she was helping Jack the last time..and he could have overlooked that..but oh well. Jade..i am over her..her part is useless i think. I think she will entrap Adam with a baby...or somehow will end up pregnant by Luke. Lily better be grounding him to his room for a few years!! haha

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