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    Holden Gets Help From Lucy

    Wednesday, October 18 2006
    Jade is confirmed as Rose's daughter, Will contronts Luke, and Carly decides to work with Simon again!

    At home, Lilly hangs up the phone, and tells Holden and Luke that Lucy answered Jade's phone, and she may not make it through the night. When Lilly tries to leave Holden tells her he will not allow her to go to the hospital. The two argue, and Holden eventually caves and allows Lilly to come with he and Luke to the hospital.

    A nurse tells Will that Jade was never pregnant. Will wants to go talk to Jade but Lucy tells him that Jade is still in critical condition, and it will be several hours before they will know if she is going to survive.

    When Lilly and Holden arrive at the hospital Lilly approaches Lucy and asks her about Jade. Lucy tells her that Jade is still in critical condition, and Lilly asks to se Jade's doctor. Jades doctor tells her she had some internal injuries.

    Holden asks Lucy if she has access to both Jade and Lilly's medical records, because he needs her help.

    Outside the police station Katie tries to convince Mike to go tell Jack that Carly is done with Simon. Katie tells Mike that she feels like she was responsible for the two of them breaking up, so she would like to try and be responsible for them getting back together.

    Katie and Mike come into the police station and tell Jack about Carly leaving Simon. Katie tries to encourage Jack to go find Carly and comfort her. When Jack says he isn't going to go see Carly Mike also chimes in and tries to convince him that visiting Carly is the right thing to do.

    After Mike leaves Margo tries to convince Jack to go to Carly. Jack instead decides to go visit Simon and make him stop working with Spero.

    Back at Simon's apartment Carly tries to revive a beaten Simon who is still lying on the floor. Simon finally comes to and tells Carly his bruises are from Spero. Carly picks up her cell phone to call jack and turn Spero's men in, and Simon takes her phone from her saying “Are you trying to get us both killed?” Simon tells her he is not going to go to the hospital because they will asks about his injuries.

    Carly tells Simon she would like to help him rebuild the project and save him from being killed by Spero. When Simon tries once again to get her to leave she refuses, and tells her he isn't going to be a part of anything that takes her away from her kids.

    Sim gets ice from downstairs, compleatly ignorning Katie who is in the bar area. When returns back upstairs Carly is still waiitng for him, and encourages him to let her work with him. Simon reluctantly agrees, and seals the deal with a kiss on Carly's hand.

    As Carly is about to leave Simon asks for a hug. As the two embrace Katie walks to the door of Simon's room and see's the two. as she turns to lave she runs into Jack.

    Will and Gwen talk at Java about Jade. Gwen tells Will she thinks he entire event at the library was planned. As the two are talking Luke walks in and Will mentions that maybe he can offer some insight into Jade and why she faked the pregnancy.

    Gwen and Will approach Luke and find out that he knew she was not pregnant.In their discussion Gwen manages to put together that Jade was trying to meet with her so she could get Gwen to hit her, and then blame a miscarriage on Gwen.

    Luke stands up for Jade, and when he and Will fight Luke storms out and back to the hospital to see Jade. Gwen and Will also decide to return to the hospital to see Jade.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Lilly sits by Jade's bedside and ells her that she is Rose's daughter, and she is there for her. Jade is still unconscious, but Lilly tells her there is love waiting for her when she wakes up.

    Outside Jade's room Lucy returns and talks to Holden and Lily. She tells them that based on her tests, Jade is Rose's daughter.

    Later Jade wakes up, and Lilly tells her that she is Rose's daughter.

    Thursday on ATWT...

    Jack brings Carly into the station, and Will presses charges against Jade.

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    Posted by black01 at Wednesday, October 18 2006 12:02 PM

    I hate that they are doing that and making her Roses daughter. I'm mad that they let Lily act like that..She gets on my nerves as well. Now they are going to try to defend her and they should know that she is absolutely wrong for what she did. I dont like that they are still keeping Simon and Carly together...Thats just stupid..And Mike is stupid too becuase Katie still cares for Simon and I think that she was jealous that Simon and Carly were seeing each other or whatever. But I hope they do press charges on Jade she deserves it.

    Posted by irishprincess at Wednesday, October 18 2006 12:04 PM

    Geez, even when Jade is unconscious, she's causing trouble. Will had every right to be annoyed with Luke. I'm glad he's going to press charges against her. Love that Will and Gwen are back together.

    I'm still holding out that they will be wrong about Jade being Rose's daughter. I don't like her at all.

    Katie was so excited that Carly was giving up on Simon but it wasn't just for Jack's sake. I think Katie stil has feelings for Simon and Mike knows it.

    Wonder if Meg is going to get involved with Craig. She has some track record with men

    Posted by smcherry at Wednesday, October 18 2006 12:15 PM

    Katie is still in love with Simon and it burns her up to see him with Carly. That is why she was going to his room in the first place!! She has no business being at Simon's room. I happen to love this new fling with Carly and Simon. Its new and different. I'm glad Lily want to take Jade in. Maybe Jade will get the love she needs and become a much better person and. Hopefully this means a new beginning for Will and Gwen.

    Posted by smcherry at Wednesday, October 18 2006 12:18 PM

    Also Jade's injuries are impossible. She didn't even get hit that bad. She got hit on the head and tripped on the floor. If anything she should have a head injury and not any internal injuries.

    Posted by Natalie at Wednesday, October 18 2006 12:47 PM

    I agree with smcherry. Oh well that's a soap. I'm hoping that Carly and Jack are together by Thanksgiving. I used to like Simon and Katie and I hope they find there way back. I think Katie can do some good for Simon. like Mike too though.
    Maybe Will and Gwen will be happy now. All can hope.
    I don't like the fact that Jade is Rose's daughter. Lily just needs spend time with her own kids. I mean she was in a coma forever. I understand she wants to help Rose but she souldnt make it her whole life.
    I would like to see some happiness going on. Maybe in Casey and Maddie. She deserves a nice guy.

    Posted by black01 at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:04 PM

    I also hope that Maddie and Casey work everything out. They are cute together. They are going to do Jade the way they do every person that comes on the soaps and are like Jade and she going to go through for a minute but with Lily on her side everyone is going to treat her like she is like everyone else when she is bi-polar to me!!LOL!!... But I hope nothing happens to Carly either. She puts herself in binds like that though!!!!

    Posted by Erin at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:05 PM

    Yes, I am extremely happy about Will finding out the truth, I just wish they had listen to Maddie to begin with! She's always telling the truth about others, and yet no one listens....but thankfully they know for sure because of Luke.....and Lilly and jade, good luck with that! I mean, she was once money hungry girl, she was twice that, and I wonder what's going to happen now?!

    Posted by ms_b at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:22 PM

    i think it is great that gwen and will know that jade isnt pregnant. Now jade can move on an have her family she always wanted with lilly. Now gwen and will can be together again

    Posted by audgal at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:32 PM

    once again jayd...makes me really sick!! why should she get to be roses daughter really though. she has caused way too much drama, even for a soap simon of course is really hot, so even though he has this whole loan shark thing going against him at least he still has his looks.

    Posted by Enji at Wednesday, October 18 2006 01:36 PM

    Are you serious I cant believe Jade is coming out on top. I wouldnt be suprised if she found Teresa first since she knew Lily was looking for her and switched some stuff around. I really want her to get what she deserves and a planned injury is not what Im talking about. Gwen really needs to go off on her and she needs Luke to get off her side hes going to end up being just like his birth father Damien. I wouldnt dare hang out with her after she did that to my family and especailly not after I found out shes still doing those tricks. It wont be long before shes doing something to him,besided blackmailing him for room and board. Come on luke I actually used to like your character. but being Lilys son what can you expect?

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