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    You're Fired!

    Tuesday, November 04 2008
    Kim sides with Spencer, Margo and Katie question Spencer's motives, Luke makes an election-winning decision, Noah is hurt by Luke's actions and Kim fires Brad!

    At home, Katie tells Brad that Spencer is sexually harassing him; Brad says it is different for men than from women. She asks what he would do if she was in the same situation and he says he'd kill the man! Katie says that he can't let Spencer get away with this; he says he'll talk to Kim.

    Meanwhile at WOAK, Spencer is crying to Kim about how Brad was all over her and tried to take advantage of her! She says she thought Brad was a nice guy; Kim listens and tries to calm Spencer down. She tells Spencer to go home and she will talk to Brad. Spencer leaves and Kim calls Brad; he says he'll be right there. Brad arrives as Kim is talking to a worker about canceling the Chicago live shots. He says he can't work with Spencer; Kim says she knows all about what happened because Spencer told her! Brad asks what he did and Kim tells him what Spencer said. Brad is shocked and tells Kim what really happened. "I had to fend her off," Brad says! He swears that Spencer is the one who made all the moves and begs Kim to believe him. Kim sides with Spencer! She says that Brad is constantly bringing drama to WOAK and because Spencer is willing to go public, her hands are tied. She says Brad has to make changes if he expects to keep his job – beginning with staying far, far away from Spencer on the job and off!

    Casey arrives home after voting in his first election. Margo is distant with him; Casey says he had to stand up for Alison. Margo agrees but says Casey went too far. She talks about work and tells Casey to get a job because he has to do something with his life. When he is alone, Casey plays video games! Alison arrives and teases him about the game. She says she owes him; both wish they could make Kevin pay. Alison says they can still support Luke but Casey doesn't know how. Alison convinces him to come along anyway.

    At The Lakeview, Spencer unpacks her bag. Brad arrives! She tells him to go away but Brad won't leave. Spencer lets him in and he asks what is going on! Spencer says she told Kim the truth and Brad says she is crazy – because she came on to him! He orders her to tell Kim the truth! Spencer grabs his clothes and pushes and pulls on them; Brad tries to stop her and rips the sleeve of her blouse! Spencer threatens to call the cops. Brad leaves. "I will make this right," she says.

    At the police station, Katie tells Margo about Spencer and Brad. She asks Margo to open a case on Spencer but Margo says there is no evidence that Spencer did anything criminal. Katie angrily says Spencer should pay for what she did to Brad – and she'll settle for Kim firing her! Katie is about to leave when Spencer calls and emotionally accuses Brad of attacking her! Margo puts the call on speaker and questions her; Spencer says she had to fight Brad off! Katie says Spencer is lying but Margo leaves to talk to Spencer in person.

    In Old Town, Luke is stumping for votes, telling students that he is going to make sure that all students are given the same rights. A student comes by and says rights are one thing – but beer is another! He says Kevin is giving away beer for votes! Luke and Noah are shocked. He and his friends confront Kevin but he refuses to stop his victory party. Luke worries that he'll lose and one of his supporters suggests stuffing the ballot box! Noah and newly arrived Alison say they can't do this but Luke is intrigued. Casey and Noah keep talking and decide to go through with their idea. Noah can't believe it and tells Luke not to stoop to Kevin's level! He says Luke is better than this but Luke refuses to listen. "I tried to take the high road but Kevin lies and cheats and he's still going to win?" Luke says and angrily says he won't let Kevin make him feel inferior again! Noah is understanding but says Luke can't make this election and Kevin turn him into a different person. Luke says he has to win the election to show people like Kevin how wrong they are. "You can't stop people from being small-minded," Noah says. Luke says he has to show people he is proud of who he is. Noah angrily says cheating won't make him proud and storms off. The campaign worker returns and pulls Luke away.

    Mark and Kevin are celebrating his victory – even though the polls are still open – when Luke and the campaign worker arrive at Yo's. Luke tells him to stuff the ballot box! A while later, Mark returns with news – that the election isn't going their way!

    Outside, Alison says cheating is just going to get Casey into more trouble and in the end, it will make the election worthless. Casey says he isn't going to regret helping Luke win. Alison leaves to vote. Casey spots the campaign worker and decides to help him stuff the ballot box! Casey walks into Al's after Alison and reports that Luke just won the election! Luke knows why he won but they tell Alison they ran a clean campaign! Noah watches from outside but doesn't come in because he knows what Luke did!

    Margo arrives at Spencer's and she tells her the same thing she told Kim. Then she says Brad attacked her and he deserves to be in jail!

    Katie arrives at WOAK and tells Brad that Spencer reported his 'attack'; she asks if Spencer is telling the truth! Brad tells Katie that he went to see Spencer because Kim took Spencer's side; he says Spencer was all over him and he tried to push her away and her shirt ripped. Katie can't believe what he did. He says it was an accident; Katie says Spencer is going to spin this. Kim hears them arguing and asks what is going on! Katie walks away. Kim stops Brad from following her and says he has given her no choice. "You are fired!" she says. Katie catches up with Kim in her office; Kim says she fired Brad because of what he did. Katie is shocked, at Brad as much as Kim. Margo arrives, looking for Brad. Katie says he isn't there because Kim fired him. Margo says Spencer is pressing charges and asks Katie to come with her to look for Brad.

    Brad goes to Metro, looking for Henry; he isn't there. Brad orders a drink. Spencer calls and begs him to meet with her because she knows she was wrong now. Brad doesn't believe her but when she keeps talking, he agrees to meet her as long as it is a public place. She asks him to come to The Lakeview.

    Katie and Margo go to the apartment but Brad isn't there. Katie is very worried but Margo says they'll find him.

    Brad arrives at The Lakeview but Spencer is nowhere to be found. He tries calling her but she doesn't answer. Brad goes upstairs and Spencer's door is open! He goes inside and finds her on the bed – dead!

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack tells Janet about Carly's wedding postponement suggestion.

    Katie arrives at Spencer's room; Brad tries to keep her quiet.

    Margo arrests Brad for murder!

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    Posted by EBONY0628 at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:15 PM

    all i can say is spencer WTFUZZ

    Posted by kupp at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:25 PM

    Writer's let Dusty, be happy with this, girl he's found. Tell me it's, his wife Jen. I hope that they become, a couple, Emily need's to find her, own man ok, she had a husband. Until she acted, crazy Paul and Meg are, no good for each. Thankyou Writer's for such, a good show, Patrick and his brother, is out standing.

    Posted by Jenave at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:27 PM

    wtf is right...I can't even bare to read these updates anymore.. if these writers can't do any better they'll be losing all their viewers!!!!

    Posted by morisey at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:28 PM

    Sooo...Kim says stay away from Spencer and the first thing Brad does is run for Spencer. Did he ever think for one tiny second that Kim might have a lot of experience? That she has almost always been open minded and listened to what people have to say first? And why so we care that Spencer ends up dead? If Brad's in jail we won't have to watch him do stupid things all the time right?

    Posted by morisey at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:29 PM

    Oh and on the Dusty front I was having this thought that whatshername faked Jen's death and then stole the baby to reunite the family away from Craig and all his drama...

    Posted by north of the border at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:31 PM

    question: if Spencer can reach Brad on his cell phone why couldn't Katie?

    another point. awhile ago when they were digging up the snyder farm and emma and meg were fighting and emma said "oh no what have I done inviting the devil here?" and Meg thought she was talking about Paul but Emma said no...
    I thought COOOOL, the writers have tied Emma to James, maybe in business (lord knows how she keeps that farm going) or in love (lord knows she could use some lovin') but what a stroke of genius, give Emma something interesting other than self righteousness as a character trait. Maybe there could be trickle down effect...less puritanical righteousness would look good on ever synder I can think of. But nothing came of it.

    At least I don't think so, did they ever explain what Emma meant?... Emma with a mean streak, sleeping with Paul's father, oh the possiblities.

    Posted by north of the border at Tuesday, November 04 2008 12:35 PM

    kupp, my only fear is that the new girl is working for Craig. Now that the word is out that Dusty isn't dead all Craig would have to do is find a girl that looked like Jennifer.

    There is a rumour that they have Craig coming back

    Posted by kds24 at Tuesday, November 04 2008 01:47 PM

    i absolutely hate this spencer storyline. it makes no sense! but on a brighter note, WOW was Van Hansis great today. i'm not always a fan of his character, but his speech to noah at the diner was great

    Posted by golflover at Tuesday, November 04 2008 03:08 PM

    Brad is dumb as a box of rocks. And how can Margo be so stupid & be head of the police?? Glad she isn't in my town!!

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, November 04 2008 05:49 PM

    I knew from the beginning of this storyline with Spencer that she was after Brad, and that she had an agenda. Is he so naive that he could not see the signs? Poor Katie tried to tell him so many times, but he just couldn't admit that something was awry with this girl.

    Now that she is dead, or is she??? My guess would be that the man she met outside Henry's diner was in cahoots with her and that the money was not fake. They must have been involved in something sinister. I also think that he killed her, not Brad. He probably killed her because he wanted all the money for himself.

    I thought Kim was harsh and judgmental when she sided with Spencer and believed her poor, pitiful story and fake tears to convince her that Brad tried to seduce her. This is not the Kim that I have loved through the years. What in the lleh is wrong with her??? She was suckered in by this b****!

    Please let Dusty find someone to truly love him as he deserves. Now that Craig is returning, I would not be surprised that he sent Dusty on this wild goose chase. What I want to know is where is the girl (Peyton List) who took the baby and disappeared? I hope he gets Johnny back. Heaven help me, but I hope Jennifer is still alive and that she and Dusty can be reunited so they can raise her son together.

    I feel sorry for Meg because she truly loves Paul. I wish he would get his act together and be a true HUSBAND and FATHER. He is so messed up because of butthole James. I am thrilled that he is dead. The only problem, he never dies, but always comes back to wreak havoc in the lives of Paul and others. What James did in holding Dusty captive, then kidnapping Meg was unforgivable and very cruel. So typical of him.

    This is my first time posting on this soap.
    Come on, writers, wake up before you lose a lot of us.

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