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    Maddie and Casey Kiss!

    Wednesday, October 11 2006
    Maddie and Casey finally kiss, Holden gets a phone number for Teresa, and Simon gets money from a loan shark

    Gwen tells Will that trying to prove Jade isn't pregnant seems desperate. Will tells her about finding out the sonogram Jade brought home was from Memorial even though she claimed to be going to the free clinic. He tells her that he has the phone number to the doctor Jade claimed to be going to at Memorial and wanted to call her while Gwen was there.Gwen tells him that she loves him, but as long as Jade is having his baby she can not be with him.

    Holden drops by to see Jade and asks her to help him find Rose's real daughter. Jade gives Holden a phone number for Teresa she has in an address book, she tells him that if he finds her that she will be very lucky to have Holden and Lilly.

    At Lilly's, Rose tells Lilly to go find her daughter before she makes a big mistake. Lucinda overhears Lilly talking to Rose and tells her Rose is dead, and she needs to focus on her family and getting better. Lilly tells her that she knows Rose is dead, but she thinks Rose is reaching out to her.

    At Java, Carly asks Simon why he was talking to Spero the loan shark. After Simon tries to convince Carly he had no idea the man was dirty Carly tells him that if he ever does business with him, she will never do business with him again. As the two are talking Spero calls Simon and tells him that if he wants the money he needs to be at his door in five minutes. Simon tries to disguise his departure from Java as a trip to his lawyer, but Carly insists on joining him for the ride.

    Casey and Maddie almost kiss when Elwood Casey's roommate walks in with mustard for the sausages they were cooking. When Casey tells him that he and Maddie used all of the mustard in a food fight Elwood decides to participate by attacking Casey with mustard. When Elwood gets mustard in his eye he leaves and Casey locks the door behind him in order to be alone with Maddie. The locked door however freaks Maddie out and she asks Casey if she can leave. The two talk and Maddie tells him she wants to stay with him, she goes further and tells him she wants to be alone with him and the two kiss.

    At the Lakeview Simon manages to get Carly to do to the dining room while he meets with his “lawyer”. When Carly walks into the dining room she encounters Craig who tries to taunt her by talking about Jack. She tells him that he has ruined the lives of both of her sisters, and she would prefer if he left town forever.

    Simon goes upstairs and gets the money from Spero. He tells Simon that the penalty for late payments to him is “severe”, which makes Simon recall a story Carly told him earlier about Spero hanging a man by his thumbs.

    When Carly leaves the dining room she frantically calls Jack. When Jack turns the corner and the two are face-to-face Carly tells him she called him by mistake and rushes off upstairs. When she gets to Simon's door he cmes outside and talks to her in the hallways to hide Spero who is still inside.

    Holden returns home and tells Lilly he has a hone number that could potentially be Teresa's. Holden tells her that Jade gave her the number because she wanted to help, and that the number may or may not be made up. When Holden calls the number he finds that Teresa left the number one year ago, and hasn't been heard from since.

    Lucy returns to dinner with her father and tells him that when she checked his pulse it was strong, indicating his coughing attack was fake. While she was away from the table Lucy called Jack, who arrives at the table and tells Craig he has 24 hours to move out of the Lakeview or he will be under arrest.

    Thursday on ATWT...

    Barbara attacks a man she thinks is kidnapping Johnny!

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    Posted by paigedown at Wednesday, October 11 2006 12:47 PM

    Maddie and Casey glad close.

    Posted by critybas at Wednesday, October 11 2006 12:56 PM

    OH MAN. how long can this whole Jade thing drag out, and what is Holden thinking asking her for help. He should hire a PI to find Lillies niece. I am so glad that Casey and Maddie are together I just hope they take things slower. So she can heal and they can have a lasting love. I am glad that Lucy called Jack on Craig. I hope that Carly finds out the truth about Simon and that she runs back to Jack and they concieve.

    Posted by BRICK at Wednesday, October 11 2006 01:05 PM

    whats wrong with gwen why doesnt she want to find out if jade is pregnant or not that makes no sense she doubts that she pregnant so why not find out for sure oh and yeah for maddie and casey when will carly find out that jake the one for her

    Posted by BRICK at Wednesday, October 11 2006 01:51 PM

    i was wonderin the same thing where did teresa come from and why is she all of a sudden so important

    Posted by seeemilywrite at Wednesday, October 11 2006 02:14 PM

    Teresa is Rose's daughter. She became important because Rose has been coming to Lilly and asking her to find Teresa before she makes a huge mistake.

    Posted by BRICK at Wednesday, October 11 2006 02:25 PM

    before lily makes a mistake or teresa makes a mistake

    Posted by Tinkerl3ell at Wednesday, October 11 2006 03:07 PM

    How do they know that roses daughters name is Theresa how do they know that she was at the ophanage with Jade does Jade even know her why is so important how did she pop up out of know where.Also i think that Jade knows more about her then shes saying help me out WHO'S THERESA!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by seeemilywrite at Wednesday, October 11 2006 03:30 PM

    Jade does know her, they were in the orphanage together. Today she gave Holden a phone number she had for her. It has become a huge issue because Rose has started talking to lilly about her. She is implying that her daughter is the one that is going to be making a huge mistake (Teresa) if lilly doesn't find her first.

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Wednesday, October 11 2006 04:30 PM

    I really like ATWT but I'm floating adrift on the current storylines as well. Glad to see Luke and his mother bonding again. Other than that, will wait and see how the other storylines unfold.

    Posted by rosegardens at Wednesday, October 11 2006 04:31 PM

    I really don't like the storyline for Simon. When he first came back to town, he claimed to had have sold the farm, when he stroke oil and became RICH. Katie and Mike had Jack do a back-ground check him, and Jack confirmed Simon story. Now we are to believe that he brought one building and has went from riches to rags. I know that he will be leaving the show soon, but at least give us the viewers a beliable story.

    Please let get this Jade story over. Where is Barbara she should drag Jade to doctors and have them do a ulta-sound, in her presents so she can see for herself if the lair is carrying her grandchild. When Will called the doctors he should have asked what type of doctor, he could have been a eye doctor for all he knows.

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