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    Parker To The Rescue!

    Wednesday, August 20 2008
    Katie and Brad set up Liberty, JJ is caught lying for Parker, Brian insults Luke, Noah sides with Brian and Janet takes a big step forward.

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    Posted by Shanayah at Wednesday, August 20 2008 07:02 PM

    I only watched the show to see whats going on with Parker and Liberty.Everything about Noah and Luke is sick. Who wants to see two guys kissing on T.V.? And the whole thing with Carly and Janet is sweet. Also Carly and Holden shouldnt see eachother thats just wrong.

    Posted by Natalie at Wednesday, August 20 2008 08:46 PM


    Posted by moodyjudy at Wednesday, August 20 2008 09:31 PM

    Good Grief...Luke thinks the world revolves around him...he is as bad as Lily...I would Luke and Noah tour Europe and go away for a long time...I can't get into their storylines at all...Noah is sweet, Luke is cute (and annoying), but they are just not interesting, sorry. And I am NOT saying that just because they are "gay". Good grief....

    I hope they let Lucinda and Brian develop a lasting relationship.I am more into those two than Emily and Casey -they are only about sex, I mean how many times do we have to watch them go at it on the Em's desk....

    Yesterday all the women were parading around the construction site in sundresses...Emily with those sunglasses (LMAO) and Lily in those heels with a picnic basket...oh man, that was rich! Today everybody was wearing the off the shoulder look...thought I had died and woke up in the 80s...musta been a sale on strapless bras at Fashions....

    I hope the Parker/Liberty thing can settle down...with all those "parents" runnin around day today...kept wondering how many parents does it take? No wonder the kids are confused. Wonder if there will be any repurcussions in regards to Leo.

    I really like the chemistry between JJ and Parker, good stuff.

    Janet and there's two to draw to....

    Posted by yankeesgal at Thursday, August 21 2008 08:42 AM

    Luke is too whiny. Can the writer's please end their storyline? Noah was about to run off and join the Army to be a "man". Then here comes Luke to stop him. PLEASE! BORING! No more please...had my fill of this whiny couple.

    Luke needs to keep an eye on his fortune where Brian is concerned. It looks like Luke is going for a ride, and it's not to Disney World.

    Why is Lily trying to hookup with Mike? They have no chemistry, what so ever. It's all about sex. No future there. Move along, nothing to see here. Plus Dusty is coming back. Hmmm..I wonder what he is up to.

    Will Paul ever learn? He borrowed money from a loan shark and now he is up the river without a paddle. I thought he had buckets and buckets of money. All of a sudden, he can't take out his millions to save the farm, he has to go see a loan shark. He went to Henry for a loan. Is he nuts? Henry is nothing but a scammer and has no money. Hello, he is living at the Lakeview. Why didn't he just goto Lily and ask her to go in with him on the project? That would of made sense. DUH! Wait to Meg finds out. This is going to be interesting to watch him get out of ANOTHER lie to her. What an idiot for marrying the dumba@#.

    Where are Emma's other children during this whole farm issue? Holden and Meg are her only kids that seem to give a hoot about saving the farm. They all lived there, rent free. Why can't they come and stop in to help.

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