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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Dusty Hires a BodyGuard!

    Friday, October 06 2006
    Maddie calls Jades doctor to see if she's really pregnant, and Emily and Paul say goodbye to their baby.

    Maddie meets with Gwen at Java. She tells her that Jade is faking the pregnancy just to keep her hooks into Will! Maddie tells Gwen that when Jade got in the car accident she didn't help for her baby, or tell anyone she was pregnant at the hospital, which makes Maddie think she was lying. Maddie gets an idea and calls the family clinic and pretends to be Jade. When the woman on the phone asks for Jades social Maddie get frightened and hangs up

    Jade comes into Wills house with coffee. She shows him a health and nutrition book she got from the hospital. He tells her he got her an apartment already and she is surprised he didn't waste any time! Jade finally agrees to go to the apartment.

    At the hospital, Henry visits Emily with a yellow (Friendship) flower. She's still very upset and doesn't want a ride home with Henry. She tells him she doesn't ever want to see him again! Henry and Emily fight, Henry apologizes for telling Meg Emily was leaving town, but he didn't want he going off during an ice storm. Emily tells Henry she thought he was her friend and that because of his actions they are through

    Lucy is surprised that Dusty hired 'Chaz' for security! She is upset, telling Dusty that she doesn't know what she feels about her father. Dusty asks Lucy if she thinks she can distance herself from Craig. Lucy introduces herself to Dusty's bodyguard. Mr. Yamamoto arrives and tells Dusty he is ready to sign the documents across the hall, Dusty is reluctant to leave Johnny alone with Lucy.

    Craig asks Meg for help checking out of the hospital. Paul overhears and tells him that there are plenty of nurses in the hospital, he should go find another. Paul asks Meg why everything went wrong, when he did everything right to help Emily and the baby. Meg tells him it is because he couldn't give her the one thing she wanted, a life with him.

    Paul tells Meg he wants her at Jennifer (his babies) funeral.

    Paul comes in on Henry and Emily an tells Emily Meg has arranged a funeral for their child. When Paul tells her Meg is coming to the baby's funeral Emily says “You want the woman who killed my daughter to cry fake tears at her memorial?”. Emily begs Paul to allow Jennifers funeral to just be Emily and Paul.

    Jade gets a phone call from the doctor's office who thinks they were disconnected from Jade. Jade finds out someone was trying to get into her medical records. She tells Will she thinks it is Maddie or Gwen. Jade asks Will to come with her for her next appointment at the clinic.

    Dusty finally agrees to allow Lucy to stay with Johnny (and Chaz). As soon as Dusty leaves the room Craig arrives. When he starts to make a move toward Johnny Chaz attacks him.

    Lucy encourages Chaz to stop hurting Craig. The two talk and Lucy finds out the Craig has now gotten a suite at the Lakeview, so he will be living in the ame building as Johnny and Dusty.

    Will joins Maddie and Gwen at Java and tells them that the clinic called hr as soon as Maddie hung up. Will tells her he has seen Jade sick, and she asked him to come to her next appointment, so she isn't faking it, as much as he hopes that she is.

    Will shares the news that Jade is set up in an
    apartment. He tells her that he doesn't want to send the wrong signals to Jade. He asks Gwen about school, and she shares that her music class is
    great. He stares at her, smiling. He tells her he loves hearing her talk about music. She tells him she has to get back, and leaves for the

    Jade shows up at the house with a pregnancy test. She wants to prove
    she is

    At the Chapel, the ceremony begins. Emily cries as she and Paul light a candle for Jennifer. They're left alone to say their final goodbye. Emily
    sobs as she tries to say goodbye.

    At the hospital, Meg accepts an engagement present she thinks is from Paul but it is from Craig!

    Dusty tells Craig to leave and asks his bodyguard, Chaz to stay with him.Dusty is upset with Lucy, thinking she set things up to bring her dad
    there.He isn't in the mood for more surprises and tells her so.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Meg visit's Craig, thrusting his present at him.
    Casey yells at Jade "There is no baby! You're lying to everybody!"

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    Posted by tangorockbud at Friday, October 06 2006 12:08 PM

    I Knew Jade Was Faking Her Pregnancy To Break Up Will & Gwen!

    Posted by Erin at Friday, October 06 2006 12:23 PM

    I hope Luke tells everyone that she's lying, because Will and Gwen don't deserve the misery she's causing them, I can't stand her anymore, for this! I had a thought that maybe she could change, but no! She won't! And poor Maddie, nobody believes her! I wish Gwen would at least give it some thought!

    Posted by BRICK at Friday, October 06 2006 12:42 PM

    where did jade find this test she finds every excuse im glad for will and gwen i also hope dusty and lucy are over cus i didnt like them together iwish someone could take care of craig keep him occupied so he can leave johnny and dusty alone

    Posted by astheworldturnsaddict! at Friday, October 06 2006 12:51 PM

    I hope the Luke is yelling at her becasue she was lying about the baby. Gwen and Will need to get back together. I hope Maddie isnt pushing it, kissing Kasey. I no she loves him but she might have another flash-back of Louis. I hope everything goes right between Kasey and Maddie, they are perfect. Dusty needs to lay off Lucy, she doesnt no anything about ther father.

    Posted by seasonlee at Friday, October 06 2006 01:57 PM

    I don't think Jade is faking her pregnancy. I think the kid is Dallas'. That's why he questioned her about her pregnancy at the hospital after the storm. Not because he didn't think she was pregnant but because it might be his. Why would the clinic call Jade and why would she invite Will to her next appointment and why would she be willing to take another pregnancy test if she was'nt pregnant. She's manipulative but she isn't that good.

    Posted by susangrubb at Friday, October 06 2006 03:53 PM

    Please let Lily find Rose daughter and let Jade be found out Im glad Will and Gwen are back together she is beautiful so is Cassey and Maddie she is so pretty they need to get together too.Im glad Lilys back I missed her please Lily find Roses daughter. Susan from North Carolina

    Posted by seeemilywrite at Saturday, October 07 2006 12:58 AM

    Hey guys,

    I deleted a few comments this morning. has the same rules for posting comments on recaps as we do on our message boards.

    You can not post in all capital letters, or use profanity.

    If you have any questions about what you acn and can not post you can read the guidelines here:

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Saturday, October 07 2006 01:14 PM

    Not for sure what to think of Dusty's character these days. As someone mentioned earlier, his character as we've know it was not reduced to playing "baby's daddy" and a bottle-toter. Give Dusty back his manhood.

    Posted by mamma nelson at Saturday, October 07 2006 03:04 PM

    I dislike Jade very much. She intruded on the Snyder family, and has been intruding on everyone else she comes in contact with. I honestly wish she were the killer and that she were put away. I definetly do not believe she is pregnant, at least not by Will.

    Gwen and Will need to get together and Maddie and Casey need to get together. They are the future adult couples on the show.

    I hope that Tom and Margo can let Emily have more of a bonding with her son now that she has lost baby Jennifer.

    I am not pleased that Craig is back on. He always seemed to annoy Margo. Dusty Just dosnt seem himself without Jennifer. He is trying to hold it together, but for how long.

    Welcome back Lilly, We missed you.

    Posted by irishprincess at Sunday, October 08 2006 01:05 PM

    Jade may be pregnant but not by Will. I'm glad to see Will and Gwen working things out. Still waiting for Craig to have a storyline. Conversations go on and on but never seem to get anywhere.

    Glad Lily is back. Hopefully she and Holden won't have any more marital problems for a while. I guess she's going to look for her niece (the one Jade pretended to be)

    There's no spark to the characters anymore. Come on writers - the lack of comments should tell you that the fans are starting to drift.

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