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    Oakdale Under Ice

    Friday, September 29 2006
    Simon and Carly are snowed in together, Emily gives birth to a baby girl, and Holden finds Lilly.

    Simon and Carly finally finish the apartment. Carly opens the window and sees the ice storm that will make it impossible for realtors to get to their open house. The two listen to the radio and find out that only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads, which means no developers will be coming to their open house.

    Luke and Holden see that Lily isn't there. When Holden sees a nurse he asks where she is, and the nurse notes not only Lilly but her chart as well is gone. Holden starts to look around the hospital for Lilly. A hospital worker walks by with a dead body of a patient that has been at the hospital for a while. Holden is concerned that the patient is Lilly and decides to look at the body.

    Katie searches through the woods for Mike.

    Lucy runs into Dusty in the woods. The two start off to the hospital together and Lucy collapses. Lucy tries to convince Dusty to go to the hospital without her since she is slowing them down. Dusty declines, and tells Lucy "we all go or none at all". While the two fight a man drives up in a tractor and offers the two a life.

    Paul runs into the barn and gets Meg and Emily out of the barn and into the Snyder house. Meg tells Paul to boil some water a get some blankets and pillows so they can deliver the baby.

    Holden looks at the body and confirms it is not Lilly. Luke, Lucinda, and Holden begin a full hospital search.

    Emily resists help from Meg in delivering her baby. Meg examines Emily and determines that she is very close to giving birth. Paul promises Emily he won't take her baby from her. As Emily gets closer and closer to giving birth she starts to allow Meg to help.

    Dusty and Lucy get on the man's vehicle and head out for the hospital. When the two arrive at the hospital they immediately talk to Bob who sends Johnny to pediatrics for test.

    Carly and Simon light candles after the power goes out in the apartment. Simon tells Carly he is enjoying every moment of being stuck with her, Carly tells Simon all she sees is mountains of debt building up for them.

    Luke finds Bob and asks him if he knows anything about Lilly. Bob knows nothing of Lilly not being in her room, and tells Luke that Lilly is important to him and he will find out where she is.

    Katie finds and injured Mike crouched in the corner of a cabin.

    Dr. Bob approaches Lucy and Dusty and tells them that Johnny has strept throat. Had Lucy not brought him in he could have had a seizure. Dusty kisses Lucy on the forehead for Johnny and on the cheek from him as a thank you for brining him to the hospital.

    Simon tries to seduce Carly, she tells him to just "shut-up and kiss me".

    Emily finally gives birth to her child. Emily and Pul decide to name a girl "Jennifer" and ask the baby is being born Meg tells them it is a girl. Meg has an alarmed look on her face when the baby is fully born and makes no sounds.

    In the chapel at the hospital Holden sees Lilly sitting in the back.

    Monday on As The World Turns...

    Craig is back in town!

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    Posted by tsavoie at Friday, September 29 2006 11:35 AM

    I hope and pray Carly and Jack get together soon. I like them two together. They have so much love for one a other
    they been through so much to let all go away. So!! please
    put them back together again.

    Posted by rosegardens at Friday, September 29 2006 11:46 AM

    I think the guy in woods that help Lucy is none other then Craig himself.

    Posted by rosegardens at Friday, September 29 2006 12:42 PM


    On yesterday show the man that help Lucy out of her car was not Dusty. How could it have been Dusty? When Dusty and Paul were in the taxi that they caught from the airport in route to the hospital.

    Posted by Erin at Friday, September 29 2006 12:59 PM

    Oh, no! Not Craig Montgomery! He is so evil...I can't stand the character, but, oh well, as for Lilly waking up, I'm excited to see what's going to happen! Lucy didn't exactly do the right thing by taking Johnny to the hospital out in the could have been worse for Johnny , but I guess she did the right thing for at least trying. I'm hoping that Emily's baby doesn't die, because that's awful..but we'll see..

    Posted by gemini030 at Friday, September 29 2006 01:07 PM

    I'm so glad Craig is back...he is so fun at being bad, at least Hunt Block was...Guess we will have to see how this new Craig works out...I wish they would bring Rosanna back too...I wonder who they will hook Craig up with...he once had a thing for Carly and she isn't with Jack anymore...that would be an interesting stoyline, Carly, Jack, Simon and Craig!!!!!

    Posted by Natalie at Friday, September 29 2006 02:04 PM

    Who said Craig was back? I though we were just hoping it was Croooaig. The masked man couldn't be Dusty he was in the taxi with Paul. Maybe a "twin"?
    As for Emily's baby I hope she doesn't die. That's a perfect name for her. I hope Meg and Paul stay together.

    Posted by HallyMacy at Friday, September 29 2006 02:41 PM

    why couldn't Jack and Carly have been snowed in together somehow?

    Posted by purplepeoplewatcher at Friday, September 29 2006 03:03 PM

    I believe the masked man at Lucys car door was Craig,and wouldn't it be great if Simon and Carly do the horizonal bump and she gets pregnant. I never did think Jade was .

    Posted by dave contreras at Friday, September 29 2006 03:29 PM

    I keep telling you folks out there. It was Craig who helped
    Lucy out of the car!. No!, it's not Hunt Block either.It's
    A new Craig.

    Posted by dave contreras at Friday, September 29 2006 03:35 PM

    Okay!, maybe I was wrong!. i thought the man helping Lucyout of the stuck car was (Craig)!.But now that I'm reading more of what other people seen, maybe it was Dusty
    after all!, but wasn't he just in the cab with (paul)?..It's a crazy soap!

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