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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Vienna's Choice!

    Friday, March 14 2008
    Katie and Brad argue about Jack; Carly believes she knows how to find out more about Kit. Sofie calls Gwen for help with Hallie. Cole returns! Vienna finally chooses between Henry and Gray. Gray and Matt move forward with their plans.

    In the hospital Jack wakes and asks Carly what the status is. She says they are running out of time. Carly leaves to see the kids. Parker arrives. He says he is going to plead guilty to the charges!

    At Will and Gwen's, they try to keep Sage distracted with breakfast making. Parker and JJ have already left for the day. Sage asks about Hallie; Will and Gwen are trying to explain when Carly arrives. Will takes Sage into another room while Carly fills Gwen in about Jack and about Parker. Carly asks if it would be okay if Sage stays with them a little while. Gwen says it is fine because Hallie isn't there any longer. Carly is crushed for Gwen and wants to stay but Gwen says they'll be fine. After Carly leaves, Gwen and Will make plans with Sage for the day.

    Katie wakes up and sees Brad asleep on her couch. As she passes by him, he grabs her and pulls her onto his lap. He kisses her. Henry walks in and says his life with Vienna is over. Brad agrees with him and says that he is right and he should move on. Henry says he can't because he still loves Vienna. Katie tells Brad that Henry has to fight for his love; they begin arguing about Henry and Vienna but are really arguing about their own relationship. Neither notices Henry leave. They finally realize Henry is gone and keep arguing. Brad says he is done trying to convince her he loves her. Katie says that is fine because all they have ever been is friends. They leave for work. Katie and Brad are still arguing when they arrive at WOAK. Carly arrives and asks them to put Kit's picture on their show to try to get more leads into Sam's death. They agree and quickly film a public service announcement. All three wait for calls to come in and finally a woman calls with information but she is only interested in dating Brad. Carly hangs up on her. They wonder what to do now. Katie and Carly wonder if Kit had a few disguises because no one ever saw her anywhere. Carly leaves to ask Jack what he thinks. Katie and Brad start arguing again. Brad says if she really loves Jack she should go after him.

    Jack and Parker are still arguing about his guilty plea when Carly returns. She tells Parker to get back to school and let them handle things. When he is gone, she says they've been looking for the wrong Kit! "She was wearing a disguise!" Carly says. Carly eagerly leaves to get the surveillance tapes from Metro and any other place Kit may have been. Katie arrives and apologizes again for messing up his surveillance plan and getting him shot in the warehouse. Jack says he doesn't want her apologies. Katie holds his hand and says she keep trying to let him go but she understands he is committed to Carly. "I am far from committed to Carly," he says.

    Carly goes to the grocery story first and convinces the security guard to show her the tapes.

    Casey and Alison meet to talk about Matt. She asks him to try remembering any reference Matt made to Gray but Casey says there were none.

    At the diner, Matt stands outside and watches Gray with Vienna. Seeing Matt, Gray goes outside. Matt tells him that Casey and Alison are making waves and they need to stick to their original game plan. Gray angrily says he is still in charge and orders Matt to discredit Casey and Allie. He returns inside. Matt turns around and Casey is there! They go to Java and Casey asks Matt about Gray. At first Matt denies everything but finally admits he does some work for Gray. He angrily says he'll quit immediately and leaves. Casey returns to the hospital to see Alison and says Matt is lying. They go to Java and try to figure out what to do about Matt. Casey says they should just let it go but Allie won't listen. She wonders if she can play up their developing relationship to get Matt talking.

    Henry arrives at the diner. Gray tries to turn him away but Henry won't back down. Vienna says she wants to talk to Henry so Gray backs off a little. Henry confesses his love but says he is willing to let her go since she is happy with Gray now. Vienna is on the verge of tears when Henry kisses her cheek and says goodbye. Vienna tells him not to go but won't leave Gray for him. Henry says he can't stay around her when she is with Gray and leaves. Gray tries to convince Vienna to come to Paris with him and have a whirlwind time. She says Paris and money and diamonds don't matter to her. She only wants Henry. She says Henry is the only man for her. Gray sees Matt outside and wishes her well. Vienna leaves. Matt comes inside and says it is time to put their plan in motion. "We're going to use Vienna and her true love Henry as bait," he says.

    Sofie arrives at the Lakeview Lounge with Hallie in tow. She sees Lisa and says she couldn't get a sitter. Lisa doesn't care; she says Hallie can't stay at the bar all day! Sofie says Hallie will be fine but Lisa won't give in. She pats Hallie, who has become fussy again, and realizes the baby has a high fever that Sofie hasn't noticed. She sends them to the hospital. Sofie is pacing the hall when she runs into Alison. A doctor comes by and says Hallie's fever is under control but she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion. Sofie isn't a match; the doctor says to call the father but Sofie doesn't know where Cole is. She tries to call Cole but he doesn't answer his cell phone. She leaves a message begging him to come and help their daughter. Alison tells Sofie that she should try contacting Gwen, too. Sofie tearfully calls Gwen and says Hallie is sick and needs help. Gwen and Will arrive; she goes in to be matched. When they are alone Will berates Sofie, wondering why she waited so long to get help. She insists she only thought Hallie was fussy. When she says she called Cole before calling them, Will gets very upset. He can't believe Sofie tried calling Cole first. Gwen returns and says she is a match and the transfusion will begin soon. Will and Gwen go to see the baby. They are talking with Sofie in the cafeteria when Cole walks in!

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Cole and Will fight over Hallie.

    Matt warns Alison to stay away from Gray!

    Gray shoots Matt!

    Margo receives a threatening note

    Brad collapses.

    Gray goes after Carly!

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    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, March 14 2008 01:13 PM

    Hallie has a severe case of anemmia - needing a blood transfusion. I'd think there would have been some kind of indication before now that Hallie has a low blood count or something before now.

    Now, I am beginning to believe there is/was a connection between Kit and Gray. I will be glad when he is gone.

    Posted by keytonblows at Friday, March 14 2008 01:17 PM

    Let me get this straight, Sofie calls Cole he doesn't answer and a little while later he just shows up at the hospital?? How did he know they were at the hospital? I think Henry needs to be more aggressive in getting Vienna back and Vienna needs to be more forgiving, since she is the only one that cheated. I hope Katie and Jack do get back together, but I don't see it happening.

    Posted by dwebster at Friday, March 14 2008 01:24 PM

    I hope this mess with Parker brings Carly and Jack back together where they belong.

    Get rid of the goofballs like Matt, Gray, and say good-bye to Will and Gwen.

    Chris can leave also. He is not a chip off the old block. His father, Dr. Bob, never acted like he did.

    Posted by dwebster at Friday, March 14 2008 01:55 PM

    avenging_avenger - And when Mike and/or Simon does return Katie will be all over them like a cheap suit.

    She can't make up her mind who she wants. Simon, Mike, Henry, Jack, Brad and not exactly in that order.

    Posted by Teiralinda at Friday, March 14 2008 02:01 PM

    Ah HA! Carly is now "Sherlock Holmes" and "Superwoman" too and the best of all ROBOCOP! Jacko and Margo should NOW take lessons from Carly! She should concentrate on being a SUPERMOM! come SHE gets peeps to GIVE her info when she's not even certified as anything but a NUT!

    Pleassseeee.....These "discoveries" are more suited to the police and FBI not dress designer, poor mom, sleep around wife Carly!

    Kit is gone finally and thru police bullet forensics they should have found 2 different bullets from 2 different guns on Sam's body. Parker didn't do DUAL pistols. Margo is a waste....... no gut instinct or talent for following up clues or finding them. Maybe she could take lessons from Doggie Blue on Blue's Clues. SHe should go be with Craig.

    I don't like the Hallie (though she was ill when Sophie brought her back from NYC) s/l and Cole again???? Does he have ESP for the fiance/daughter he didn't even like? WHATEVER it takes to be rid of these 4 idiots and that kid.

    Brad and Katie...Katie and Jack.... Jack and Carly... Carly and Jack..... Vienna and Henry.... Matt and Grey....Vienna and Gray... blah, blah, blah...... more like the UN-wonderpets on Nick Jr. for kids... geezz - where are YOU WRITERS!!! Didn't those paychecks from the end of the strike start yet?

    Posted by ThinLine at Friday, March 14 2008 02:51 PM

    Vieanna You Need To Make Up Your Mind...Be With Henry Or

    Posted by incubusrulz at Friday, March 14 2008 04:09 PM

    Teiralinda - Sam was shot twice by the same gun. After Parker took his shot he dropped the gun and ran out.. That's when Kit came in and took the 2nd shot w/ the same gun... well that hasn't been proved yet, but that's what I believe on how it happened.

    Posted by chrisie at Friday, March 14 2008 04:29 PM

    Jack and Carly belong togthere!!! I can"t believe they ended the show today with Katie telling Jack she wants him is she crazy!!!! JACK IS CARLY"S!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by chrisie at Friday, March 14 2008 04:30 PM

    Katie belongs with Brad they are so good togthere she will never have Jack his heart is Carly's

    Posted by jamg24 at Friday, March 14 2008 04:51 PM


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