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    Is It Over?

    Friday, February 29 2008
    Vienna tells Henry about Gray; Henry can't stay away from the diner. Katie and Brad make love. Carly puts a new plan in motion. Margo warns Jack. Gray gives Matt new orders!

    Margo arrives home to find Matt acting very strangely. He says he was snooping, trying to check things out. Margo wonders why. Matt says it is a habit and apologizes; Margo says it is okay. Casey returns and leaves with Matt for work. Margo wonders if Matt was telling the truth. Matt and Casey arrive at work. Casey cuts his hand and Matt wraps it up. Gray watches them. Matt tells Casey they need to go to the hospital and both boys leave. At the hospital, Alison finds a nurse who takes Casey for stitches. Matt asks Allie to join him on her break. They go to Old Town and are walking around when Matt notices Gray. He takes Alison into a bookstore and then exits while she is distracted. He goes to Gray, calls him the boss, and asks what he needs. Gray points out Brad and tells Matt to teach him a lesson. As they talk, Alison exits the bookstore and sees them together. She is very curious. Gray leaves. Alison asks Matt who the strange guy is; Matt says he is just a customer from The Lakeview but he is very nervous and Alison wonders why. Matt returns to work. Alison returns to the hospital and quizzes Casey about Matt, saying he is nice but has secrets. Casey is noncommittal but says Matt has always been a friend to him. He leaves for work.

    Henry is reading Gray's note - again - when Vienna returns. He grabs a magazine and pretends to read, then asks where she has been. Vienna angrily reminds him about Kit and won't listen to Henry's attempts to explain. She shows him her shoes and admits she just came from his limo where they made love! Henry is stunned. Vienna keeps rambling about Henry sleeping with Kit. Rather than telling her what really happened Henry tells Vienna to run back to Gray because he wants to be with Kit! Vienna says she'll move in with Gray since Henry doesn't want her any longer and leaves. Henry slams his fist against the door. Outside, Vienna breaks down in tears. Back inside Henry begins packing up Vienna's things and then has second thoughts. He just tosses her clothes and shoes in the hall!

    At Carly's, Jack says he won't let Carly be the bait in their plan but Carly insists it is the only way to clear Parker. Jack gives in. Carly calls Kit to set up a meeting at Luther's Corners Church. Jack warns Carly to be careful. Parker returns home and asks what is going on. They arrive at the church before Kit and Jack hides in a back room. Carly tells Kit she knows Kit killed Sam! Kit calls her bluff and walks out. Carly follows, taunting Kit about Sam loving Carly more than he ever loved Kit! She baits Kit over and over but Kit won't break. She tells Carly to give it up and walks out. Carly turns to Jack, who has been listening, and asks what they do now. They leave the church and Jack says he has a friend watching Kit's every move. Just then Margo calls and asks him to come to the police department.

    Katie tries to call a halt to their lovemaking but can't resist Brad. He kisses her again and they make love. After, Katie feels bad about what they did. As they are talking, Henry walks in and tells them about Vienna. Brad and Katie tell him to come clean with everything but Henry refuses, saying he has too much pride to tell Vienna the truth now that she has been with Gray. Katie, upset about Henry and Vienna and about sleeping with Brad again, storms off.

    Vienna meets Gray in the Lounge and says she has broken things off with Henry. Gray says he'll take care of her now and suggests that they go away to Europe for a while. The more he talks about caring for her the more upset Vienna becomes. She tells him that she doesn't want to be taken care of and that she wants to keep her job. She leaves to pack her things. Upstairs she finds the pile of clothes that Henry left in the hall and angrily throws her shoe at the door.

    Henry and Brad go to the diner and Henry continues to insist that he doesn't want Vienna back. She walks in the door as Henry places his order. Brad leaves. Vienna delivers Henry's order which is completely wrong. They argue about his meal, but are really arguing about their relationship. Henry makes a lot of mean demands, aggravating Vienna to no end. She finally asks why he is being mean to her when she still loves him! Henry angrily tells Vienna that she doesn't love him. She breaks down, reminds him that she wanted to get married and build a life but he never did. She says that, coupled with Kit, is why she turned to Gray and returns to the kitchen in tears. Gray walks in and picks a fight with Henry, calling Vienna his property! Gray hands Henry a very over-priced bill. He pays and storms out. Vienna watches him go and when Henry turns back, Gray kisses her neck.

    In Old Town, Brad runs into Gray and warns him to stay away from Henry and Vienna. Brad walks off! He goes to WOAK and calls Bonnie and leaves a message, asking her to come visit him. He is about to leave when someone whacks him over the head. It's Matt!

    Katie runs into Parker at Java and asks if she can do anything for him. Parker says he is really worried because Jack and Carly are obviously doing something without giving him all the details. Katie tells Parker to trust his parents. Parker says he is going to turn himself in to the cops and plead guilty so that his parents don't have to worry. Katie tells him not to. She advises Parker to be patient and wait for Jack and Carly to finish whatever they are going. He promises not to do anything. Then, Parker says he needs a book from Carly's and Katie offers to run by and get it since Parker isn't supposed to go back there. He gives her the keys. Katie arrives at Carly's and hears a noise in the back. When she checks it out, someone hits her over the head!

    When Jack arrives at the PD, Margo asks why he had an officer tailing Kit. Jack says he just asked a friend a favor; Margo tells him she won't do anything about it but warns him that he better stop using police resources on his own vendettas. She goes upstairs. Jack turns to his friend, who has returned from his Kit-watching, and asks where she went. The guy doesn't know.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Emma tells Meg to distance herself from Paul.

    Gwen has doubts about Hallie's custody.

    Casey gets in a fight and gets arrested!

    Katie and Brad wind up in the same hospital room.

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    Posted by keytonblows at Friday, February 29 2008 12:33 PM

    Finally Margo's cop sense is kicking in and she is starting to wonder about Matt, so it's just a matter of time before she has him checked out. I'm glad Allison is being curious rather than just falling for the guy, he is obviously a dirt ball. I wish Casey would just tell the guy to hit the bricks.

    Posted by Kat84 at Friday, February 29 2008 12:53 PM

    The whole Henry/Vienna thing is driving me crazy!!!

    Posted by Keaton at Friday, February 29 2008 05:44 PM

    I wish Henry would just tell Viennna why he was with Kit. I love Henry and Vienna together. I wish Parker would hurry and be cleard of the actual murder. Do you think it could possibly be someone other than Kit who fired the second shot that killed Sam? I am anxious for this S/L to be over.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Saturday, March 01 2008 07:35 AM

    I wonder what it is that Gray does not like the Hughes. I wonder if Margo or Tom had someone in his family convicted or something.

    Matt acts like he needs to be with Luke and Noah, he just looks so uncomfortable around a woman.

    Kit probably bopped Katie upside the head Carly, I think Carly got to her and she wanted to finish her off and drag her in the woods and put a bullet in her.

    Next week's show looks interesting.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Saturday, March 01 2008 08:44 AM

    stellar police work margo, she's so overwhelmed that she doesnt realize her own house is being cased!!!!!!!! are the writers moonlighting as undertakers.....every story line is killers, car bombs and break-ups. is it me or does the new casey always look like he's on something

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Saturday, March 01 2008 02:21 PM

    Margo can't find her way out of a wet paper bag If this Gray has so much money, why is he all over the Huges house, are there some hidden treasures there or something?

    Vienna will get caught up in some more stuff just like she was when she was with Simon, she gets the grade A men
    I just don't like her character at all

    Posted by dwebster at Sunday, March 02 2008 04:25 PM

    I just read a TV Guide article that says Lily is leaving after 22 years. What the heck is going on at ATWT. First Dusty, Roseanna, Will and Gwen and now Lily. I also read someplace else that when Holden's contract is up he will be leaving. Why are all the good people leaving.

    Is it the cost cutting that is doing this. What do we want? Loose or favorites or have P&G pull the plug on the whole show. I'm torn.

    Posted by Teiralinda at Sunday, March 02 2008 11:57 PM

    From what I have read on this soap in articles and such....ATWT has the only "gay couple" in afternoon soapland and apparently MORE is coming becuase there are people spamming the P&G people with demands to SHOW more and have sex between these too men etc.

    I have no idea if the 2 actors are gay in r/l but if so this may be too much for even them to perform. Seems to me we are REgressing as a society no progressing if this type of soap is making big bucks and headlines. I hate the bed hopping and triangle love stories. I will miss Lily and I hope Holden leaves WITH Emily dragging Brad and Jack with him.

    We've lost so many GOOD actors/actresses and we got to keep HENRY but look what has been done to his character since he re-signed. He is a jerk now....this man is a great actor and he's being ruined...

    If this soap goes any further in the dumpster, I'll stop watching altogether. The good actors are leaving a sinking sad.

    Posted by dwebster at Monday, March 03 2008 09:18 AM

    I think the article said it had to do with contractual issues. Probably money.

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