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    Evan's The Killer!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008
    Carly decides to give up Metro; Sam decides to get rid of Parker. Lucinda calls Lily for help; Evan takes Lily and Lucinda hostage! Gwen and Will search for Sofie while Sofie evades Aaron in New York City!

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    Posted by Donnalee at Wednesday, February 06 2008 07:15 PM

    I agree about Lilly acting so dense today. Lucinda was so upset that Lilly just barged on over to the hospital, after Lucinda made it very clear in her own language on the phone to Lilly that danger was there, when she all but spelled it out that she needed the ten million , because she was being forced to do it. Thenhere Lilly runs, right into the whole mess. Evan has lost it, and is dangerous. Lilly should have called Holden before she went. Chris is innocent of all this crime. Maybe now, the kinder side of Chris will come out. I am still upset that GL fired such a fine actor as Scott Bryce. Why do these shows fire the ones who will bring more people to watch? I am sick of these great actors being fired and so many fans have protested this. I hope everyone who feels this way, will write to the Soap Network and voice their opinion. I did.

    Posted by Candy11 at Wednesday, February 06 2008 07:56 PM

    I think Sam is about to become very dangerous. When Carley rejects his advances ..he will get forceful, I think. I dont understand why she doesn't believe Parker. Parker is so adament about sticking to his story that Sam set him up, when the dummy was burned. Carley should at least give Parker some time to really tell what he fears and knows about Sam. Parker is so upset because old Sam is lying about everything, and his mom is still believing Sam over Parker. That is just not right. Wake up , Carly..Parker is your son. He is not making these things up. Carly will wish she had given Parker the benefit of the doubt, when Sam turns his wrath on her. I am so very much ready for Kit and Sam and that awful wooden dummy to be off the show!!

    Posted by Heregoes at Wednesday, February 06 2008 10:40 PM

    I am glad that Chris is not involved in any of the murders, and poisining of his Dad. He may not be so likeable, but he does have only the desire to help people, and the project was important to him , because he really thought it would save many lives. Lilly has acted so irresponsible today, going over to the hospital like a road runner, when Lucinda had told her so clearly in the tone of her voice, to do what she asked. Lilly should have known that there was trouble for Lucinda. Sometimes, Lilly acts really dumb. I hope this is nearly over. Holden and Lilly need to go back to being a couple, and try to have a little spark in their marriage. They both are so stilted and boring.

    Posted by Winner at Wednesday, February 06 2008 11:17 PM

    It seems that Carly has again gotten her family into a mess. Why did she allow shallow people like Sam and Kit into her life? I could tell from almost the beginning that both of them were troublemakers. Carly just blew that money she got from the hospital for compinsation for her being told she had cancer, when she did not. Carly is a doll, but she jumps before she thinks. She has got to stop being such a dingy woman and start using her mind. Parker, guy, you are right to keep on sticking to your story about dimpled, screwball Sam trying to pin things on you. Carly is about to find out that you have been correct about many things.

    Posted by Done at Thursday, February 07 2008 04:40 AM

    I used to feel really bad because Sofie had to give up the baby she loved so very much, and really wanted to keep. After watching the tape of yesterday's show...I am angry with Sofie. That girl has no sense whatsoever of taking care of and protecting the baby. I think a ten year old would have known better than to take an infant out in freezing weather, with only a thin blanket around the poor little baby. I hope Sofie will get the professional mental help she needs. I hope Gwen and Will will have the precious little innocent baby back in their arms very soon. I hope they both give poor Barbara a break in this. She fell asleep on the couch, because she is so exhausted from the cancer. Barbara needs to hurry and tell her sons about the cancer, because she is going to need them so much when she is going through the pain,treatments and mental anquish ofthis cancer.

    Posted by dblittlebit at Thursday, February 07 2008 05:48 AM

    Carly is doing the right thing for her son, Sam is just twisted

    Posted by Empress T at Thursday, February 07 2008 06:42 AM

    Why didnt Lily jus read in and aee wat was goin on she knew her mother was in trouble what the hell was she thinking coming there all alone and unarmed. I knew there was something about that LUNATIC evan I hope he dies or rots in jail. Cowboy jack was i the fire place and not even scratched and talking like he was not even burn i dont believe it!! I hope when Gwen and will gets their daughter back all visitation rights for Sophie is revolked she is another LUNATIC

    Posted by dwebster at Thursday, February 07 2008 08:46 AM

    misunderstoodman - Because Lily knows all. She is in control of everything. She never abides by any of the rules. I absolutely hate the character of Lily.

    Posted by ladygg at Thursday, February 07 2008 09:29 AM

    i had a problem with parker, earlier. but now that he is trying to protecting his mother. hopefully when carly or jack finds out what's up w sam-- they kick him and his dummy to the curb.

    Posted by nonanot at Thursday, February 07 2008 10:49 AM


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