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    As the World Turns - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'As The World Turns'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Out in the cold...

    Friday, September 22 2006
    Jade has a talk with Gwen, Gwen makes a decision about where she'll live, and Simon steers Jack away from Carly.

    Gwen and Casey talk about children and adoption. Casey tells her that someday she will have kids, but she admits she can't have kids. He apologizes but she tells him its okay, they can adopt and wanted to do that once she and Will had finished school. She breaks down when she considers that Jade has what she wants. He supports Gwen 100%. He goes indoors to get ready to go to school with Gwen and register.

    Luke talks to Jade who tells him she hasn't heard from Will yet. Luke thinks that Gwen may be able to forgive Will and wonders what she'll do then. Jade tells Luke that Gwen can't have kids. She didn't intend on getting pregnant. She leaves to give Casey a package from his grandmother. They watch as people walk by him, thinking that they all know he is gay and he worries about school.

    Simon and Carly continue to argue about who is going to go in and get her paint charts but he thinks she'll get trapped. She promises to hurry and leaves.

    At Carly's house, Jack arrives with flowers pizza and beer, and thinking she is working, lets himself in to make her dinner! He creates a mood with candles and music.

    Lucy gets herself gorgeous at the Lakeview and sees a few friends who tell her the wait to get a seat is long She sees Dusty and tells him she is glad he could make it. He brought her little brother Johnny with him and tells her they'll need a table for three! She asks him to go to a kids matinee with her and Johnny. Dusty brings Johnny to the babysitter while she is asked to sing in Karaoke but isn't sure she can't sing unless she is in the shower but goes up to sing anyway! She sings 'Truly by Lionel Ritchie' and everyone loves it! Dustin comes back to hear her singing, directly to Dustin but it makes him flash back to Jennifer singing to him, and he turns to leave. She calls to him 'Hey handsome, where are you going!?" She tries to stop him but he brushes her off.

    Simon walks into Carly's place to see Jack sitting on the sofa. Both wonder what the other is doing there!! Simon tells him that she's working and wonders how happy she'll be to find him there. Jack disagrees and tells Simon he has no idea of what it's like to have a marriage and children. Simon tells him that he has made these mistakes and is trying to help both he and Carly. He tells Jack to leave Carly be if he really loves her, so Jack storms off angrily.

    Carly pays the workers at the apartment. She apologizes for being so demanding.

    Luke meets Will outside. Luke is positive that Gwen will eventually forgive him, but he doesn't agree.

    As Casey is changing, Jade shows up!
    Jade talks to Gwen, telling her that no matter what Will did she'd never leave him! She tells Gwen that she's the one ending the marriage, and she turned her back on Will to begin with. Gwen takes her purse and leaves.

    Later, Jade gives Casey his papers. Casey tells Jade she is fired from Crash! She is upset and tells him he can't do this but he tells her it's just too much and it's not good working conditions for them all.

    As Simon leaves the house with the pizza and beer that Jack brought, Gwen walks in. He explains he has to leave and she comes in to sit alone, staring at the picture of Jack, Carly and the kids. She wonders to herself what she is going to do.

    Luke and Will talk more and Will tells Luke how stupid he was. He has lost it all. During their talk his dad calls and he needs to get to the hospital to see Lily.

    Carly is at the apartment looking at a tarot card when Jack comes to the apartment to see Carly. He tells her he has been a 'class A' jerk and she was right. He blew it he tells her and when she tries to talk he asks her to hear him out. He asks her to please give him a chance to make things up to her. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him and take him back and the two kiss. She opens her eyes and she is kissing Simon!! She resumes kissing him then wakes up alone on the sofa! She tears up the tarot card and Simon walks in to ask what's got her bothered! 'You', she replies!

    Jade walks into Java to see Will, telling him she needs a job. Gwen and Casey meet and they go indoors to see Will and Jade sitting together. Gwen sees them and tells them she is moving in with Casey at the dorms. Will doesn't want her to move and is clearly upset. She leaves and Jade asks him to give her some time. Jade then asks Will if she can stay with him for now.

    Jack sits alone on the porch at the farm, thinking about Simon's words.

    Monday on ATWT:

    Carly throws Simon down to the floor!

    The weather is stormy and snowy and Gwen, Jade and Simon are all driving in it. They all get into an accident.

    There is a fire and Emily is in trouble!

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    Posted by tangorockbud at Friday, September 22 2006 12:23 PM

    Get Jade Off this show. I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Erin at Friday, September 22 2006 01:02 PM

    I missed todays show, and clearly its getting worse by the day! Carly and Jack need to kiss and make up, and Simon needs to move on, like leave the country! I can't stand this with Gwen and Will, it makes me a little more angrier each time they fight!

    Posted by janna at Friday, September 22 2006 04:05 PM

    Just to let u know, everyone i know thinks your story line sucks and we dont even watch daily anymore.Jade comes on the show as some free loading tramp,so desprate to get Anything she can.She also seems very old compared to all the other kids on the show.She just doesnt fit in.Will cares not for her,so let him BLESS her out and send her on her way.,better yet let Wills mommy pay her off as she is accustom to doing.Thats all Jade wants.Let Gwen be happy for just one moment.OR Let Jade bump into Simon when he is drunk and they can fool around and she can blame the baby on him.He has cash and she can be happy.Carly can be back with Jack.MUST I WRITE THIS SHOW!

    Posted by daisydiddl at Friday, September 22 2006 10:57 PM

    I cannot believe Jade's request to go home with Will!!! That is just outrageous! Unless, in case she is not pregnant, she is planning to really get prengnant this time by Will... Please don't sent Gwen to the dorms with Casey, it will break Maddie's heart..

    Posted by sissa at Saturday, September 23 2006 01:18 AM

    you really needed to get jade off the show all she is. is trouble and will and gwen should be together and casey and maddie need to be together along with jack and carly simon needs to get his own woman maybe him and jade should be together they would go so good together

    Posted by Erin at Saturday, September 23 2006 09:56 AM

    You know, this is a show! It's going to have bad days, and bad people on there, that's what makes As The World Turns great, what else does anyone expect? I like how exciting, and angry it makes me when something doesn't go right, that's what makes a show a great show!!! I am going to be a continuous fan , no matter what!!!

    Posted by shays-place at Saturday, September 23 2006 11:01 AM

    No matter how much she does, Will keeps letting Jade interfere. How absolutely stupid is this? Enough already. He may be young, but he is not an idiot.

    Posted by irishprincess at Saturday, September 23 2006 04:24 PM

    That would be so stupid if Will lets Jade go home with him. There's no way to convince anyone that he still cares for Gwen if he takes Jade home.

    I hope next week is more suspenseful. The Carly, Simon, Jack story is getting old and so is the Meg, Emily, Paul story.

    Please don't put Gwen and Casey together.

    Posted by astheworldturnsaddict! at Saturday, September 23 2006 05:35 PM

    OMG Jade needs to lose the baby, have a miscarriage or something. Will and Gwen NEED to get back together. Dont let Gwen go to the dorms with Kasey, Maddies heart will be broken and she'll go into her shell again. I want them to show more of Maddie, with herr recovering. Jack needs to just punch Simon and go find his wife tell and her how he feels. Carly wants him back too. I think that Simon planned on putting the taton cards down so Carly would see them. Jack and Carly need to get together again, they were perfect.

    Posted by sjd0064 at Sunday, September 24 2006 10:34 AM

    Enough with jade. Carly and Jack need to get back together, Simon and jade would be good for each other. I think Emily and Henry would make a good couple.

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