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    You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Wednesday, September 20 2006
    Paul and Meg are finally honest with Emily and she's ready to run away, though Henry doesn't want her to. Holden has a visit from a ghostly Lily, who promises she'll be home soon. Jack's heart is broken when Carly delivers the divorce papers. Mike and Katie work on having a baby.

    Carly arrives at Jack's house. He is making the kids sandwiches for their lunches tomorrow. The kids are in bed. Carly looks at their homework, Jack asks her how she does this day after day. She offers to help him. He says he didn't think she was supposed to be back until tomorrow morning. She tells him Simon got sick. Then she gives him the divorce papers and tells him the divorce is final. Jack turns his back, he's feeling very emotional. Carly again offers to help him with the kids lunch, but he doesn't want her to. He says all those years, all the arguments, all the memories, funny how it all fits into a legal size envelope. He thanks her for bringing the papers by and basically tells her that he wants her to leave. They talk about the logistics with the kids tomorrow and they say a very, very sad goodnight, Carly's eyes tearing up. Jack's eyes also tear up after she leaves.

    The kids come in the kitchen. Jack tells them about the divorce. One of the boys asks if their mom is going to marry that Simon guy. Jack doesn't answer, but he tells the boys that if anything big were going on, he'd tell them. He hugs them and sends them off to bed, then stands sadly staring out the window. Carly calls, she says she doesn't want a divorce, that Simon talked her into signing the papers, but suddenly the phone really rings, Jack had fallen asleep at the table and he was dreaming. The real phone call is Carly, but she asks him to keep the kids for a few more days, that she needs to be working around the clock. He tells her yes and good luck.

    Simon is on the phone talking business when Mike and Katie walk up to his table at the Lakeview. Mike gives him some papers and says he heard George backed out of their project, says it looks like the project is going down. Simon assures Mike that the project is on the fast track. He says he's been to Santa
    Domingo, and Katie asks him what he was doing there. He tells her he took Carly there to get a divorce. Simon leaves. Katie can't believe that Jack and Carly are over. Mike says it's not their business. Katie agrees that their own lives are what they need to concentrate on.

    Katie tells Mike she wants to see a fertility doctor, he balks, insist they are not going to a fertility specialist. He doesn't think they have a problem. She just wants to make sure. He says he wants a baby as badly as she does, but sitting around discussing techniques is not going to help.

    Katie pulls out a room key, she's rented a honeymoon suite. Mike grins, he tells her he loves her, and if she wants to go see a specialist, he guesses they can. He asks her to go upstairs and take off all her clothes, he'll be there in a minute. He brings her flowers and they kiss, ready for romance.

    As soon as Carly gets home, Simon rings the doorbell. She doesn't want to see him, but he says he has a very big problem, he needs her help, the business is in trouble and he needs her 24-7 for the next few days. He shows her the papers Mike delivered to him, he tells her of his plan to raise some money. Carly gets into it, she says it will take a couple of weeks, he says he needs to do it within days. They need to sell his penthouse. He leans over her shoulder and says the sooner they get this taken care of, the sooner they can get back to what they were doing when they were in Santa Domingo.

    Dr. Hughes finds Holden in the hospital chapel. They talk about the memorial service and then the doctor tells Holden he'd like to talk about Lily's condition. They should talk about moving her to a nursing home since there has been no change. He informs Holden that in the neurologist's opinion Lily's coma is permanent. Holden doesn't want to accept that. Dr. Hughes says that Lily has been non-responsive for

    Holden accuses the doctor of giving up on Lily. Dr. Hughes says that they are not saying she's dying, but Holden is tired, he's got his kids to take care of, that they knew there was always a possibility that this would happen. He asks the doctor how long before he has to make a decision. Dr. Hughes tells him to take all the time he needs.

    After the doctor leaves, Holden sits down, he says nothing makes sense, he asks Lily why aren't you here with me. Suddenly, a vision in white, a ghostly Lily lays her hand on his shoulder and smiles, she smiles beautifully and tells Holden that she IS there with him. Holden talks to her, he tells her he misses her, the kids miss her, she tells him he has to be strong, but that she's never far away. He says he's afraid she's gone to a place so far away,
    she'll never find her way back. What should he tell the kids. She says to tell them that their mother is coming home, she will be with them soon. They promise to love each other, he takes her hand, but then there is nothing there and she's gone. The pastor comes in and asks if there's anything he can do for Holden. Holden says he think she's found his answer.

    At Paul's apartment, Emily, with Henry standing behind her, gives it to Paul but good as Meg stands next to him. Paul tells Emily that he lied about going out of town so he could give her a break. She says she's going to make sure she's never alone with him again. Paul asks Henry to take Emily away. Henry says he leaves when the beautiful blonde tells him to. Paul and Emily argue. Emily asks if there's anything else she needs to know. Meg tells her that Paul and her are engaged and shows her the ring hanging on the necklace she's wearing. Emily says congratulations, but she is losing it. Henry tries to get her to leave, but she begins raving. Paul screams at her, he says he can't fix everything for her, he will do everything he can for that baby, but he will not hide out in his own apartment, he can't fix her life for her. Emily says he thought a lot about her until he didn't anymore. She says she'll do what she has to do. Paul asks her what that means, don't use the baby to hurt him. Henry says it's not Paul's place to tell her what to do. Emily says she's far from being hysterical, she has nothing to lose because Paul has nothing to give. She tells him he will never see her baby. He tells her he will fight to see the baby, she tells him he underestimates him. She tells Meg she obeys every time Paul barks. Paul says he will die before she keeps him from seeing his baby. Emily and Henry storm out.

    Back in Henry's room, Emily cries, she says Paul made a fool out of her. He tells her that he thought his sister Eve was the most put together person he knew, so Emily falling apart is refreshing. He asks Emily what the attraction is to Paul, she says dreams. She gets up and says she's leaving, Henry tells her she can't run from her life. Emily tells him she's taking it with her. She talks about her plans, Henry says she forgot one thing, how much he would miss her. She says she'll miss him too, but all she can think about is thwarting Paul's efforts to find her after she leaves.

    After Emily and Henry leave, Meg tells Paul not to believe Emily, she's just bluffing. She assures him that he will see his child. He asks Meg to promise she will be by his side no matter what happens. Paul calls an attorney, who thinks he can get an injunction to stop Emily from keeping him from the baby. Meg asks what she can do. He says he's already asked so much of her, but is she sure she wants to do what he is about to ask her to.

    Next on ATWT: Will shows up at Carly's door, where Gwen is sitting on the couch. Mike says he is sure he can make a baby. Katie says, what because you got Carly pregnant? That's when you were younger.

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    Posted by tangorockbud at Wednesday, September 20 2006 01:36 PM

    Hope Lily is out of coma soon

    Posted by Erin at Wednesday, September 20 2006 02:00 PM

    I really would like to see mike and katie starting a family soon, and i don't want her and simon back together , only because they aren't meant to be....I hope Carly and Jack work on getting back together now....they really are looking sadder , and sadder each time Simon..maybe he needs to leave again.....

    Posted by Luv My Soaps at Wednesday, September 20 2006 04:12 PM

    I hope Carly and Jack can work things out. I didn't expect for them to sign the divorce papers. I don't know what I think of Emily. She's really nuts. She shouldn't be able to raise children.

    Posted by suemaloo50 at Wednesday, September 20 2006 08:18 PM

    I think the writers of this show should get a life . Look at all the crimes that the people committ and then they are not punished for them. Take a look at Barbara , Emily. I was dumbfounded when they did nothing to Emily because of that stupid Jennifer. I am glad she is off the show. I hate the Jade factor in Will and Gwens life too. If all this stupid stuff keeps up I won't be a watcher anymore.

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Wednesday, September 20 2006 08:19 PM

    Lily awake? She might not make much of a difference if she did except to help develop Luke's character more. Carly and Jack....would be nice for another round to help keep the family sound - plus they still love each other. Oh PULEASE don't let Katie and Mike have a baby. Sex is ALL they do well. Katie would NOT be a very good mother. She's too immature as it is. Hmmmm....didn't hear any "I HATE JADE" just now. Guess everyone got hoarse?? (heheheh)

    Posted by soapy00 at Wednesday, September 20 2006 09:51 PM

    Jack needs to tell Carly that he really doesn't want a divorce, he initiated this all, so he needs to stop it. Will is a fool for having cheated on Gwen, but he is sweet and she needs to give him another chance despite Jade's claims. Afterall, Jade does have a history of lying. It is time for Lily to come out of her coma and mend the fences with Luke. Mike and Katie just barely started trying to have a baby, be a little realistic and wait another month before worrying about infertility. Katie needs to wake up and forget Simon, he only caused her heartache in the end. Dusty and Lucy getting closer is great! Lucinda needs to get a good story line, she is always great on the front burner of walking the fine line of good and bad.

    Posted by georgia kellum at Wednesday, September 20 2006 10:18 PM

    dusty and lucy need to get a life. i love dusty but not lucy. i think jennifer needs to come back. i know shes dead but they are all the time bringing someone back from the dead. jack and carly need to grow up. they have been playing these games long enough.paul needs to leave and never come back. he never does anygood for anybody. meg needs to leave also. she is a little kid in a grownups body or atleast thats how she acts. gwen and will need to work their problems out and jade needs to run away and forget about will. mike needs to leave that childish katie alone and find him a real women. her and simon are great for one another. they should just have an affair and end up back together after mike finds out.

    Posted by jensenacklesfan at Thursday, September 21 2006 03:25 AM

    why...what happen to Lilly?....


    Posted by s sky at Thursday, September 21 2006 02:15 PM

    Who is writting these daily updates?? Obvoiusly NOT someone from ATWT's, or any one who know's geography! The name of the island country that Carley & Simon went to was SANTO DOMINGO- not SANTA. Santa lives in the NORTH POLE!!
    Why does it bother me?? It just DOES!!!

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