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    Jack and Brad Fight

    Monday, November 19 2007
    Jack knows Brad spent the night with Katie. Carly decides Katie deserves her settlement check. Alison learns a little bit about Cole's schemes.

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    Posted by Brendamouse at Tuesday, November 20 2007 07:05 AM

    What is it with the Snyder men thinking they can take their wives' children from previous relationships away from them? And then they take these kids and stuff them into Emma's one size fits all farmhouse.

    I think Brad was right on when he gave it to Jack about running back to Carly when he thought she was sick because that's where he wanted to be. Just what I had been thinking too.

    Posted by ATWT junkie at Tuesday, November 20 2007 09:04 AM

    A_avenger - I TOTALLY AGREE!!

    Posted by Heregoes at Tuesday, November 20 2007 12:46 PM

    A-Avenger, where in the world do you get that the handsome Brad is a grease ball? He is hot. Jack and Katie just want someone to blame for their they jump on Brad. He could have had Katie ever which way but loose, when she was all over him in bed, when Carly and Jack were away. Katie is a liar and a sneak. She has proven that.

    Posted by BrattyNatty01 at Tuesday, November 20 2007 12:56 PM

    A_avenger - I agree too!!

    Carly is a horribly selfish self-absorbed woman and an even worse mother. I don't care for smart mouth kids, but after what she's done to her kids she needed to hear harsh words from them to catch a clue about just how much her destructive behavior has scarred them. If Katie can get harsh words from one of Carly's brats when she's actually doing something special for the spawn, then Carly herself can get it too.

    The snyders are a bunch of suck@ss hickbillys. The whole lot of them. Meg ugh what a pathetic twit, Holden OMG what a sorry excuse for a man. You suck more than them all, too bad Lily didn't leave your worthless @ss. Jack and Brad suck as well. What a whiney ass bunch of losers. I pity anyone that wants this bunch.

    Posted by Heregoes at Tuesday, November 20 2007 01:14 PM

    Brad is hot!

    Posted by hot chick at Wednesday, November 21 2007 06:48 AM

    I an sick & tired of Jack, Meg & Holden Snyder with thier Holier than thou attitude when they are all far from perfect. Some times I wonder if Brad is really related to them.And where does Katie and Vianna of all people make Carly out to be the bad person here when Katie has been the bad 1 from day one. Has she forgotten the Holden and Chris's days.Parker has realy turned out to be a rotten kid, being so disrespectful towards his mom.Get off your high horses you Snyders and hooray for Brad you're the only Snyder with a sense of humor.Give Carly a break and give her Jack back they make a great couple. I hope she gets pregnant after Montana.

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