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    Jack and Brad Fight

    Monday, November 19 2007
    Jack knows Brad spent the night with Katie. Carly decides Katie deserves her settlement check. Alison learns a little bit about Cole's schemes.

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    Posted by clara chibwe at Monday, November 19 2007 03:31 PM

    carly and jack should never get back together coz all they do is hurt each other jack needs to be with katie she is the one that really loves him i cant believe some viewers think jack and carly should reunite thats sick i mean do u hate jack that much serously

    Posted by ATWT junkie at Monday, November 19 2007 03:32 PM

    Carly really gets what she deserves. I assume no one that thinks Carly deserves anything has children of their own. What mother would leave her children for a man and then come back when she felt like it and expect everything to be back to normal and nobody to be mad at her at all??? Then to make things worse...when she does get back and everyone decides to give her yet another change (that she doesn't deserve) she decides to lie to everyone and make even her children think she is dying. I don't know of any children that would have any respect at all for their mothers if their mothers had been treating them like that for ever!! Carly only cares about Carly. She is a horrible mother!!

    Posted by Keaton at Monday, November 19 2007 03:50 PM

    Jack needs away from both Carly and Katie. Eventually , he will be back with Carly. Katie needs to just shut her mouth for awhile. She will now be really mean to Brad because he knew about Carly not really dying. She is lucky that Brad is in love with her. He is not hateful, and his brother Jack is a total jerk. Brad has changed a lot and is not immature as he once was. Katie has been the one chasing Brad lately. Carly needs to just be silent and Jack will be back...especially if Simon returns and goes straight to Carly. That is when Katie will jump through hoops to be with Simon again. I hope he ignores her as he did before.

    Posted by Heregoes at Monday, November 19 2007 03:55 PM

    Carly needs to take a break...Simon will be back soon. Katie will ruin herself with her own little schemes.
    You leave such nice messages these days. You really must have learned your lesson in manners.

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Monday, November 19 2007 06:31 PM

    I am probably in the minority but I am glad to know that Katie now knows Brad was in on the secret. Come on Carly, why in the world would Katie want that money? She made a bundle on "the book" and now is gainfully employed at WOAK. Keep the loot and either take care of the kids or go into business for yourself. Perhaps you can give decorating another try. No one on these shows seems to really have a job. If they do have one they sure don't spend a lot of time working at it.

    Posted by awall at Monday, November 19 2007 07:34 PM

    Carly keep your money and start your own business. Jack stop being a jerk and grow up. Katie take your posse and leave town. Jack, why would you hook up with Katie, when she was the reason Carly had to leave town in the first place. Katie you knew Jack was still in love with Carly and you went into the relationship anyway. Carly has her faults so do the rest of her critics. Emma who has been missing in action for months come back and immediately start to bad mouth Carly. How about you getting your own crew in check Holden and Meg. I don't understand why the writers keep dumping on Carly, Katie is no saint. A lot of characters are being destroyed, you can tell a good story without doing that.

    Posted by GLandWT at Monday, November 19 2007 08:35 PM

    To the writers: Why not bring Simon Frazier back and free him of charges like they did Carly. If you can do it for Edmund and Cyrus on the other soap, why not Simon on this one? I can think of a great story line for him. He was very beneficial in helping Margo and Lucinda...

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Tuesday, November 20 2007 12:44 AM

    The last post is what I am afraid of - Simon will return and Katie will go chasing him as always and I don't want to see Brad hurt. Now I would love to see her dump Jack as he has acted like a horses behind to her and Carly ( not that I like Katie) but I just have come to adore Brad and don't wnat to see him hurt. And Katie's schemes never go without catching up with her so whatever she does, it will catch her. I just can't stand her and they try to portray her as Mother Teresa. She is no better than Carly and Carly and Jack both need to smack Parker's little behind. How dare he act like this and get by with it toward the one and only parent he has ever known. And while I am preaching, Holden needs to get down off his high horse, too. He is making me nauseated during my lunch hour and I "ain't" pregnant. Why did he turn on Lily so?? I must have been taking a sabbatical then.

    Posted by pepper48 at Tuesday, November 20 2007 05:14 AM

    Carly is getting what she deserves!!! I was sorry she came back. She and her sister Rosanna are two of a kind!!! Get rid of them!!!! They are selfish ladies. Always wanting to destroy others to get what they want. Is Gwen really that stupid and gullible? Writers, let's get some knew storylines and people. Nice to see Chris and Emily back in the picture. Meg is getting on my nerves. Paul is the father and its going to take a year to find out the truth!!!! So boring!!! I am going to watch "One life to live". I will read the updates at night!!! Good bye Soap!

    Posted by 1spunkygal at Tuesday, November 20 2007 06:06 AM

    Kristi you do a great job of giving out great detail . I can come here & read when i dont have time to watch . Thanks so much ! Carly is a liar & always has been you truly reap what you sow.

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