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    The High Price of Passion

    Friday, September 15 2006
    Will doesn't know how to deal with the news that Jade is pregnant. Carly has lost her battle of will to Simon's charm in Santa Domingo. Lucy and Dusty share a movie, snacks and some laughs together. Casey bravely tells everyone at the memorial service not to blame Maddie as Margo counsels Maddie in a private room.

    Simon and Carly are in Santo Domingo, downing exotic drinks and letting it all hang out. Simon starts pouring on the charm. Carly tells him if she didn't know better, she'd think he was trying to get her in the sack, he says he is. He is getting very tipsy; he says she needs to take another man. She needs to wake up that gorgeous body of hers. She says, in other words, I need you? She tells him he's had enough to drink. But he is acting silly and wants to party. He gets up and leaves to see about having the music changed. Carly takes her drink to the bar and asks to trade it in on a Coke. She picks up a deck of tarot cards from the bar and a woman comes up and tells her to lift the first card. She reads Carly's cards. She says there's a dark, handsome man in her future. The second card means loss and gain. She asks her if she's lost something that is very precious to her, but that the future will bring much joy if she lets it. Carly asks if the dark, handsome man is a loss or a gain. The fortune teller says the choice is hers as Simon dances with a beautiful island girl and Carly watches from the bar.

    Carly succumbs to her desire and joins Simon in a sexually provocative dance, completely giving herself over to Simon's charm. He whispers erotically in her ear, "Let's go upstairs." Once they get upstairs they are kissing and breathing heavy, hot and bothered. Carly tries to resist, but you can see that she absolutely does not want to resist. She tells Simon she doesn't want to mess up the good thing they have going business wise. Simon tells her they won't as he continues to ravish her with kisses. Finally he stops and says that if she really wants him to stop, he will; it's up to her. She resists again for about 10 seconds and it's all over, they hit the bed and she gives in to her lust as Simon moves over her and covers her with sexy kisses.

    In the chapel at the church, Jade drops the bomb on Will that she is pregnant. He stands in shock, looking around as he hears Kim, Barbara and his wife, Gwen, who he just made up with, arrive for the memorial service. When he hears the door about to open, Will grabs Jade's arm and runs into an office of the church. Gwen asks Dr. Hughes if he's seen Will, no one has. Will grills Jade with questions, she tells him she's certain she's pregnant. She asks him why he thinks she's lying to him. She tells him she went to the free clinic and was examined. He apologizes, says it's just a lot to take in. He asks her what she's going to do. She says she absolutely must keep the baby after the way she was given up. She says she's not trying to rope him into anything, he can do whatever he wants; she and the baby will be ok. He asks her when she's due, she says in the spring. She says she'll get a job and he shouts at her that nobody is going to hire here, she's pregnant! She tells him again that she can go it alone. The organ starts and Jade leaves the room and heads to the chapel, where Gwen is looking around for Casey as the service starts. Dr. Hughes speaks about each kid who died, pointing out their accomplishments as Gwen sees Jade sneak in quietly and sit down, across from her with the kids who were shunning Maddie and Will sits down beside Gwen. Gwen knows something is up.

    As Dr. Hughes talks about the life force that lives in all of us, in every baby that's born, Will has to get up and leave the room. Gwen follows him outside. He says he can't talk to her, and that it's not about the service. She asks him if he's ok, does he want to go home. He says that won't help. She asks him if it's something bad and he says that yes, it is. Gwen still thinks it's about the service, about this being the same church that Jennifer's service was held in. She tells Will there's nothing he could do that would change the way she feels about him, there's nothing he can't tell her. He talks about how much he loves her, and how much he wants them to be together. Jade peeks out the chapel door.

    Maddie is shunned by the kids at the memorial service as she and Casey arrive. She's not sure she can go in. Casey tries to assure her that it's ok. She says her sister did this. Casey tells her that they also know that Maddie was attacked by someone she loved. He promises to be by her side as Tom and Margo, Dallas and Jessica arrive. Gwen and Maddie walk in. Gwen hugs Maddie and asks them if they saw Will outside. Gwen takes her seat next to Barbara, Will still missing. Maddie walks up to the front of the chapel and when she sees the photographs of the dead teenagers she freaks out and runs from the church. Casey is going to follow her, but Margo gets him to sit down with his father and she goes after Maddie.

    Margo listens as Maddie talks about memories of Eve and cries that her sister hates her so much. She says she needs to accept that Eve is mentally ill, that she had a psychotic break and may never recover. Margo counsels Maddie, she says that there is no way it was Maddie's fault; Louis would have been attracted to another woman. Margo commiserates, she knows how it feels to carry the guilt of the victim from being a cop, and that after she herself was raped, she blamed herself, but she finally realized it was the rapist fault, just as it was Louis's fault. The point is that Maddie is going to recover and move on with her life. She has college and a career and marriage. Margo just hugs her then and lets her cry. Back in the chapel, Casey bravely gets up and tells the congregation that it is wrong for them to take this all out on Maddie. He talks about the things her own family has done to her, she needs support, not for people to turn their backs on her. Meanwhile, Margo is making Maddie feel much better. She tells her that she did everything she could and that she's got to move forward. Maddie asks Margo how long it took her to feel normal after her rape. Margo laughs and asks, Normal?" Margo asks Maddie to move back in with them.

    Lucy tells Lucinda she will not be going 'there' with Dusty again. She loses patience with her grandmother, who continues to try to force them together. Lucinda asks her what she's going to do, hop from club to club, she's a doctor. Lucy says that as a matter of fact, no, she is going to the movies by herself tonight, she's not going back to Dusty and that's final.

    At the movies Lucy runs into Dusty, almost spilling her popcorn. He asks her who she's with, she says she's alone. She asks him if he wants to join her and he does. She takes her hair down from its pony tail and they get comfortable. They are enjoying the movie together. He eats all her popcorn. Then he asks her where the red licorice is. She pulls out the bag of candy and they eat some, they are laughing and keep getting shushed by someone in the movie theater.

    Next on ATWT: Dusty asks Lucy to come home with him. Will tells Gwen Jade is pregnant.

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    Posted by gemini030 at Friday, September 15 2006 12:39 PM

    Did I miss an episode???When did that liar Jade go get a pregnancy test? I am so sick of her, she needs to go.

    Posted by latisha at Friday, September 15 2006 01:29 PM

    Jade need to find her another soap. Why do she have to be messing with Wil? why don't she hook up Kevin.

    Posted by eulasimmons at Friday, September 15 2006 01:40 PM

    Do not let this liar be pregnant, Will and Gwen was trying to have a baby, when are you going to write Jade off this show.

    Posted by softball3332 at Friday, September 15 2006 03:02 PM

    It was never shown that she even took a pregnancy test--Jade could possibly be faking it...

    Posted by BEVERLY 7 at Friday, September 15 2006 03:37 PM

    i don't believe jade is preganant if she is she did it on purpose . i want will and gwen to be together they are married,

    Posted by Mrs.B25 at Friday, September 15 2006 04:21 PM

    I agree with all of u guys Jade is a low down obsessive witch that will not let Gwen and Will be happy. And Maddie and Casey are wonderful 2gether no matter wat they've been through they still have their unique bond.

    Posted by astheworldturnsaddict! at Friday, September 15 2006 04:37 PM

    I think Jade is lieign the little devil. She is just trying to get Will's money and break up Will adn Gwen but they should know that it all a lie... at least I hope they do. Im so glad Kasey is better but Maddie needs to recover, I hope she does.

    Posted by ccgrl22_00 at Friday, September 15 2006 05:39 PM


    Posted by ccgrl22_00 at Friday, September 15 2006 05:46 PM


    Posted by CBSoapKing at Friday, September 15 2006 05:53 PM

    I'm LMAO here about Jade. The reason why she STAYS on ATWT with that character is because of people like us who give her all the attention. As I said recently, it comes down to ratings!! But let's not forget tha Will jumped her bones a second time (which Gwen doesn't know about).

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