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    Happiness Short-Lived

    Thursday, September 14 2006
    Casey talks Maddie into going to the memorial service for the kids who were killed by her sister The Slasher. Gwen and Will are blissfully happy, as is Barbara to see them back together, then Jade drops a bomb on Will. Paul is hopefully seeing through Emily's game.

    Paul is asleep, his head lying on Emily's hospital bed, as Meg walks in on her nursing shift. She cannot believe that he spent the whole night there and tells him so. Emily wakes up, says she had a dream that she had a baby girl, and how Paul saved her from danger. Meg says, sarcastically, "Wow, that's just like the movies!" Emily tells Meg she wants to see her doctor. Paul wants to leave but Emily asks him to please not go, she and the baby need him. The doctor comes in and says she can go home. Paul goes out and talks to Meg, she tells him he's creating a monster. He says he knows this is really hard on Meg, but what does she want him to do? Meg asks, "Don't you think each crisis of Emily's is a little too conveniently planned?" Paul says maybe she's right and kisses her. The doctor warns Emily about getting upset. Paul tells her he's going on a business trip. She says don't lie to me! I know exactly what this is about. She says Meg is so upset she is making his life miserable. Paul says Emily is right, Meg is very jealous. He needs to take a break. He tells Emily he doesn't know when he'll be back. She says if being away from Meg will ease his pain, take all the time he needs.

    Will and Gwen are at home together in domestic bliss. Gwen says she should feel guilty for being so happy on the day of the memorial service. Will is just glad the nightmare is over. They talk about how nice it will be to be back at home, they kiss, all smiles.

    Barbara knocks on the door as Will is leaving. She is ecstatic when she sees them kissing. Barbara tries to warn Gwen about Jade, but Gwen won't let anything bring her down. Barbara wants to take Gwen shopping for her school wardrobe. They talk about the memorial service. Barbara says she's so thankful that Jennifer was at peace when she died and that she had the chance to say goodbye to her child. She gets upset and says she's leaving, but Gwen asks if she can ride to the memorial with Barbara. This makes Barbara very happy, and they hug. Once they get to the service, they talk about Jennifer, and Barbara tells Gwen that this is not just about that, it's about being grateful that she has a daughter in Gwen.

    Casey is up and out of his hospital bed saying he is going to see Maddie. Margo tells him he's not. Dr. Hughes comes in, Casey says, "Grandpa, I have to go to this memorial service." But his grandpa says he's being released anyway. Margo and Bob go outside the room; they talk about how Casey needs to go to this service to mourn his dead friends. Bob kisses Margo on the cheek before she goes back into Casey's room. Casey asks his mom for a ride to Maddie's, he's going to convince her to go to the memorial service with him.

    Maddie is at home alone when there is a knock on the door. Someone has left her a copy of a tabloid magazine with Eve's face plastered across the front. Her cell phone rings, it's Casey but she won't answer. It rings again as she's studying the magazine cover when Henry calls. She tells him she's fine, she lies and says the other kids have been sending her cards and emails. Casey knocks on the door and says he's not leaving until she lets him in. She lets him in. He says his parents are waiting in the car to take them to the memorial service. She doesn't want to go, he says he's not leaving without her. She tells him she heard what Ada and Gill said about her at the hospital. If she goes with him to the service, people will think he's nuts for being with her. Casey gets a headache and has to sit down. He picks up the magazine she was looking at and she says that's the reason she doesn't need to go with him. Casey will not be deterred. He says if they can get through today, they can get through anything. She goes with him, but once they get to the church, Ada and Gill stare her down and she is really hesitant about going in.

    Will arrives at the church where the memorial service is being held, he tells some of their friends who he hears talking about Maddie to treat her like a friend when they see her. They leave and Jade walks in. She says she didn't come for the memorial service; she came to talk to him. She thanks him for defending her at Raven Lake, she says they always had that special something, a connection. Will says there's something he needs to tell her. Jade's face falls when Will tells her that he and Gwen are back together. Jade tries to tell him it's a mistake. She gets nasty when he tells her he thinks they need to move on. She grabs his arm and tells him that he better think again. She drops a bomb on him, telling him she's pregnant.

    Carly and Simon are in Santo Domingo and she has just gotten her divorce. She pretends to be happy, but Simon knows better. She admits she's never been more miserable. He tells her he has the cure for what ails her. He orders them two tall festive drinks. Carly doesn't buy his party plan, she says the only reason he wants her free of Jack is so he might feel he's free of Katie. He admits he still has feelings for Katie now and then, when you have loved someone so deeply, it's not that easy to get over them. But he realized finally that he and Katie were just not meant to be. Carly says they gave her a number and she waited in line, it felt weird, getting a divorce like that. Simon tells her to look forward, not back. He's seen the future and they are it, they are an empire waiting to happen. They toast to new beginnings.

    Simon and Carly see George, their major investor, sitting at the bar and he tries to ignore them when they call his name. But they won't have it. George is uncomfortable as he tells them that due to circumstances beyond his control he's being forced to back out of their business deal. Carly says to hell you are! She shouts at him that they have a contract. He says he made some bad investments and his wife left him. Carly jumps all over the guy, cuts him no slack. After he walks off, Simon is tickled pink at the way she acted, calls her a spitfire. She and Simon sits back down, he makes a solemn promise to Carly that she and her kids are going to be fine, he will find the money. He wants her word that's she with him. She says she remembers Katie telling her when she signed on with him that this wasn't her dream job and that she'd want out. But she doesn't, she wants to see where this will take her, they toast to a future, all bright and shiny.

    Next on ATWT: Carly tells Simon, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get me in the sack." He says he is. Will is late to the service as he listens to Jade talk about how she's going to keep the baby and he can do whatever he wants.

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    Posted by cjh1102 at Thursday, September 14 2006 12:26 PM

    You didn't post the last few minutes of the show. Will tells Jade that he and Gwen are back together and that she should move on. Jade then tells Will that she and Will will always be connected because she is pregnant. Big surprise there!!! That's just soaps I guess, everytime someone has a one night stand, the next storyline is the pregnancy. You would think they could come up with something more original. Maybe she could have said she has VD or something. I just need to quit watching soaps, they make me so sick.

    Posted by daisydiddl at Thursday, September 14 2006 12:26 PM

    I was just hoping that Jack would come "save the day" and stop Carly right before the divorce became final... Too bad we have to endure some more of those two lovebirds insecurities..

    Posted by HallyMacy at Thursday, September 14 2006 12:51 PM

    I think will and Gwen have been through enough without having to now deal with Jade even longer since she is now pregnant. That is just sick!! As for Jack and Carly that story line has gone on long enough as well. They are meant to be together and I agree with daisydiddl Jack should have "saved the day" and stopped Carly from getting the divorce that neither party wanted. I agree with most of the viewer's, I should quit watching soaps too. The writer's want to always change things up and they do it with favorite couple's by having affair's and then when affair's are over one of the party's are pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant. Anyway I don't know why I watch these shows either.

    Posted by eulasimmons at Thursday, September 14 2006 12:54 PM

    I don't understand why you wouldn't allow for one couple on the show to stay together, and that will be Will and Gwen, Jade does not have a purpose on this show, and I'm sick of show focusing on Mattie, please come up with something a little more exciting like bringing back Craig on the show, you have turn your show into nothing but teenagers, please take Jade off and bring back Craig of Stanback

    Posted by daisydiddl at Thursday, September 14 2006 01:41 PM

    It's good that Craig is coming back, great to have something new going on, but please let his storyline be positive, we really need some positive and happy moments, as it seems that even those smiles from Will and Gwen's storyline are very short-lived, one episode long, just to get our hopes up and then take us down again. We all long for some nice escapes watching these soaps.

    Posted by SandraJ at Thursday, September 14 2006 01:43 PM

    This whole Gwen/Will/Jade storyline is sickening. She really is like some sort of disease you just can't get rid of. What does Will have to do to get rid of Jade? He should take her back to Raven Lake and drown her. I HATE this storyline. HATE IT.

    Posted by daisydiddl at Thursday, September 14 2006 01:44 PM

    PS, sorry, just wanted to add that Jade is here to stay, unfortunately, since her contract is 3 y.o.! But, I am just hoping of the remote possibility that the writers will change her character into a nice one. She really is a great actress, just her role is so negative as of right now.

    Posted by daisydiddl at Thursday, September 14 2006 01:48 PM

    PS, sorry, just wanted to add that Jade is here to stay, unfortunately, since her contract is 3 y.o.! But, I am just hoping of the remote possibility that the writers will change her character into a nice one. She really is a great actress, just her role is so negative as of right now.

    Posted by kaye_kaye78 at Thursday, September 14 2006 03:17 PM

    The guestion is,is she really pregnant?We can only hope she isn't.I hope it is her desperate way of trying to get him to herself.Come on just one time can't there be happiness on the soaps.It is bad enough there is never anything real life about the shows.Like poor people.Better story lines means more viewers.Please we are dying here waiting to see what is going to happen.Lets get it going.

    Posted by madisonsmom at Thursday, September 14 2006 03:18 PM

    Gwen doesn't know they slept together a second time so this will be the second time that he neglected to tell her. I don't think jade is really pregnant though I think she is just desperate to keep will...though I don't know why??!

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