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    Broke and Busted!

    Thursday, August 09 2007
    Vienna and Henry are broke; Alison busts Gwen and Maddie talking about her; Luke and Noah go for broke after a late-night swim; Carly's rescue attempt is a bust!

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    Posted by Jeanieann at Friday, August 10 2007 04:45 AM

    I also believe in the bible , but this isnt real life ! If we acted as if these people on the soaps did we would burn in hell lol...Lighten up people this is just a show . There could be worse i guess.Every one has their own oppions i do,but if its so bad when luke and noah come on just dont watch.Im not.....The rest of it good.I know there are people out there gay and they think its ok.So as long as we are not doing it dont worry.Love yall ((((SMILES))))))

    Posted by pepper48 at Friday, August 10 2007 04:58 AM

    i am so sorry you brought carly back!!! i am watch ABC soap "one life to live". i was hoping that katie and jack would make a go of it!!!! i will read the updates because of craig, gwen, william and paul. get rid of carly!!!! she is so boring. she always brings trouble!

    Posted by jj1234 at Friday, August 10 2007 05:46 AM

    I absolutely adore the Noah/Luke relationship. I don't see anything wrong or disgusting about it. Everyone else on these shows jump from bed to bed and partner to partner and nobody seems to care. And I'm not really sure what show everyone is watching that keep calling it a "family show". It's a soap opera...when did that go under the heading of "family"? I know there are alot of storylines that I don't like and you know what I do...ff or turn the channel. Remotes are a fabulous invention.

    Posted by MaddieGirl06 at Friday, August 10 2007 06:28 AM

    My Thoughts are That Carly should not try to be so heroic I undrerstand she wanted to save JJ but she has gone to far and now she is in danger herself, As For Henry and Vienna they will survive at least they still have each other. I am not sure what to think of Noah and Luke or as I like to Call them (Nuke)we will see what happens.

    Posted by sandwaterwaves at Friday, August 10 2007 06:33 AM

    Posted by not-so-young-but-restless at Friday, August 10 2007 01:01 AM

    I love your name....I am the same way. Wish I would have thought of it first...ha

    Posted by RealityChick4Ever at Friday, August 10 2007 06:52 AM

    i really dislike that gay part that luke(such a quit guy) is playing. and i really admire vienna's commitment to henry.oh! and how can i 4get dusty i luv this guy but not for alison i prefer him with emily and carly is finally getting her g-man back.thanks to jj's little incident.

    Posted by Sunshine905 at Friday, August 10 2007 07:59 AM

    It's funny how everyone comments that this is a family show but what about the fact that they show people sleeping around with out the use of condoms, a porn star, drug user, killers, and alcoholics. I don’t see this as a family show; I doubt that my 8 year old would enjoy watching this (even with the younger actors on the show).

    Posted by jj1234 at Friday, August 10 2007 08:25 AM


    That's what I'm saying...who's hanging out with the kids watching these shows? Having to explain a gay couple to a child might be easier than explaining why nobody ever knows who the father of their children are.

    Posted by granny46 at Friday, August 10 2007 09:38 AM

    Yes it is fictional but where do they get it from? Real life people are doing this everyday and the bible is the truth, the bible speak on everything that these people are doing. I don't look at them anymore b/c of this. Why look at it when they are doing it in everyday life. I'm pretty sure that you all know that sin is sin no matter how small or how big. God will judge us all.

    Posted by dwebster at Friday, August 10 2007 09:56 AM

    I just had a conversation with my gay friend, who has been with his long time partner for 27 years. We discussed this storyline and he feels the same as I do.

    The writers are exploiting gays to gain contravesary and apparently it has worked. I have never seen so many posts on this site in a very long time.

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