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    Broke and Busted!

    Thursday, August 09 2007
    Vienna and Henry are broke; Alison busts Gwen and Maddie talking about her; Luke and Noah go for broke after a late-night swim; Carly's rescue attempt is a bust!

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    Posted by oceandeepestblue at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:46 PM

    I'm glad they are going as far as having this storyline for Luke. Doesn't anyone want Luke to be happy? He can't be happy staying in the closet and whether people don't like it or not, they are going to try to milk this storyline for all it's worth. We don't know how far it will go. We don't know if they will kiss and if they do, it won't kill us. I'm happy this storyline is going forth and I want it to continue. That's just my opinion on the matter.

    Posted by Jeanieann at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:47 PM

    I think Gays are to much for soaps.If they wanna show this mess, send it to the pron channel....Its sicking......

    Posted by dwebster at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:49 PM

    You can take my comment any way you want.

    I have no ill feelings for gay people. As I said before I have many friends and coworkers who are gay. I just don't think daytime television is ready for this sort of storyline.

    Obviously it isn't just my opinion either. Check prior days and you will see more than just me objects to it.

    We obviously have a difference of opinion. Doesn't mean that you are right and I'm wrong, it means we agree to disagree.

    Posted by Shop-a-holic at Thursday, August 09 2007 02:55 PM

    dwebster - as I said in my first post - I am not judging anyone - I wanted to know why it troubled so many.

    Since I posed the question, and I saw your response, I wanted to understand it - that's all.

    Posted by lw1947 at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:24 PM

    what happened did everybody get sick and shut down

    Posted by bremarie at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:26 PM

    I think that everyone should just wait and see where this story is going to go first please. One of the things I like best about posting here is that everyone gets along, and there's no name calling back and forth. So please, let's just wait. If it does go further you all can feel free to tell me that you told me so. I just don't want us to be like they are at other posts. In case you're wondering, yes I do have an opinion, but I want to wait and see.

    Posted by pinkdaisys at Thursday, August 09 2007 03:44 PM

    sadieblu, i agree with you, if anything ever happens to Jack you can bet it will be Carly's fault (ex. the explosion and the ransom).

    What kind of party did Gwen and Will have? They only told 5 people they were having a baby. Noah don't even know them....and it lasted what 15 minutes before everyone bolted.

    On a high note....Jack looked hot!!!

    Posted by soapfan007 at Thursday, August 09 2007 04:16 PM

    oh yeah a family show that have people cheating on their exs and murdering people and stealing babies really people get over it it is not like they are really going to show them having sex and besides all my children had a gay realtionship and people didn't get all defensive and crazy over that why becuase she is a girl yall would see two girls kiss and not two guys come on and all my children have more viewers than as the world turns i support luke and what makes him happy. SO DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ALONG. and besides yall might know somebody who is gay so there.

    Posted by lw1947 at Thursday, August 09 2007 04:38 PM

    Aren't these two boys teenagers? Why exploit this thing just for ratings. AMC doesn't have very goog ratings either. If you think this is something we should just put up with then you need a lot of help before its too late.

    Posted by YR_GH_ATWT_Lover at Thursday, August 09 2007 05:53 PM

    the idea of 2 men kissing or having sex in bed is DISGUSTING! please don't have that FILTH on the show! please!

    i am not against gays but when they start showing them in sexual acts...thats where i cross the line!

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