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    How Many Have to Die?

    Thursday, August 31 2006
    Dead bodies are turning up faster than the teens can keep up with. Casey may be dead, Will has been attacked, and Maddie has become a zombie. At home, little does Margo know what's happening. She and Tom are having a wonderful evening at home alone. Barbara tries to convince Dusty to stay away from Lucy as Lucinda is busy trying to get Lucy to hook up with Dusty.

    Barbara and Dusty are having lunch at Lakeview. He tells her what Paul is up to. Barbara wants to know what any of that has to do with Johnny. Dusty says that if Craig comes back to Oakdale, he'll want to be a part of Johnny's life. Barbara says he should be worried about Lucy Montgomery. Craig will reel her back in. That he's her father, no matter how horrible he treated her. She also says that Lucy can make herself look bad all by herself, "she let my daughter die." Dusty says that Lucy is not to blame for Jen's death. No force in the world could have kept Jen from going home. Barbara doesn't agree, as far as she's concerned, Lucy is responsible.

    Lucy and Lucinda are at Java together. Lucy tells Lucinda that Dusty was there, they had some laughs, but not to expect too much. She tells Lucinda what happened with Paul and how Dusty was trying to protect her. Lucinda says he's riding high on his white horse, still high from when he saved her. Lucinda hands Lucy her cell phone, wants her to call him right then. Lucy says that's the worse thing she could do. Lucinda says what she thinks is wrong is if you don't grab life by the scruff and live it for all it's worth. You never know when it will be taken from you. Lucy tells Lucinda she has her own cell phone. Lucinda says that Lucy and Dusty care for each other and there's nothing on earth wrong with them comforting each other.

    Margo and Tom are at home alone enjoying an evening together. She tells him she was thinking of contacting the sheriff at Raven Lake just to have him keep an eye on the kids. Tom tells her she's being ridiculous, it's a party, dancing, camp fires; beer drinking and making out. They will be ok. Casey is safe at Raven Lake. They are enjoying dreaming of the day when they have the house all to themselves. The doorbell rings, its Kim. She has a belated graduation/early going-back- to-college gift for Casey, a laptop. Kim asks Margo if she's had any breaks in The Slasher case, but Margo just shakes her head no. They talk about how the kids might work all their problems out if they are just left to do so. They have their whole life ahead of them to make things right, that's the great thing about being young. She tries to call Casey but can't get through.

    Kevin is in the emergency room, the girl who hit him in the head with the paddle frantically tries to explain to the doctors what happened. Luke is worried that Kevin may die. Luke sits by his bedside, talking to him. Kevin comes to, he doesn't remember what happened to him. Luke tells him. The doctor comes in, tells Kevin he was drunk, and thanks to Luke he's not dead. After the doctor leaves, Luke and Kevin have a good talk. Kevin thanks Luke for saving his life, and admits that he was a jerk, apologizes for calling him a faggot. The girl comes in. Her parents are coming to get her. She's going to call Holden and Kevin's parents. Luke wants to stay by Kevin's side.

    At Raven Lake, Maddy finds Casey either dead or gravely injured. She is losing it, bending over him crying, when suddenly the killer is standing above her. She takes off running, The Slasher chasing her. Gwen is in the cabin, checking the pulse of the dead girl she found. The rest of the gang is down at the lake having a ball, except for Will.

    Will goes to the cabin and finds Gwen. She rushes into his arms as he sees the dead girl lying in a bloody heap on the floor. The girl was wearing Gwen's sweatshirt. They rush to the crowd down at the lake and tell them that the girl is dead. They all want to go home, Will takes charge, tells Gwen he loves her, he'll take care of her. Then, though none of them knew she was at the lake, Maddie walks up.

    They start accusing her of murder. Her hands are covered in blood. She starts babbling about stuff that makes no sense, but then tells them Casey is dead. Gwen and Will try to talk to her, the crowd thinks she's the murderer. Maddie says she didn't mean for this to happen, which sounds like a confession.

    Will and Gwen take off, they are going to call the police. They leave Maddie with the group who think she's a murderer. They start taunting her, calling her a serial killer. They talk about what to do with her, calling her Lizzie Borden. Maddie is in shock. One of the boys pokes her with a stick and they all start marching behind her. They are treating her like an animal as yet another dead body comes floating up to the shore. They all freak out and leave Maddie there with the dead body. When they get to the van, they find Ann dead in the driver's seat. Maddie hears one of them scream and takes off running. When she gets to the van, they have put Ann's dead body outside on the ground and are all in the van, they won't let Maddie in.

    Gwen and Will have to stop, it's dark, but she can't walk on her ankle anymore. When they start out again, Gwen is talking to Will, who is behind her, and when he doesn't answer she turns and finds him on the ground, knocked out and bleeding. He comes to just as The Slasher attacks Gwen.

    Next on ATWT:

    Gwen and Maddie are both in grave danger, but only one from The Slasher.

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    Posted by cjh1102 at Thursday, August 31 2006 12:17 PM

    I really tired of this storyline !!!!!! The slasher needs to be revealed, locked up and end the story already.

    Posted by Erin at Thursday, August 31 2006 12:27 PM

    Alright, Gwen and Will need to start realizing, and soon, that Maddie is NOT the SLASHER!!! It's getting stupider ever time. They both saw how she was, scared, and not all there, but really , do they honestly think she would confess to murdering her boyfriend???!! There's definitly some issues that need to be resolved soon!

    Posted by Justine at Thursday, August 31 2006 01:02 PM

    Okay, the whole summer slasher theme that they are doing is getting old. They need to stop killing off random people, and continue with stuff that really matters. It's getting too old, fast.

    Posted by dooda at Thursday, August 31 2006 02:25 PM

    This is a soap opera that I have been watching since I was 10, now 34, and I got my wife addicted to the show and we have been married almost 4 yrs. I said that to say that all this killing is becoming too much. This is not Friday The 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare On Elm Street. I believe this storyline is doing a bit much. I hope Zach Roeris is not leaving the show. When is Lily coming back? Who is going to play Hal? Whoever it is better be as good or better.

    Posted by JoCheri at Thursday, August 31 2006 02:54 PM

    I love the plot behind the whole "Slasher". Everbody is doing are wonderful job.

    Posted by busgirl at Thursday, August 31 2006 03:12 PM

    I'm sick of this boring story line. Can't barely stand to watch. Can we come up with a new story line? You are going to lose the fans. I hated them taking jennifer out, they should of taken out the pregnant one (forgot her name)
    and lily needs to wake up!!!!! I love the lily and holden story.

    Posted by Rikki Lynn at Thursday, August 31 2006 04:21 PM

    ATWT has great writing. I love how they are slowly bringing the adults back into the stories. I once was a teen and have watched since I was maybe seven (thanks mom). I have grown up with so many of the characters. Lisa, Nancy, Bob, Kim, Barbara, Holden, Lily, Jennifer and so on. While I love having the younger characters I don't think they should do away with so much of the adults. I own my own business and keep the television set to CBS all day. When there is nothing for me to relate to I tend to lower the volume! By the way, loving the InTurn segment... hoping the "nerd" gets the 13 week contract! If ATWT can be missing anything it would be long term commitments! What's going to happen when the teens grow up and have no families to host the holidays and you have written off all of the adults, there will be no connection, nothing to make it worth boo-hooing over!! Thanks for keeping it interesting.

    Posted by ATWT fanic!! at Thursday, August 31 2006 04:54 PM

    ok i am 13 years old and i am addicted to ATWT!! i have been watching it for 3 years now and wow...i luv this show....but i am getting tried of seeing lily in a coma they need to wake her up...soon... holden needs a wife and the kids needs a mom....the slasher story is really getting to me...Casey better not get killed off nor gwen.maddie or will...i luv them all!! and if they dont reveale the slasher..i dont know what i am going to do, i am getting tried of it but it has been a great story line, i think louis is the slasher but i have a deep feeling jade is besides they need to kill her off anyway all she has done is made trouble for everyone.... Jack and Carly need to be put back togather....Luke needs to get over the whole gay thing and come out with EVERYONE...and kevin needs to be hes friend still and let it go it doesnt matter and he needs to quiet being a jerk....Maddie and Gwen i hope stays on the show for a long time and casey. Paul, Meg, and Emily are getting on my nerves i wish they would kill emily off or lose the baby and she needs to get over paul. i wish the older characters would have more story lines like bob and kim and nancy. I wish thay didnt kill jennifer off she was one of my favorite actrss and its made dusty and baraba a big mess. And the new lucy i dont like her i wish they would bring the old one back. Craig needs to stay in jail since they re-casted him i loved hunt block great actor. and for inTurn i hope they choose the girl that killed yesterday, the rerd head.
    Thats it

    Posted by irishprincess at Thursday, August 31 2006 05:04 PM

    Worse than a B-horror movie! Come on - we get the picture - there's a slasher. Hopefully it will all be over tomorrow and we get the identity and the show can move on. The acting today was AWFUL!

    Posted by Noelle at Thursday, August 31 2006 05:42 PM

    I started watching this show since I was like 13 years old and I have always loved it. The story is great and the characers are awesome. And this whole slasher thing was pretty good too at first but now it is just getting old. We all know that Maddie is NOT the killer, and it is going to be someone that we don't expect. Thats the way it always works. So I think that it's time to reveal the slasher before the whole cast gets murdered off.

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