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Vienna Proposes Marriage

Monday, April 02 2007
Vienna pops the "big question," Katie invites Jack for coffee, and Meg catches Faith purging.

After wrapping up another show at WOAK, Jack thanks Katie again for cheering up Sage. Brad approaches and he and Jack argue, but Katie steps in to break them up. Brad leaves, and Katie invites Jack out for coffee later.

Henry and Vienna finish making love in his room. While Henry showers her with kisses, she shocks him with a marriage proposal! They discuss it for a while, and eventually he agrees to marry her. An excited Vienna recommends they head out to tell everyone the good news.

Back at WOAK, Henry arrives and lets Katie know he and Vienna are going to "tie the knot." "Like hell you are," she responds...

At Al's, Faith orders a large breakfast, and Meg asks her if she's okay. She assures Meg she's fine, but Meg lets her know if she ever needs to talk, she'll listen. Meanwhile, Parker comes in with his friends, and Paul enters right after them. Parker introduces Paul to his friends -- Ross and Matt.

On Faith's way out, she stops and congratulates Parker on winning his hockey game. Parker thanks her then glances in her bag and jokes about the amount of pancakes she ordered. She snaps at him and tells him to mind his own business.

Later, Outside Al's, Meg discovers Faith throwing up, and Faith asks Meg not to tell Lily.

Craig arrives at the Snyder Farm. "What the hell do you want?" Lily asks. "I'm here to make the best proposition you've heard in years," he answers. He continues by asking her stay with WorldWide. She refuses and blames him for all her problems, because he encouraged her to take the diet pills. He tells her if she's having problem with the pills, he knows some excellent doctors that would help her. She denies having a problem, and then confronts him about taking the company away from Lucinda. Once she's done shouting at him, she shows him the door.

After Craig leaves, an upset Lily grabs the diet pills, but instead of taking them, she shoves them back into her purse and yells for Natalie. Once Natalie comes down, Lily asks her where Faith is, but Natalie tells her she doesn't know. At that moment, Meg comes in with Faith. Meg apologizes to Faith, but says she has to tell her mom what she saw. After Meg reveals the bad news to Lily, Lily lets Meg know that Faith is bulimic and Craig destroyed her family. Paul arrives and eavesdrops before entering. Moments later, Paul enters and Meg leaves with him.

Katie and Henry chat about Henry's upcoming marriage to Vienna at Al's. Katie tries to talk him out of marrying Vienna. Henry gets upset and tells her he thought she was his friend, and then he leaves.

Later, an angry Meg enters WorldWide and blasts Craig for playing Lily and everyone else! Craig harks back that all of this was her fault. She demands an explanation just as Paul barges in. Before she leaves, she continues to demand that Craig explain what he meant. He responds, "I just asked myself why would I give up this beautiful penthouse, office and corporate jet just to twist myself into something I'm not." "I'm a business man, Meg, so why don't you and Nosetradamus go out and have a lovely life together. I have a business to run," he continues. Meg storms out of Craig's office and Paul follows. Once outside the office, Meg declares to Paul that Craig won't get away with what he has done this time!

Back at WOAK, Jack approaches Brad and asks where Katie is. He lets him know she went somewhere with Henry. Soon after, Vienna arrives and announces that she and Henry are engaged. After she breaks the news, Henry arrives. Brad congratulates him. After Henry walks off, Brad tells Vienna it's customary to kiss the bride and plants a wet one on Vienna. While kissing Vienna, Henry comes back. He gives Brad a look to kill then takes his soon-to-be bride and leaves.

Jack shows up at Al's to find Katie crying. After he takes a seat, she expresses her feelings about Henry. Jack suggests they stop talking about their exes and focus on what's wonderful in their lives. She agrees, thanks him for his help, and then kisses him goodbye.

Back at the Snyder Farm, Lily decides to take "just one" pill and Faith watches from behind. When Lily notices Faith, she hugs her daughter and tells her that the both of them are going to stop keeping secrets.

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