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    Friday, September 17 2010
    Bob's last day at Memorial, Tom and Margo trade spaces with Chris and Katie, Lucinda and John decide to have a future together and everyone lives a normal life.

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    Posted by Subedo at Sunday, September 19 2010 09:57 AM

    ya, Dusty was my heart throb. Holden never did anything for me. I was also very partial to the original Tom. Remember the Peggy days!? wow. that was a long time ago.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Sunday, September 19 2010 10:05 AM

    This was a great show. The storylines were wrapped up nicely. I cried when I realized the show was over. I will miss As The World Turns like crazy. Good night (ATWT) and Good luck (cast, crew, writers). It's been a great ride. I'm sorry its over.

    Posted by Re-Write at Sunday, September 19 2010 06:45 PM

    Let's all e-mail soapnet and ask them to carry ATWT. They could start all the way back, and we would have years of it!
    (just an idea!)

    Posted by Iluvdaytimetoo at Monday, September 20 2010 02:51 AM

    I just want to comment, I truly loved the Luke/Reid storyline. The gave time to develop it, and it was so believable, and the best ANY show has attempted. Even though they didn't push Noah back in after the accident, I just didn't think Luke grieved much, but of course there wasn't
    time! I have watched ATWT's since I was a little girl also, and will miss it soo much. To put another game show on, not going to do it.

    Posted by Judipur at Monday, September 20 2010 08:15 AM

    I already miss this soap and it's going to be hard knowing I won't ever be able to watch it again. I will not ever tune into cbs from the 2pm timeslot to the 4pm timeslot. Les Moonvies can take that 2 hour timeslot and shove it where the sun don't shine. Hope he enjoys watching his wifey every day because I have a feeling that he'll probably be the only one watching her. Shame on you Les Moonvies shame on you!!!!

    Posted by BOYDS BEAR GIRL at Monday, September 20 2010 08:18 AM

    Will miss you greatly A T W T. I looked up to see what was on in its place and none other than another STUPID game show, the Price Is Right. Just what the viewers need. I for one will not be watching it and I hope they get low ratings. You took away a long running soap that dealt with reality for the most part and put on a show that can make a fool out of yourself just to win some money. Plus, another STUPID game show, Let's Make A Deal, took Guilding Light's spot. Like, we want to watch people dress up and make a fool out of themselves just to win some money. Need I say more? Game shows are taking over day time.

    Posted by nonniepat at Monday, September 20 2010 08:42 AM

    I thought it perfectly fitting that just as Nancy started the first show Bob, her son, should close the last show. I loved the way he told the story of life in Oakdale and the globe spinning at the end was just the added touch it needed to say farewell and goodnight.

    I cried through the whole show and was still crying after it was over. I was thinking about my beloved grandmother throughout the show wondering what she would think if she were still in this world of not only the World Stopping but the way they closed the show.

    I am thoroughly disappointed and sickened at CBS for doing this to the best SOAP in Day Time Television. I don't normally wish people or networks ill but in this case I hope that CBS goes bankrupt from putting stupid shows on like a game show or a talk show or a stupid "reality" show. I know I for one am sick of the way television is going these days and when they take off "Good Drama" for smut or reality tv or garbage like talk show/game show they have absolutely no idea what people really "want" to see.

    People, I'm speaking mostly of myself, want escapism in television not reality bites tv, or everybody's else's views and/or dirty laundry tv, or boring game show's - we want fantasy lives and fictional towns with great characters telling stories just slightly above what normal life is really about but believeable and present good drama and love stories that make us want to live in the fictional town, with the fantasy life and know each and every character in the town.

    So THANK YOU AS THE WORLD TURNS for giving us (some of us like my grandmother) 54 years of GREAT TV, GREAT DRAMA, A Wonderful Fictional Town of Oakdale, a wonderful FANTASY LIFE to escape to wonderful Characters through the decades portrayed by fantastic Actors and Actresses.


    Thank you Dr. Bob for a Day in the life of Oakdale. It was perfect.

    Posted by Melinda2009 at Monday, September 20 2010 08:55 AM

    I weeped through the whole show... I was so sad to see the show end. I have watched it faithfully for the past 11 years since AW was cancelled too, after I had watched it faithfully for almost thirty years...I have started watching other soaps to compensate for my loss, but none of them will ever be able to replace the characters I grew to love over the past 11 years.... and since CBS has cancelled both Guiding Light in the past two years, I am now boycotting the network... and I HATE Days of Our Lives. I used to watch it at one time, but nothing ever changed, and storylines were always the same old thing and dragged on and on i finally said enough and never looked back...but I LOVED ATWT and even watched Guiding Light quite a bit, so that network, is no longer welcome in my home....ever!!

    Posted by missguidinglight at Monday, September 20 2010 09:07 AM

    goodnight... and HEA

    Posted by SydneyGirl at Monday, September 20 2010 10:42 AM

    What a nice ending! Everyone is happy! I wish Guiding Lights ending was as nice as this one!!! Goodnight All..

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