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    Friday, September 17 2010
    Bob's last day at Memorial, Tom and Margo trade spaces with Chris and Katie, Lucinda and John decide to have a future together and everyone lives a normal life.

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    Posted by bikette at Friday, September 17 2010 08:54 PM

    I have watch ATWT for over 40 yr.s. I lost a good friend today and will miss it dearly. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives on the ATWT. Good Night.

    Posted by LISSA4U95 at Friday, September 17 2010 08:57 PM

    I am new to posting on here but I felt the end of ATWT called for it. I have watched this show for 25 years. It has helped me through my teenage years and then on into adult hood. What I can say is that this how has absolutly been an important part of my life and I feel like a part of me will be missing now that it is gone! I am upset that Martha Bryne could not reprise her role as Lily for the finality. One of the corner stones of this show was Lily and Holden and that was alway John Hensley and Martha Bryne. They are right there with Carly and Jack. I remember Holden and Lily in Wyoming and Holden riding back on his motorcycle when Lily was acused of murder. I remember when Jack and Carly met. I remeber Duncan and Shannon and the Castle. I remember when Lily found out Iva was her mother. I remember when Hal and Barbra got married and when Hal followed Margo to Greece and found out Adam was his son. I was so proud of ATWT when they were making a some back with teh James Stenbeck story and the spa! That was great! I remember Andy and Paul growing up together and fighting the deamons that their fathers had left them. I remember Sabrina and Frannie and when they were fighting over Seth! I remember when Hank admitted he was gay. God this show was AMAZING! I am in shock that it is going off the air and we will never see these people we have grown to love. I am mad at CBS for taking away something that tpeople have loved for so many years just so they can meet their bottom $!!! Bob, Kim, Margo, Tom, Katie, Holden, Lily, Carly, Jack and so many others will truly be missed and this how will live on so many peoples memories! Goodnight ATWT and I will NEVER forget you!

    Posted by JWB- at Friday, September 17 2010 09:35 PM

    So sad to see this wonderful show leave the air. Shame on who ever is responsible for this.

    Thank you to the all of the creative people who participated in the creation and presentation of As the World Turns. Fifty four years is an amazing run for a television story. I wish it could have lasted fifty four more years.

    As this point in time I see no reason to watch CBS anymore.

    Posted by LISSA4U95 at Friday, September 17 2010 10:00 PM

    seriousley it seems like a dream! NO MORE atwt? What about Lily and Holden and Lisa or Susan, Carly or Jack, Katie, Henry, Barbara, Luke? I remember Susan and Larry and how Allison was conceived. Or what abou t Andy's alcoholism? Great storylines! I remememer Tonio and Meg and that whole storyline....that was entertainement! When Holden found out that Abegail was his daughter. When Jake and Molly got togther after AW ended. Emma and Cal and Ellie and Kirk. Gosh I have so many memories! Any one else share these?

    Posted by soli88 at Friday, September 17 2010 11:06 PM

    It was sad to see this show go after so many years. Over the past couple of years it was getting really good again. The episode before the series finale made me cry tears of joy when the baby turned out to be Dustin's and not Jack. that touched my heart because Dusti now has a son of his own(something he deserves). I knew Jack and Carly would end up together. Even though I watched the show off and on over the past 15 years I still feel like it should'nt have ended. Now something is missing. I wonder what soap will be next? We will always remember our favorite storylines from this show. I know I will. Good Night, As The World Turns. I will never forget you.

    Posted by keep high hopes at Saturday, September 18 2010 01:27 AM

    Wow I cried like a baby at the end Bob spinning the globe and dimming the lights. I liked how that was the last few moments of the last episode and how Bob started the episode and narrated it. My grandma and mom watch soaps i used to watch with them all the time. I have watched atwt and guiding light since I was about 4-5 I'm 22 now both shows will be greatly missed. I can't believe such a great soap could go off the air atwt was the longest running soap. And this wasn't your normal tv show different things happened everyday no reruns that's why we all cried cuz we grew up with these people. I heard Maura west was gonna be on y&r Carly has always been my favorite but I don't think I can watch y&r cuz its not Carly and it wouldn't be the same. Its kinda funny that watching atwt everyday my fiance would harp on me about it.... he watched the last five minutes and he even teared up. goodnight oakdale and Springfield I will never forget truly were my second hometowns! Goodnight and God bless all posters!

    Posted by Soapcial Butterfly at Saturday, September 18 2010 05:56 AM

    Nice run ATWT!!! I've been watching, off & on, since the late 80's. I was actually crying as I watched the final episode.

    I remember Betsy & Steve. That was the first time I saw Meg Ryan act. I think she is one of the greatest actresses and my favorite! I especially love the scenes where Steve got Betsy away from Craig.

    There were so many storylines that I remember and loved. I'm truly going to miss this soap. It's the end of a era and the beginning of a new one.

    Thanks and "goodnight" ATWT fans....

    Posted by KatStevens at Saturday, September 18 2010 06:00 AM

    I liked that Bob guided us through the final episode & spoke the final 'Good night", since Nancy wasn't available. It would have been a nice touch to have run credits for the cast one last time (or to have included all the actors over the years; but that would have cut the time for the actual show considerably!). It seemed so strange not to see next weeks previews at the end, & it's going to be very strange not to tune in/record a new episode Mon. At least they didn't include a preview of the show coming into the time slot of ATWT (actually, I haven't seen anything about it; & won't be watching)! I haven't posted on the board much, but enjoyed reading the comments. The alternative Luke & Reid ending is a gem, IMO! In my mind, I have a few other alternate endings & continuations! Thanks to ATWT & a wonderful cast for all the decades of enjoyment. Best wishes to all the members of the ATWT viewing family!

    Posted by Barb G at Saturday, September 18 2010 06:05 AM

    I have read each and every one of your posts here on this last day that we'll get to open our doors and our hearts to our beloved friends in Oakdale and say "welcome...come on in" is beyond sad. Reading all of your comments brought back so many memories of these past years. Such happy memories they are and always will be. Forget the bad ones, as if they were a really bad dream, and remember all of the good ones...there are so many of them!

    And you know what? I now feel a sense of peace! I don't feel like crying anymore. I feel like celebrating!!! I've had these amazing friends from a town called Oakdale in my life for so many years. And, yes, I'd love for them to not have to leave for at least another 54 wonderful years. But after watching the last show yesterday I realized that I had been given the most amazing gift...the gift of my own imagination of how my friends' lives in Oakdale will continue on, long after Bob dimmed his office lights.

    And it will go on, in all of our hearts and minds, if you let it. For this gift wasn't given just to's for all of us!!! Now the telling of the story of our friends lives in Oakdale has been passed to each of us to continue on for as long as each of our worlds turn. No, we won't get to see them anymore on our TV's, but they'll always be there, especially when we need them most, in our hearts and minds.

    What a beautiful, final gift we have all be given! Celebrate the memories of the past and start your own new memories for the future...their futures. For as long as we remember and keep them all safe and protected in our hearts, they'll always be just a moment our mind's eye and, of course, in our hearts forever. Like Kim said, let's not say "good-bye"...let's just say "until we meet again"... in a place we call Oakdale.........

    On a final note...Cards, North, Earthmom and all have already started your own happily ever afters for our friends in Oakdale...keep going! There are many, many more chapters to be long as we still have our imaginations to help us carry where we want our friends lives to a place called Oakdale...

    May everyone who posts here have their happily ever afters. I'll miss you, my friends...Good night.........

    Posted by Soapcial Butterfly at Saturday, September 18 2010 06:16 AM

    I forgot, my favorite characters were Henry, Katie, Simon, Molly, Carly and Paul.

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