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    Friday, September 17 2010
    Bob's last day at Memorial, Tom and Margo trade spaces with Chris and Katie, Lucinda and John decide to have a future together and everyone lives a normal life.

    It's early morning and Bob walks the halls of Memorial, listening to the machines humming. He walks into his office and thinks about how this quiet will end as the day dawns and the lives of the people of Oakdale begin to swarm through the place. He thinks about how he has taken care of many of the town's residents since they were children and then taken care of their children. It's now time for him to walk away. Kim comes in and reminds him he's supposed to be packing. He finds it impossible to believe that he is retiring today.

    At Dusty's, he and Janet change the baby and talk about how much they love each other.

    Jack and Carly wake up in bed together. Sage calls up to them. They go downstairs and discuss Carly's morning sickness. She asks him to fix her car and then realizes that they've become a normal couple with normal problems. She worries they will become boring. Janet and Dusty show up. Dusty introduces them to baby Lorenzo and Janet asks Jack to be his godfather. Jack would be honored. Carly breaks her pregnancy news.

    Ali drops by Tom and Margo's and goes up to see Casey. She wakes him. They gather their bags as their families arrive. Everyone joins to say goodbye to the couple. Tom tells Casey that he has changed his life forever and he's always been proud of him. Casey thanks his mom for believing in him. There are plenty of hugs and then the young couple drives off to Carbondale. Tom tells Margo this is a brand new start for them. She feels like she's been punched in the gut. He reminds her that they promised to spend more time together. Margo feels like her life is empty now.

    Henry and Barbara romp around their bedroom. After sex, they get dressed and then make out some more. They get ready to go to Fairwinds and he worries that Paul will be upset about their choices. She's still sure about what she wants.

    At Fairwinds, Emily wakes Paul up as Eliza putters around. She wonders if he is serious about walking away from BRO. He is. As they make out, Barbara and Henry arrive. She informs her son that she is dissolving their partnership. He understands. Emily is impressed that Barbara is walking away from her son. The four of them toast to getting what they want. After Barbara and Henry leave, Paul asks Em if she will love him regardless of his mother always being around. She still will.

    At Henry's, he tells Barbara that he's buying Metro back. She looks forward to them having a club. They put on some disco and dance.

    At her place, Chris and Katie flirt and he reminds her that he promised to marry her and he wants her to hold him to it. Getting on his knee, he proposes, promising to love and care for her for as long as possible. Crying, she agrees to marry him and they kiss. He thinks they should move out of Brad's shadow. Tom and Margo show up. Margo weeps about her child leaving so Katie tells her about the engagement. That perks Margo up. After she and Tom leave, Luke stops by and tells Chris that it's likely he'll be named new chief of staff at memorial. Chris isn't sure he wants that anymore. Katie gives Luke Reid's stethoscope. He uses it to listen to Reid's heart in Chris' chest and smiles.

    Katie and Chris go to Tom and Margo's and wonder if they could be happy living there.

    Tom and Margo settle in at Katie's and redecorate. They toast to a new beginning. He tells her they can make love in any room they want and go at it.

    John returns to the Lakeview after his trip to Amsterdam. Lisa wonders who he brought back with him. She's not thrilled when Lucinda walks in. "How you like them strudels," John says to Lisa. They laugh and walk off.

    Lucinda and John go to see Lily. Lucinda tells her daughter that she can have the company because she's going to spend the rest of her life having a good time with John. "You're off the hook," she says. She and John leave. Lily and Holden don't know if that was real. She worries about her mom getting involved with John again. He's sure that as long as they love each other, it will be enough. She walks him to the door. "I..." she starts. "I know," he says.

    Carly and Jack put Sage to sleep and then slip into bed.

    At the Lakeview, John and Lucinda run into Lisa and joke around. After she leaves, Bob tells Lucinda that they make a pact to have fun discovering what the future holds. They get in the elevator and make out.

    Susan goes to see Bob in his office and complains about having to work with John again. Kim comes in so Susan makes herself scarce, wishing them well on her way out. Bob didn't know how hard it would be to say goodbye. She says it's just goodnight and time to have fun. When she leaves him alone, he packs his desk. He shuts the light out, says 'goodnight' and leaves. The globe lights up and spins.

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    Posted by miss terri at Friday, September 17 2010 02:31 PM

    I was misty eyed for most of it. Just to look at the people I will no longer be seeing. But I must say that was a wonderful last day of our soap. They did good with that. It was nice to learn that P&G did try to keep it on. I will miss ATWT so very much and this wonderful website.

    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, September 17 2010 02:35 PM

    What a magnificent show. Very well done. I thought my heart would break when Luke listened to Reid's heart beating in Chris's chest...but, when Bob walked out of his office...and the lovely globe on his desk...faded to black...I thought I would never stop crying.

    Thanks for the wonderful ride. It's been fabulous.

    Posted by kcits at Friday, September 17 2010 02:37 PM

    Nice episode, but I would have loved to have seen Lisa meeting a new man.

    Posted by Kris8888 at Friday, September 17 2010 02:38 PM

    I am so pissed that cbs had to take another good story to put The prices is right on. Come on!!! This story is more like family to us. I am going to miss all the people on here!! My boys even loved to watch this with us. My husband it was like family time at 2 oclock. I want to wish everyone, best wishes and I just hope another station will pick this up. I wish miss seeing Jack and Carly hell them all. All the story line. I am so happy that Jack and Carly made t back to each other, Janet and Dustin and their beautiful baby. I am just going to miss them all!!! Everyone from ATWT, take care and know you all will be sadly missed!!!!! Love you all like you were a part of our family!

    Posted by Sexylad at Friday, September 17 2010 02:39 PM


    Posted by adriana8900 at Friday, September 17 2010 02:39 PM

    goodbye atwt goodbye dusty and janet aww

    Posted by KaiBo at Friday, September 17 2010 02:40 PM

    Goodnight ATWT, it was a great show today. Luke listening to Reid's heart was heartbreaking. I will miss this show. I'm very sad but so glad I found my way back to the people of oakdale before the light went out.
    Goodnight and thanks for the memories

    Posted by Dollface07 at Friday, September 17 2010 02:40 PM

    I'm really going to miss ATWT. It was an amazing show. I wish it didn't have to end. The end made me cry when Bod left the office and said good night.


    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, September 17 2010 02:51 PM

    Goodbye ATWT. Sure wish James Steinbeck could have come back, or Mick but hey.
    I wish the Reid thing was done differently but I do like Dusty and Janet, Jack & Carly are ending up like they did.

    Fare thee well.

    Posted by cards1 at Friday, September 17 2010 02:56 PM

    I am sad I feel kind of stupid for being this sad over a soap I cried through most of the episode, it got really bad when Luke was listening to Reid's heart. atleast they did show Lisa, Susan, Barbara, Kim, Bob, Tom,Margo,Paul Emily and their families one last time. I am glad and thank Larry Bryggman for coming back and reprising his role as John Dixon for the end of the show I do think that added something. I have watched this show for more than 40 years, like some of you probably, and I guess that is why I am so sad if you watch a show for 40 years 5 days a week thats alot of time if you stop and think about it. I have enjoyed posting on here, my best to all. Barb G. and north of the border hope you both live HEA! lol (happily ever after) Good night. but I might check back in later. CBS I will not watch whatever you put on in place of ATWT's, just like I have not watched one episode of Let's make a da*n deal! Thank you to the cast of ATWT's I will miss you.

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