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    Baby News.

    Thursday, September 16 2010
    The baby is born, a DNA test reveals the true father, Lucinda tries to heal things with Lily and Jack gets news.

    Carly and Jack slip outside of the cabin as she freaks out about Janet giving birth inside. They return and Jack tells Dusty he'll have to deliver the baby. The newlyweds step aside and Dusty starts helping the baby out. Once the baby is born, he cries and Janet marvels at how good looking he is. Carly takes Dusty aside and asks him if this is hard for his since the baby is Jack's.

    Lucinda joins Luke at Java and tells him that she would like to honor Reid in some way. He says that she can start an endowment in his name. They begin discussing Lucinda's latest flawed behavior. He advises her to make things right with her daughter. She doubts that would work but he orders her to go and do it. As she leaves, Noah comes over. Luke tells him how brave and good Reid was. They talk about all the good he did. Noah's impressed by how focused he is. He explains that he wants to stick around to help him out but Luke won't allow that.

    Holden walks Lily home. He hates that things are no longer simple between them after the history they share. They talk about Molly and reminisce about stables until John rushes over and asks Lily if she will forget her mother. "Forget it," she snaps. John tries to talk her around but then gets called off to work. Holden tells Lily to stick to her guns. They discuss how her mother always butts into her life. She feels like she always caves to her. She asks him to hold her hand when she goes head to head with her mom.

    Janet, Carly Dusty and Jack arrive at the hospital. Janet is taken away to be examined a nurse recommends Dusty be seen about his ribs. He refuses. As he walks down the hall, he runs into John. He explains that he ran a DNA test and discovered that Jack is not the father.

    Carly walks down the hall and get nauseous. Jack finds her and she tells him he should be with Janet. He thinks she has enough people around her right now. As they turn the corner, they find John telling Dusty that he is actually the father. John and Dusty start to laugh excitedly. Jack walks over and looks at the test. Slightly dejected, he says this is probably best for the baby. Dusty goes off to tell Janet. John tells Carly she ended up with the right guy and walks off. Carly worries about Jack but he ushers her off to see a doctor.

    Liberty runs into Jack in the corridor and tells him how sorry she is about how things turned out. He thinks everything has turned out for the best actually.

    Dusty goes into Janet's room and tells her the baby is theirs. She cries and they tell each other how much they love each other. Liberty brings Jack in. She and Dusty leave. Janet tells Jack she's sorry. He says that she can always count on him. "Thank you for loving me," she sobs. They tell each other that they deserve the best. The nurse comes in and kicks Jack out. After she feeds the baby, the family files in. Liberty says goodbye to her mom so she can go and catch her plane. Dusty wonders where they are going to live. Janet sobs about how all her dreams have come true. Liberty says her goodbye and goes. Dusty and Janet sit with the baby.

    Lucinda runs into John at the Lakeview ordering champagne. He tells her that he's a grandfather. He says that he begged Lily to show her some clemency and then asks her to leave town with him and move to Amsterdam. She gets a call from Lily inviting her over and runs off.

    Noah and Luke go to WOAK. Luke gives him a new camera. Noah says it's too much but Luke believes in him and wants him to have a career in LA. Noah tells him he'll have to come and visit. They remember that this is the first place they met and kissed. Noah understands that Luke needs to honor Reid's memory and grieve. He'll be waiting for him if he ever decides to get on a plane and come to him. They kiss and Noah walks away.

    Carly walks up to Jack in the hospital waiting room and asks him to sit down. She tells him that she's pregnant.

    Lucinda walks into Lily's as she's about to kiss Holden. She smugly declares that she was right about them all along. Lily explains that she isn't willing to forgive and forget the hurt she has caused her. Lucinda is sorry. Lily wants a time out so they can think about their relationship. Maybe some day she'll give her another chance... After Lucinda walks out, Holden holds Lily's hand. She thanks him and they smell the burning leaves. They remember when he was just a stable boy and kiss.

    Lucinda returns to the Lakeview and agrees to run off to Amsterdam with John.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Jack is asked to be the baby's godfather.

    John Dixon answers Lily's prayers.

    Bob retires.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Thursday, September 16 2010 12:14 PM

    carly is pregnant. That was quite predictable. I have also always known that Dusty was the baby's father. Everything is being rapped up nice and pretty, huh?
    Liberty should have gone away months ago, she annoys me so much.

    Posted by Shortmetal at Thursday, September 16 2010 12:28 PM

    jack must feel like the entire weight of the universe has be lifted of his shoulder and given it to Dusty

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Thursday, September 16 2010 01:07 PM

    This was a good episode. I am glad Luke did not run back to Noah. I wish he had a happy ending with Reid. Luke's final scene is listing to Reia's heart in Chris's chest using Reid's stethoscope.

    As much as I hate that Reid was killed off, I am going to miss the show. I have watched this show off and on since the 1980's. I am sorry to see it go off the air. The last thing we need is another is another talk show.

    I am going to hold on to the ending north of the boarder and the other's have posted. Luke waking up and finding his beloved Reid in the shower, alive and well.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Thursday, September 16 2010 01:14 PM

    JOHN TO THE RESCUE----too bad they didn't bring him back sooner to straighten everyone out. Thought that Jack looked kinda sad & relived when he found out that Dusty was the baby's father.
    Would have been an excellent show if they would have left out----maybe I shouldn't say it, but what the heck the show is over with---the gay s/l. But thank goodness for the fast foward button (AND NO I DIDN'T GET A CRAMP IN MY FINGER)!!
    I will miss this show as I have watched it since it started in 1956. I just won't miss some of the s/l that they ruined a good show with.
    Hope that CBS is happy with what they have done to the faithful viewers of this show. I personally think that it won't be long before they do they same thing with Y&R. All I can say about CBS is that I hope they enjoy all the big bucks that they think they are going to make by doing what they have done. I HOPE THEY FALL FLAT ON THEIR FACES!!! I for one will be thru with CBS!!!

    Posted by Barb G at Thursday, September 16 2010 01:25 PM

    Just one more day left to spend with our friends in Oakdale...what a sad day it will be...

    I'll miss you all almost as much as ATWT. It's been a pleasure reading all of your comments about our beloved show (well...most of the comments). I'll choose to forget about the not so nice's too short and love makes the world go round!

    Take care all...I'll miss I will miss my Oakdale friends...

    So...Luke wakes up and his true love Reid is in the shower...and they lived happily ever after.........

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, September 16 2010 01:43 PM

    I'm glad Jack stepped aside and let Dusty deliver his son. Thank God the writers relented and cleaned up this mess. I've always believed that Dusty was the father and not Jack. Now Jack can get out of the way and be happy with his pregnant wife, Carly. Everyone wins in this scenario. Hallejuah!! Man, John Dixon has been very busy in the short time he's back. Now he's leaving with Lucinda. (Kudos for Elizabeth Hubbard getting him to return). Lily is doing the right thing with Lucinda. Treat her with a long handle spoon; don't let her get close anytime soon. Liberty is finally leaving; good riddance. Good riddance to Noah. He's a big jerk. Luke is better off without him. I hope someday Luke meets another guy, falls in love and is able to be happy. I like they way the writers wrapped up storylines today. I wish they had gotten it together a year ago. Maybe ATWT wouldn't have been cancelled. But maybe that's wishful thinking. It's all about ratings, cutting costs, saving money, putting out a cheap product. In the next few years, I expect other soaps to be cancelled too. The writers and producers are sabatoging the other soaps especially Y & R, B&B, AMC, OLTL. Keep up the good work, you'll be cancelled right along with ATWT. That's my rant for now. I'm looking foward to watching this episode later. Good job, writers. Great show.

    Posted by lona at Thursday, September 16 2010 02:28 PM

    I have watched this show for 40 years. I am so sad this is ending. My mother was Polish and would talk back to the TV. It was so funny. But my best memories of my mom were when I was a teen and sat on the couch next to her and had her explain what I had missed on the soaps. Then when they did something sexy or bad my mother would call them bad words in Polish so I would not understand. I understood!!

    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, September 16 2010 02:58 PM

    Well I ws right about Carly. I really am not in the mood to see anything about Katie and Chris tomorrow. I just hope the whole show doesn't revolve around them. I would like to see a little bit of everyone.

    I can't stop crying ....

    Posted by adriana8900 at Thursday, September 16 2010 03:32 PM

    loved dusty and janet with their son aww

    Posted by Barb G at Thursday, September 16 2010 04:06 PM

    caoline---Too bad you didn't get a cramp in your finger.

    And, as far as ruining a good show with some of the storylines, ONE particular storyline raised ATWT ratings more in nine months than any other storyline had in the last three years! And THAT storyline was Luke and Reid...yes, the gay couple that you so vehemently abhore.

    Too bad Luke and Reid's storyline just started in January. If it had started a few years ago maybe, just maybe, ATWT would still be climbing in the ratings and would still be on the air after tomorrow. If that HAD happened, you would have had a LOT of cramps in your finger!!!

    There is ONE good thing about the best soap on TV ending tomorrow...and, what the heck, since the show is over with, I feel I can say it now.....that one thing is NEVER having to endure another one of your tirades about gay people!!! Oh, actually, there are TWO good things...I don't get personally attacked by you anymore!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    So...Luke wakes up and his beloved Reid is alive and well and is in the shower, where he joins him...AMEN

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