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    This Time We Can Get It Right.

    Monday, September 13 2010
    Jack and Carly discuss marriage, Janet experiences pregnancy pains, Dusty discusses paternity with John and Faith makes a play to get Liberty out of the picture.

    Cuddling in bed, Jack tells Carly he loves her smile. She asks what else he loves and he pulls her in for a kiss.

    In Dusty's suite, Janet tells Dusty she is there to nurse him back to health. He hopes she will wear a sexy nurse's outfit and tells her to have her way with him. He pulls her into bed. Dusty wants to make out, but Janet wants him to rest. Janet is apologetic for the men in her life hurting Dusty. Dusty isn't fazed by it, but Janet all of a sudden experiences pain similar to a contraction!

    Sage has prepared a romantic breakfast for her parents. Sage wants Jack and Carly to get married again, but Parker doesn't want them to mess things up since they are getting along. Jack and Carly come downstairs to see Sage's breakfast and their wedding album. After Parker leaves, Carly notes that Sage is not very subtle. Jack thinks Sage is onto something! Carly doesn't want to get Sage's hopes up. Jack points out that they passed a test at Avalon castle and haven't been falling into their old patterns. Jack asserts he is incomplete without her. Carly agrees, but wonders how many times they have made the same speech to one another. Jack believes this time they can get it right if they quit focusing on the negative and focus on what is right about them. Carly finally says, "It's you and me forever, no matter what." Jack wants to make it official. As he gets down on one knee, his phone rings with a call from Janet. She informs him she is at the hospital because she had some pain. Carly offers to accompany Jack to the hospital.

    At the farm, Faith is surprised to learn that Liberty doesn't want to go to fashion school. Liberty doesn't want to leave her mom alone with a new baby. Parker arrives and Faith boasts that Liberty is about to ruin her life. Parker is thrilled that Liberty got into fashion school, but Liberty refuses to abandon Janet. Faith asks Parker to join her for a swim, but Parker wants to talk with Liberty alone. The pair leaves a disappointed Faith.

    At Al's, Liberty lists off the many reasons she can't go to school right now. Parker admits he has decided not to go to college. As he whispers his future into Liberty's ear, a jealous Faith looks on outside the window.

    At the hospital, John pulls Dusty in for a hug. Dusty introduces Janet to John. The pair leaves to talk to Janet's doctor. The doctor informs them that she is experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions and may have to induce labor because the baby is so big. Jack and Carly arrive to learn it was a false alarm.

    Dusty takes Janet back to the farm. She wants Dusty to get some rest. Dusty admits he's having lunch with John first and leaves. Faith enters and tells Janet that Liberty is out with Parker talking about fashion school. Faith begs Janet not to tell Liberty that she told her. Liberty and Parker return and Janet angrily asks Liberty what she thinks she is doing! Liberty is angry that Faith blabbed. Faith and Parker leave the ladies alone to talk. Janet reminds Liberty that she has tons of help and doesn't want her to sacrifice her dreams. Janet asserts Liberty has been given the gift of time and needs to make the most of it.

    Over lunch at Java, Dusty shows John the sonogram picture. Dusty thinks that because the baby is so big, Janet might be further along. John wonders if he is indulging in wishful thinking. Dusty wishes John would stay permanently, but John laughs that there is too much drama in Oakdale for him. After Dusty leaves, John swipes Dusty's coffee mug. When John returns to the hospital, he orders a paternity test!

    An angry Liberty finds Faith and Parker outside and rips into Faith for telling Janet about school. Liberty accuses Faith of wanting her to leave town so Faith can have Parker all to herself. Parker agrees with Liberty and leaves. Liberty reminds Faith that Parker hates dishonesty and she is going to wind up turning Parker off for good!

    Dusty returns to the farm and Janet tells him about Liberty not going to fashion school. As the baby kicks, Dusty reminds her they are also beginning a new life and he isn't going anywhere.

    Jack and Carly return home. Carly points out that they have the house to themselves and wants to finish their conversation. Jack worries that maybe he had no right to ask her to make plans for their future right now. Jack points out he's about to be a new father again, which will cause a lot of distractions. An angry Carly reminds him that he said they could get through anything if they focused on their love. Jack softens and thinks everything sounds better coming out of her sexy lips. Carly tells Jack she wants a commitment. She admits the new baby will be challenging, but thinks they can conquer whatever life throws at them. Jack tells Carly she is perfect and pulls her down to sit on his knee. He asks her to marry him one more time and she agrees. Sage and Parker return home and are thrilled that their parents are getting married again! Jack and Carly promise they will be together forever this time. Carly thinks they should get married tomorrow and the happy family embraces.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Janet tells Dusty she thinks she is in labor.

    Molly tells Holden and Lily that she wouldn't miss Carly's wedding for the world.

    Carly tells Jack and Rosanna that nothing is going to ruin their day.

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    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 13 2010 12:14 PM

    So sad this is the last week, enjoyed the Jack/Carly and family scenes today I used to really like them as a couple they have kind of messed up their characters lately IMO, but I am glad atleast they are ending up together. It will be strange watching Carly on Y&R in to role of Diane because she has been Carly for so long, but I like the actress and I think she will be great on there. I am also glad that Dusty will be the daddy, then Janet/Dusty can live HEA, and Carly/Jack can live HEA, and Carly won't have to put up with Janet for the rest of her life. This Liberty really get's on my nerves go to college already. To bad they didn't bring John back earlier liked his comment about walking on Have a good day to all.

    Posted by Earthmom at Monday, September 13 2010 12:19 PM

    Adriana: You will LOVE the scenes with Janet and Dusty!
    They were great.

    The whole show was really refreshing.

    At last. An episode that didn't make me want to throw myself off of the nearest bridge with grief.

    I loved John's comment, too. Really funny. I do wish he had been on for the past few months. He's a very rich character. I enjoy him.

    Soooo happy that John is doing a paternity test. Fabulous.

    Posted by fullz at Monday, September 13 2010 12:21 PM

    Here's to hoping they are bringing Molly back and she and Holden leave together. I really do not want to see Lily end up with him.

    Posted by awall at Monday, September 13 2010 12:32 PM

    So glad John is doing a paternity test and the drama with Janet in Jack and Carly life will be over. Let Dusty deal with her. Parker let Liberty continue to be just like her mother all about herself and find you someone else. Looks like a month worth of storyline closure will take place in five days. I am really going to miss this soap and it casts of characters. It has been a joy having this show be a part of my life for so long.

    Posted by stelladallas at Monday, September 13 2010 12:43 PM Dusty is John's son?? looks like it! I wonder who the mom is?? I'm going to miss this soap..can't believe it's going to end this Friday...Thank you "As The World Turns" for being a great soap! You will be miss!!!

    Posted by angellove317 at Monday, September 13 2010 12:44 PM

    Tissues Tissues:( this is going to be a very sad week....I have enjoyed watching ATWT for 30 years and was hopeing I could do it for another 30...Today's scenes were great..I cant wait to see Dustys face when he hears that the boy is his. I am so glad Jack and Carly will be able to live in happiness without Janets winey ass around..I agree with some of you they should of brought John back months ago, truthfully they should of had alot of the older cast members back maybe just maybe the show could of continued. I also will find it strange to see Carly on Y&R, so use to her with Jack..I wish all the characters the best..more tears more tears....

    Posted by padef at Monday, September 13 2010 12:48 PM

    How dumb can you get. Janet's been going to an ob/gyn for nearly 9 months, but DUSTY looks at the sonogram and figues they got the conception date wrong? Guess after all the births at which he's assisted, he's now a fully qulaified specialist. Janet and Dusty are the perfect couple - can't stand either of them. Am glad they remembered that he and John had a connection.

    It really ticks me off that the teens seem to be getting more time this week than Lisa or Susan, who've been given NO story for the end of the show, or Paul and Em who basically were given their happy ending when Meg was shipped off to D.C.

    Posted by fed up2010 at Monday, September 13 2010 01:02 PM

    padef, dusty was not going to the doctor's appts with janet jack was so this would be the first sonogram he saw.

    Posted by Earthmom at Monday, September 13 2010 01:13 PM

    Here we go again...I'm so sorry to tell those of you that watch the show in California...that you will be today...not ATWT. If you want to see will be shown at 1:37 AM tonite...well, tomorrow.


    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, September 13 2010 01:28 PM

    John is not Dusty's bio dad. Dusty is a Stenbeck but not James son it was Gunnar Stenbeck don't remember who the mother was. This happened years ago. John and his wife at the time kinda adopted Dusty. Can't remember who Duncan is maybe the man who raised him with the mother. Dusty came to Oakdale as a teenager and was involved with Lily I think before she met Holden.

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