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    That's A Damn Shame.

    Thursday, September 09 2010
    Chris learns about the heart, Lily and Holden speak to Reid's uncle and John speaks to Lucinda and Margo.

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    Posted by cards1 at Sunday, September 12 2010 11:05 AM

    sweetcaoline ok got you, no prob, what made you think I was addressing you? well any way you have something to look forward to on Y&R with the Rafe/Phillip S/L heating up. Have a nice day.

    Posted by cards1 at Sunday, September 12 2010 11:07 AM

    Sour Caroline lol, you know what they say opposites attract. sweet and sour.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Sunday, September 12 2010 06:30 PM

    Well, I will have something to look forward to-- HITTING THE FASTFORWARD BUTTON JUST AS I DID WITH THE GAY SENCES ON ATWT (AND NO I WON'T GET A CRAMP IN MY FINGER AS SOMEONE ELSE THOUGHT I WOULD). As a matter of fact I'm turning off the show altogether. That garbage is just not worth my time. And my the way (YOU DON'T KNOW SH*T) Enjoy the garbage you will be watching, sounds like that kind of thing is just right up your alley!!

    Posted by Barb G at Sunday, September 12 2010 08:22 PM

    Cards1: "(AND NO I WON'T GET A CRAMP IN MY FINGER AS SOMEONE ELSE THOUGHT I WOULD)." Sorry, Cards1... that "SOMEONE ELSE" is me, not you. I don't want you taking the heat for something that I said MONTHS ago. Yep, I said it.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 13 2010 05:43 AM

    sweetcaoline calm down, no offense intended. I really meant have a nice day. How do you know what I know if you were referring to me? No sense in cussing a fellow poster out, now that's not very godly is it? I am willing to call a truce. I'm just that kind of person live and let live. Be happy.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 13 2010 05:53 AM

    Barb G, north of the border I am really going to miss posting with you, and others. Sad to see all the soaps going off the air, my mother has been gone for more then 30 years now and we used to watch ATWT's and GL together. I just never could get into the other networks soaps. Now there will only be 2 left on CBS and the way B&B is going right now I don't know how it can stay on and these other 2 shows have been canceled I don't know what is taking ATWT's place but I won't watch it, I haven't watched LMAD since it took GL's place. I can't believe any thing they would replace it with would actually draw better ratings then shows that people have watched for decades.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 13 2010 12:13 PM

    So sad this is the last week, enjoyed the Jack/Carly and family scenes today I used to really like them as a couple they have kind of messed up their characters lately IMO, but I am glad atleast they are ending up together. It will be strange watching Carly on Y&R in to role of Diane because she has been Carly for so long, but I like the actress and I think she will be great on there. I am also glad that Dusty will be the daddy, then Janet/Dusty can live HEA, and Carly/Jack can live HEA, and Carly won't have to put up with Janet for the rest of her life. This Liberty really get's on my nerves go to college already. To bad they didn't bring John back earlier liked his comment about walking on Have a good day to all.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, September 13 2010 12:15 PM

    oops wrong update.

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