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    Where Is That Jerk?

    Wednesday, September 08 2010
    Chris wakes up, Lucinda tells John about her problems and Holden and Lily search for Reid's family.

    Holden drops by Lily's and she tells him about Chris' heart disease and how Reid donated his heart to him. She talks about how crazy her son was for Reid and how her heart breaks for him. Holden thinks that they should probably give their son some room right now. Lucinda shows up and yells through the door. Holden lets her in and she tells them how much her heart is bleeding for Luke. Lily wants her to go but Lucinda thinks Luke needs them all right now. Lily shouts at her mother to go. She begs her daughter to let her help. Lily won't budge so her mom bustles out.

    Chris wakes up in his hospital room with his parents around him. John says the surgery was a success. Katie comes in. He thinks he should thank Reid for getting him the heart. "Where is that jerk?" he asks. The family and friends wander into the hall and talk about how they will keep things from Chris. Kim hugs John and thanks him. Margo tells Katie she should get some rest. Then she turns to John and they talk about him. She wonders why he never bothers getting in touch with her.

    At the hospital, Ali gets Luke some coffee and tells him that things are looking good for Chris. She suggests that he go home and rest but he's determined to stay until he knows the surgery was a success. She leaves to check for news. He sits around and she comes back to explain that Dixon is optimistic. "What happened to Reid is tragic, but at least his heart gets to live on," she says before talking about how swell Reid was. She talks about how peaceful and respectful the operation was. "It was a sacred moment," she says.

    Alison goes into Java. Noah asks her why she wasn't at his farewell dinner. She informs him that Reid is dead. He feels so bad for Luke. She tells him that he really needs him right now. He doesn't think Luke wants to see him right now but she keeps urging him to be there for his ex. Noah finds this all too weird.

    Luke goes home and tells Holden and Lily that Chris is awake. They offer their condolences. He explains what happened. They talk about how selfless Reid was. "They harvested everything. His liver, his corneas... his skin," Luke lists as he cries. The hospital calls and ask him what to do with his body. He doesn't even know if Reid had any next of kin. Lily tells him he knew him best and will know what to do. They call over the funeral director. He can't do anything without permission from a relative. They assume that he has a problem with gays and kick him out. Holden offers to take care of things.

    Margo takes Katie home and they talk about all the junk food that Reid used to eat. Katie doesn't know how to feel right now. Margo tells her she should clean up all the reminders of Reid. She doesn't want to pack him away and forget him. Margo says he will never be forgotten. They clear up his stuff and she worries that Chris could end up rejecting the heart. Margo tells her to have faith.

    John runs into Lucinda at the bar in the Lakeview. From the way she's drinking Bloody Marys, he guesses she has a problem with Lily. Sitting down, he asks her to fill him in. She vaguely explains what she did and how she turned to the mob for help. Lucinda complains about how criminals aren't what they used to be and chaos erupted. He doesn't want to leave her alone to get plastered but she doesn't want his advice. John tells her about the operation and how Reid won't save anymore lives now. He says that she sets herself up for disappointment and has no one to blame for her problems but herself.

    Luke goes back to the hospital and Bob and Kim tell him how grateful they are for what Reid did. Kim tells Luke he was really generous to sign the paperwork. Luke asks Bob if Reid ever mentioned his family. He didn't.

    Holden and Lily go to WOAK and dig through the archives to find a video of Reid as a kid at a chess championship. A reporter tells them that Reid toured around playing with his Uncle Angus. Holden thinks they should go looking for him.

    Back at the hospital, Luke goes to see Chris, who is moaning about Reid. Luke stares. Chris keeps mumbling about Reid until Luke stumbles out. He runs into a trustee who wants to talk about the new wing but Luke storms away. Katie goes in to see Chris. He asks her whose heart he has.

    Holden and Lily go to Brooklyn to find Angus. He doesn't answer his door. They ask a neighbor where he could be. They go to the park and find Angus playing chess. He tells them to get lost when they bring up his nephew.

    Noah approaches Luke by the water.

    John goes to Worlwide and walks into Lucinda's office as she makes a call to Dusty, telling him they need to plan another attack on Lily. John starts lecturing her and telling her she's her own worst enemy. He's determined to talk some sense into her.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Holden and Lily tell Angus about his nephew.

    Noah offers to stick around and help Luke.

    Katie tells Chris about the heart.

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    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, September 08 2010 12:11 PM


    According to an interview with Van Hansis in the new issue of Soap Opera Weekley, Luke will tell Noah to leave for California alone. He will always care about him but their relationship is over. Luke will be left alone.

    Reid is dead. Noah leaves for California alone. Luke is left in Oakdale alone. No Happy Endings for these three. Is this not Biased and Bigoted or what?!!!

    Posted by Str8tButEqual at Wednesday, September 08 2010 12:11 PM

    I agree with some of the posters that the writers knew well in advance that the show was cancelled why are they suddenly cramming all this stuff in willy nilly. As touching as this moment is with Luke and Reid I do think this whole mess could have been avoided and already wrapped up by now. Reid still could have been the hero and gotten the heart that was intended for Chris and be happy with Luke. I will never acknowledge that Luke and Noah got back together I’ve always felt that Noah was emotionally abusive to Luke. There could have been more devotion spent during these last few weeks highlighting more of the older cast members who have been on the show longer and made the show what it is but not with an impending tragedy. I think the writers are thinking in terms of trying to get an Emmy than everyone have a happy ending.
    As to my comment yesterday, yes, perhaps IGNORANT was the wrong word to use, I have others but I will leave them unspoken here. I get angry so very angry with how people treat other people because they’re different old/young, black/white, ugly/beautiful, fat/skinny, gay/straight, foreigner/local and the list goes on. I see & hear the various derogatory names people give to others. When someone posts on Friday that they were glad that Reid died and wished Luke was with him, that statement crossed a line for me and made me question their morality. Yes, it’s only a soap but there is a bit of reality in this as well. Teenagers are committing suicide because they’re not accepted for who they are. Yes, fine have your opinion of how wrong it is of same gender LOVE. I will always find it morally wrong for people to treat others like they’re less than nothing because they’re not perfect in their eyes. I don’t see a need to continue my rant, my feelings are made, there will always be differences of opinion on this matter and the show is almost over so I will no longer discuss this issue here.
    I’m now going to the happy place in my mind and have a Dallas/Bob Newhart ending to this nightmare of a storyline.

    Posted by padef at Wednesday, September 08 2010 12:41 PM

    I have nothing against Reid, Luke or Noah because of their sexual orientation. I never cared for Luke/Noah because I found Noah boringly dull and Luke a spoiled rich kid who spent way too much time whining. I rather enjoyed Reid's snarkiness and laughed out loud when he remarked on Oakdale being a whitebread community. Because that's what the writers had made of it these last years.

    But I have absolutely hated this storyline. Not because of who died, who gets or doesn't get a happy ending, but because as Str8tButEqual says, I'd hoped the last few weeks of the show would feature the complete cast. Instead it's been two weeks without Paul and Emily, Carly and Jack, Dusty. And why did the writers not give us anything with Lisa, the first vixen of the show? Or Susan, who's pretty much been missing in action all year. Yes, we may get a few days of happiness next week, but for me, these last two weeks of "drama" have left a terrible taste in my mouth.

    Posted by angellove317 at Wednesday, September 08 2010 01:16 PM

    Sorry have been a fan of ATWT for 30 years, am going to miss it...I was really hopeing with the show almost ending that the writers would have more of the olders one, you know more story lines, but oh no lets keep wasting days on Luke, Noah and Reed..Not a fan of them at all..Sorry to the ones that are, just not for me..anyway the writers have wasted another day which I didnt watch, .I really will miss this show just the writers could of done better in the end..kind of like the way Guiding Light was done...

    Posted by Warpam at Wednesday, September 08 2010 01:38 PM

    In light of Nancy's death, they should have written it so Chris recieved her heart. I know that is really far fetched given her age, but no more contrived than this...Then symbolically the "heart" of this show would go on into the future and all would get a happy send off. Chris's first words after surgery could have been "Morning dear" to Katie, just as Nancy's were to Chris when the show premiered.....Too Bad.

    Posted by Grannyhope at Wednesday, September 08 2010 01:48 PM

    Everyone should have enjoyed a perfect ending befitting a soap that has been loved for so long and by so many.

    I for one am still angry they they kind of sloughed off Nancy's death to capitalize on the lame unnecessary death of a cast member.With her death they could have been showing flash backs that eventually included all ATWT actors and been a perfect way to honor that great lady.
    The plug for Body Donors was a wonderful thing but it needed not be at Reids expense.
    It's great seeing John Dixon. I always liked him! (I do wish they had given him a better toupee.)
    I hope our daytime soap friends move onto new acting jobs and new lives.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Wednesday, September 08 2010 02:11 PM

    I don't know what the hell the writers were thinking. To me, Nancy's death was more than enough! Killing off Reid to give him Chris' heart crossed the line into excessive. I guess they wanted to toss in some reality, because everyone don't get a happy ending. I read that Luke would "grow up" after Reid's death. Wasn't Holden's presumed death enough? Wasn't Damien's evil deeds enough? Wasn't nearly getting killed by Col. Mayer,(Noah's dad), enough? Apparently, not because we have this horrible storyline. I'm glad they included Nancy's death into to show, but they should have stopped there. It would have been better to include other older actors rarely seen before the show ended. But many people had already left before the final taping. So this is what we're stuck with. I'm really looking forward to next week when they wrap up the other storylines. I will miss this show like crazy. If some media mogul or network had saved the show, we wouldn't be in this perdicament. Although I don't like some of these storylines, I still prefer ATWT to Y& R and B & B. I don't watch either of those shows. (I read recaps). When ATWT is gone, I won't be watching the other two, unless they make serious improvements in the storylines and get rid of certain actors. I know this show had low ratings. But they way the other two soaps are going, they should have been cancelled instead. They are not worth watching now.

    Posted by Redcanuck at Wednesday, September 08 2010 02:20 PM

    The show is going the way of guiding light - there is no sense to spending the last weeks and days on new characters like Reid. They ignored the existence of chris Hughes as a pivotal character until now and they cast a former villain (James rebhorn who was on years ago) as Reids long lost relative. As soon as I saw him I knew he had been on the show before not to mention being Beths rapist stepfather on GL.

    Who cares about these people when core people are ignored

    Posted by Judipur at Wednesday, September 08 2010 02:32 PM

    The writers should be ashamed of themselves for giving the fans a tragedy to end this wonderful soap. The vets should have been front and center more in the past few months instead of focusing on characters that noone cared about. Also Luke and Reid should have gotten their happy ending. ESS was the best new character to grace atwts in years. I don't think the writers gave a flying fig about the shows longtime fans or any new ones for that matter. I feel sorry for any soaps that these incompetent writers go to because it won't be long until they run them into the ground just as they did this wonderful soap. I've been a fan of atwts from the beginning and I am going to miss it terribly when it goes off the air in a coupla weeks. It's going to be like losing a part of my family. Needless to say I will NOT be watching cbs in atwts timeslot after the 17th ever again just as I turned the channel the day after GL went off the air for good.

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, September 08 2010 03:20 PM

    I agree with everybody!! Why did they have to kill off Reid? I like him better with Luke than Noah!!! Dumb! Also how crazy that Luke's parents weren't called immediately when this happened so they could of been there with him. I was hoping for better ending to this show that I have watched for 30 yrs! Going a wk before we find out about the story lines they left us hanging with!!! One wk here & one wk there is not good! Just like GL no wonder they are being canceled!!!!

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