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    I Wish It Wasn't This.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010
    Reid's final wish is to be an organ donor and Chris is operated on.

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    Posted by Re-Write at Tuesday, September 07 2010 04:26 PM

    I have never cried so hard during a soap before! I am po'd at them, they didn't have to kill off Reid.

    Posted by Judipur at Tuesday, September 07 2010 04:33 PM

    There are so many other people that should have died and their heart be given to Chris. But noooo the idiotic writers had to kill off the best new character that atwts has had in years. I could care less about Chris needing a new heart or his and Katie's so called fairy tale romance. ESS was way too good a character to have been written off the way he was. At least gl ended their long run with everyone getting their happy ending. Not so with atwts because if anyone on this show should have gotten their happy ending it should have been Luke and Reid. I felt so sorry for Luke today, If VH doesn't win an emmy next year for his performance this week it will be a travesty. In fact ESS needs to win an emmy also for best newcomer on a soap as his acting has been second to none. Rant over!

    Posted by Sour Caroline at Tuesday, September 07 2010 05:02 PM


    Honey, i know it's hard to be crazy about gays when those stupid writers don't give them the kinds of hot, steamy, sex scenes that I know you're hankering for... have faith, girlfriend... maybe Luke and Noah will get it in on next week and then you'll be REAL crazy about gays all over again.


    Honey, I don't think you're ignorant. I just think you're real sadly misguided. Who's to say who's right and who's wrong honey? You really think the Lord is busy writing scripts for ATWT? Oh baby, loosen up and let love rule.

    sweet caoline

    Honey, I know you still got your knickers in a little twist on account of Luke and Reid not doing do the deed (Oooh that rhymes somethin' fierce), but baby like I told your pal 13gloria, you just gotta have faith that the Lord's gonna send the writers some divine inspiration for some steamy sex scenes between Luke and Noah.

    Posted by angie_c_ward at Tuesday, September 07 2010 05:55 PM

    Ok...wth...what kind of ending was that? Why couldn't Chris die? I mean seriously!!!!! They were a great couple. It seems like everything that is good on this show ends and everything that's stupid they prolong it. Anyways I'm so sad right now :-(

    Posted by simscb at Tuesday, September 07 2010 06:43 PM

    I have been dreading these last few weeks of watching the show since I have been watching it for many years. I have beautiful memories of so many characters going as far back as Penny and the others in the early days of the show. Today was a sad day for me because I also cried.

    Killing off Dr.Reid was ridiculous morbidity. I felt so sorry for Luke. It is always sad to know someone is going to die.

    I have to say this because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Let's NOT bring GOD and religion into this situation. The lifestyles of people are private and just as we all must do, we have to answer to Our Maker. We are all sinners. We are not the judges of other people. That's all I am going to say on this aubject.

    In case you don't know, the show will be replaced by another Talk Show with none other than Les Moonves, the owner of CBS's wife, JULIE CHEN. I REFUSE to watch her because I cannot stand her. I watched her crucify certain people on the Early Show whom she interviewed which I thought was insulting as well as appalling.

    Posted by angellove317 at Tuesday, September 07 2010 07:14 PM

    missguidinglight, i agree with your totally 100% we do all have our own opinions, and I for one do not agree with the gay deal, when it comes on I fast forward it..can not stand to watch two guys, or two girls, just not into it and it is sad that they have put that kind of stuff on soaps, what away for society God bless America..and your not ignorant
    For ATWT I will miss it..I have watched it for over 30 years, just like is sad they are taking it off the air. I really hoped to see another channel come in and take over, but guess not..Love to see more of Jack and Carly before it goes off the air..I hope Holden and Molly get together..anyway need alot of tissues for the next few days, my son says mom are you going to have withdrawals? I said you betcha...

    Posted by angellove317 at Tuesday, September 07 2010 07:35 PM

    sour caroline it is ones like you that is helping USA be ruined...enough said

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Tuesday, September 07 2010 07:37 PM

    I haven't been watching whole episodes in two weeks. (Mostly read recaps, saw recaps on This has been very difficult for me. They sacrificed Reid to save Chris. It's a bitter pill to swallow. I didn't like Reid Oliver at first. He was an arrogant jerk. He became a better person through his relationships with Katie, Jacob, Luke, DR. Bob and Chris. He was likable and perfect for Luke. Luke and Reid are/were one of the hottest and best couples on ATWT or any other soap. Seriously. It's not just about being gay; they are human beings with hopes, fears, dreams, baggage like everyone else. They were three-dimensional people that you cared about. A lot. I wanted them to have a happy ending. Some people are uncomfortable with gay/lesbian couples. Sometimes I am too. But I feel that everyone has a right to be happy with whomever makes them happy. Live and let live. For the record, gay/lesbian hookups aren't new. They've been in existence for centuries. Most of the time, they were in the closet. (Some are still in the closet today). Since the closet door is open for many, we should try to have an open mind. Or be more tolerant. This is America, the big cultural melting pot where everyone is accepted. I wish some people would remember what America really stands for when they discriminate, hate, hurt, or kill others who are different.

    Posted by BLOOMS95355 at Wednesday, September 08 2010 02:46 AM

    I am really bummed that the show is shutting down.. as for Dr. Reed Oliver getting killed off is really upsetting too.. Luke and Reed were such a good couple.. they really clicked together and I was glad that Noah was going off and now he is prob going back to Luke..Reed was SOOOOO much better...First Reed...WHATS NEXT?!?!?

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Wednesday, September 08 2010 06:21 AM

    Does anyone else seem think that ATWT has gone into fast forward mode? The writers have known for over a year now the exact date that CBS will pull the plug. They should have been clearing up these s/l slowly & with all the emotion these actors/actresses have to give. But No they give each s/l about 15 minutes. The actors seem very stilted to me. They lines they are performing seem to be just that LINES. Everyone seems to be a bit out of character. They shouldn't have killed off Reed. It would have been wonderful & memorable to watch Reed take back the heart from the other dr., make a speedy trip back (NO TRAIN) and make a grand entrance to save Chris. Perhaps if the writers had even read a week of these comments they could of come back with a better closure for all the fans who have been around forever. Hope the trophy wife of the CBS exec. who created this debacle of cancellation gets a "0" viewer rating. Anyone know the ratings on these replacement shows? I get my CBS feed from the DC Metro area & when Guiding Light ended we had to watch the final week being aired at a very early slot so that "DR Oz" could start. Always love getting a diagnosis of serious illnesses within 15 minutes.

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