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    It's So Sad.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010
    John and Reid try to get Chris to the hospital, Noah tells Luke how he feels and Chris' family finally hear about his condition.

    John runs into Chris in Old Town and tries to usher him off to the hospital but Chris is too worried about Katie and his parents. John accuses him of being in denial and Chris nearly falls over.

    Reid strolls into Java. He notices Noah and asks him about his eyesight... and when he's leaving for LA. Noah bickers with him and Reid recommends him a doctor out west. Noah fumes and accuses him of stealing his boyfriend as Luke walks in. Noah walks away and Luke goes after him, even though Reid thinks he coddling him.

    Outside, Luke tells Noah that they deserve a nice goodbye. Noah doesn't want to stay friends. Luke is sure he will regret it if he shuts him out and leaves angry. Noah explains that going out west was always his dream, but a big part of that dream was having Luke with him. He's not sure he can do it on his own. "I'm still in love with you," he admits. Luke will always love him too but he's in love with Reid. Noah says he's not right for him. They talk about their regrets and Luke says they can always be friends. "I can't," Noah says.

    Margo goes to Nancy's and finds Katie crying as she packs things. "It's so sad," Katie whimpers. They discuss her connection with Nancy and how losing her brought back the pain of losing Brad. Margo rambles about how everyone expected Chris to announce that he was engaged to her. Tom arrives and Katie walks out in tears.

    At the hospital, Kim and Bob talk about Nancy's service. He remembers that he has a golf game with one of the trustees. She suggests he send Chris instead. Chris wanders in, nearly collapsing after John has dragged him there. He starts making excuses about why he's there and they suggest he go golfing. When they explain that it would be good for his bid at the chief if staff job, he agrees to do it.

    John searches for Chris and a nurse tells him he's gone. Reid walks by and John fills him in. They start looking around. Bob and Kim walk by and Reid pays his condolences to them. Bob tells him that his son is off playing golf.

    John drops by Tom and Margo's looking for Chris or Katie. They begin bickering but he can't explain anything to them. He asks them to go with him and the trudge off.

    Chris and the trustee wander the golf course and discuss the hospital. Reid rushes over and takes his fellow doctor aside to try and talk him into going to the hospital. Chris asks him to go but Reid refuses to leave him. They join the trustee and Reid mocks golf, which doesn't go over well. Reid tries to end the game by accusing the trustee of cheating. This causes a fight and the game ends. Reid drags Chris off to the hospital.

    Bob and Kim are at Java. He sadly talks about his mom and what it was like to find her. He wishes she hadn't been alone. Kim tells him his mother was surrounded by love all of the time and he was a wonderful son. A nurse wanders over and mentions that Dr. Oliver is golfing with Chris.

    Luke drops by Katie's to see Reid. He's not there but she is and they chat about Nancy. He brings up the problem with Chris and she cries on his shoulder. She babbles about how scared she is of losing another man. She admits that she loves him but she doesn't think she's the best thing for him. He assures her that Reid won't let anything happen to Chris. He offers to drive her to Memorial to see Chris.

    Tom, Margo and John arrive at the hospital and see Bob and Kim, who tell him that their son is playing golf. He blows up and Tom wonders what's going on. Reid brings Chris in. John sends Chris off to get oxygen. Bob demands some answers but John tells him they'll have to wait. John sends Reid to keep the family occupied. Katie arrives and sees Kim hugging Bob. "It's really happening," she mumbles. She doesn't think she can handle this so Reid advises her to go home. This leads to Luke bickering with Reid. The family file in to see Chris. Katie circles around and watches through the window.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Luke admits to Reid that he loves him.

    Bob demands to know why Reid kept him in the dark.

    Kim asks Katie to stay away from her son.

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    Posted by Buffy Davis at Wednesday, September 01 2010 12:45 PM


    I am so angry that Reid is being killed off on Friday to save Chris. He and Katie grind my last nerve!! If anyone should be run over by a train, it should be Chris and Katie, not my Reid!! I am going to be crying buckets on Friday!! This the worst idea the writers could have come up with to end the show. Luke and Reid admit they love each other and he gets run over by a train?!! WHAT A WASTE!!!

    Posted by shorty1943 at Wednesday, September 01 2010 12:54 PM

    Excellent post, Buffy!!
    My thoughts exactly, wanted to hit that selfish Noah today and you nailed it, he dumped Luke, broke his heart and now he thinks he has the right to whine!!

    Hate what they are doing to Reid and as you say for Chris and Katie...I don't think so. How on earth is she getting all the air time this close to the end of our show? It is all about me, me, me,!! WHAT A WASTE INDEED!!!

    Posted by Peteena at Wednesday, September 01 2010 12:59 PM

    I'm not a big Reid fan, but I basically agree with everything Buffy Davis said. Chris and Katie are the soap world's most annoying couple. The writers on this show have never had a clue about what to do with Chris since they grew up him, and they persist in their delusion that Katie is a sympathetic character. Yes, it's a waste.

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, September 01 2010 01:23 PM

    I'm not posting to make anyone angry; however, over the years, ATWT has made Katie the "SWEETHEART" of ATWT. We, the long time fans of ATWT, know how Katie got started...

    When Katie and Simon first met, Nancy became friend to Katie and whenever Katie had major decisions to make, Nancy was always there. I don't think yesterday's episode and today's episode are an "all about Katie" thing - I think the writers were trying to show how someone so young feels after losing a very special friend despite the age difference. In doing so, we got to see a lot of Nancy in her wisdom. This is a soap and this time I think the writers did an excellent job.

    It's amazing to me how the writers put so much into one day. A memorial service; a repast; community service; candlelight service; golf game, Chris's being admitted into the hospital, and the day is still continuing...

    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, September 01 2010 01:45 PM

    Buffy and both nailed it on the head!!! Great posts!!! My only additions would be...

    Heeelllooo... Noah, you say that you are still "in love" with Luke, and Luke tells you that he will always "love" you, but you can't be friends with him????????? That's not loving someone...that's being just plain selfish, immature and self-centered!!! You need to grow up! You told Luke that you "need" him by your side so that you can have Luke's "support" while you live your "dream"! You never once considered Luke's "needs" or "dreams".

    I'm so proud of Luke for not backing down and really telling Noah how he felt about being pushed away by him and that he wasn't the cause of Noah's accident. It was an accident, nothing more! Way to go Luke!!!

    Luke and Reid deserve to be happy and together!!! They both balance each other out so well, just like any couple should. Not to mention they're both sexier than hell!!!

    The writers have already sealed their fate. But, for me, they will always be together...happy and in love in soap heaven and in my heart forever...

    Posted by cards1 at Wednesday, September 01 2010 01:47 PM

    I'm sorry, but could Katie be any more annoying? She get's on my last nerve! She knows how sick Chris is but she just runs off from the service for Nancy, making Chris worry about her and run all over looking for her. Then she's crying because she can't run to the 91 year old Nancy and dump her problems on Nancy. Reid was right when he told her to leave IMO. Chris can't tell his parents how sick he is right after Nancy's death? So he goes to play golf? GMAB! oh yeah Chris it would be much easier for your parents to her about how sick their son is when you drop dead on the golf course, that would be alot better for them. GMAB! I'm not liking this S/L too much. I love Dr. Bob but WTH are you jumping on Reid for you know Reid nor John can tell you anything about a patient, even though you are his father without the patients consent. They have been trying to get Chris to tell you but he won't and Reid is doing everything to save his life. I know you know about HIPPA being C.O.S. and all. I really liked Reid on the golf coarse today, he is a good actor, and I hate the way this S/L is going to end. Noah, you dumped Luke and treated him like crap, now you accuse Reid of stealing your boyfriend? You did that to yourself. Well atleast tomorrow Kim tells Katie off, finally! I'm not sure for what, but she deserves it. I don't think Katie is the sweetheart of this soap, I remember her stalking Holden begging him to sleep with her and accusing Chris of stalking her and getting him arrested, she used to be very conniving, and IMO she still is considering her S/L with Vienna, and lying to Henry the whole time, and having Chris put his career and freedom on the line to falsify medical records to help pull off their immature scheme. Kim used to couldn't stand her after she about ruined Chris before, I wish Kim would find out about the pregnancy records falsification. The only time Katie has been at all tolerable to me was when Brad was alive. I wish they would have sent her off with Simon. So good to see Dr. John Dixon.

    Posted by Laine3975 at Wednesday, September 01 2010 02:04 PM

    I think the story line of Chris and Katie is great, shows that after losing a hub you love so dearly you are able to love again. It's definitely not all about Katie, it's about Katie and Nancy how over a big age different how they were able to bond and get along. To bad, real life isn't more like that, maybe we as people, should have taken a BIG lesson from Nancy and Katie. To bad though that Lisa is not ending up with someone, I've enjoyed her from day one. I'd rather have had Y&R or B&B gone, it's just one bedroom scene after another. I don't watch them. So when ATWT goes off, I'm off soaps altogether, use to watch GH as much as ATWT but got so sick of the mob, cast it aside, same thing over and over just like B&B if Brooke is not with one guy she's with another. Y&R Ashley has a problem, figuring out what she wants and Nikki and Victor, love today, hate tomorrow, going for the what 5th marriage together, let's get real.

    Posted by KatStevens at Wednesday, September 01 2010 02:32 PM

    The current focus on Chris & Katie is largely a waste of precious time IMO. It's true Katie did turn to Nancy for advice in the past, but I still saw the self-focused Katie come through in the show the past couple days. Seeing the way Noah acted towards Reid & Luke makes the projected Reid/Luke/Noah/Chris s/l all the more difficult to fathom. It would be wonderful if the network had circulated a false rumor, & it winds up differently than what I've been reading!

    Posted by Peteena at Wednesday, September 01 2010 03:25 PM

    Sorry, GLandWT, I'm not mad but you don't speak for all the long-time fans of this show. I remember when Katie was born and I'm keenly aware that's she's just as incredibly self-centered and manipulative now as she's ever been. Thanks to other posters for bringing up some of her history; she may not be a stalker anymore but she is still a selfish twit. Touching scenes with the show's matriarch do not, by themselves, a sympathetic character make. I must have missed the memo that said she is the "sweetheart" of the show.

    Posted by Barb G at Wednesday, September 01 2010 03:55 PM

    I just read on the message board that ATWT will NOT be on on Monday (Labor Day) or next Friday because of the U.S. Open!!! That means there's only 10 episodes left!!!!!!!!! And then, after watching what's going to happen this Friday to Reid, we have to wait until next Tuesday!!!!! UGH!!!!! The fans continue to be screwed right up to the bitter end...

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