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Are You Hiding Something From Me?

Friday, August 27 2010
Henry and Barbara get married with their family and friends around them.

Katie finds Chris at the hospital using an oxygen mask. He tries to convince her he is fine but he feels like a wimp for nearly collapsing when he tried to move a bench. She's confused so he rambles through excuses. "Are you hiding something from me?" she asks. Bob interrupts and tells his son he needs to speak to him.

In her room, Barbara accuses Henry of letting her sons get to him since he's withdrawn his proposal. She wonders if she was crazy to think that he would want a life with her. She beats up on herself but he explains that he does want to marry her, he just can't. "It's because I love you too much," he claims. He is a Stenbeck and probably not a beacon of sanity. Sanity sounds boring to her but he thinks she's had enough insanity. She feels peace, love and happiness with him. Henry keeps insisting that he can't marry her but she refuses to let his DNA get in the way because that would just mean letting James win again. They continue to debate but agree to do it... today. He already got them a license and drops to his knee. They kiss, dance and call a judge. She putters off and he calls Katie to say he needs two witnesses.

At Fairwinds, Paul tells his family that this wedding is all wrong. Emily thinks he's being aggressively silly and they should make an effort to get along with his mother. Will says it's creepy but they should let it happen.

Back at the hospital, Katie and Chris tell Bob and Kim about the wedding. Kim thinks it's sad that it's such a small ceremony. Chris makes some jokes. Kim gets a call and says there has been a change of plans.

At the Lakeview, Paul runs into the judge who tells him that he is there to marry his mother. Paul is taken aback and calls Emily. "I gotta do something about this," he says.

In her room, Barbara and Henry are with the judge waiting for the witnesses. He's eager to get this done. Katie and Chris arrive and congratulate them. Katie thinks they should have flowers and music and they drag the couple downstairs so they can at least toast.

In the lobby, they discover the family gathered and Emily even wishes Barbara the best. Paul offers to give his mom away and Kim offers to be her matron of honor. Paul tells his mom that he loves her and asks Henry not to screw things up. He hallucinates seeing James there as the ceremony begins. Henry sees him too. As the vows begin, Barbara imagines the judge is James. She gasps and tells Henry they can do this. She's been a bad person, but everything changed for her after she had cancer. Meeting him changed things even more and she doesn't care what anyone thinks anymore. She's wasted a lot of her life, but she wants to spend what she has left with him. He goes next and tells her how scared her has been throughout this relationship but she showed him that what may be wrong for others, isn't wrong for him. She showed him that he can be who he is, whether it's over-dramatic or cowardly. They don't want to change each other and that makes them perfect. The judge marries them and they kiss.

After the ceremony, Paul talks to his mother and half-brother about seeing James. They send the judge off and start pouring the champagne. Katie tells Chris that the couple will be happy, like she was with Brad. Bob and Kim watch her with their son and she talks about how sweet they look. Paul gathers everyone together to toast to the couple and wish them a happy life. Gwen tears up but Barbara tells her not to worry about what's happened because they are family. She tells Will how proud she is of him, even though she hasn't always been a great mom. She throws the bouquet and Katie catches it. Katie and Chris smile at each other. This leads to an awkward moment between them. He goes silent and then asks if they can go to her place and talk. She walks over to the bride and groom to congratulate them again. Kim takes Barbara aside and says that Jenny would be happy for her. Bob leads his wife away and they run into John by the front desk.

Chris and Katie go back to her place. He tells her that he'd like to spend his life with her but he doesn't know how long he has. He's sick and may not get better.

At Fairwinds, Paul gathers Henry and Barbara and Emily by the fire place so they can exorcise James from their lives. They burn photos of him. The newlyweds leave and Paul and Em make out on the couch.

Henry carries his bride over the threshold. They vow that this is forever and then dance to disco.

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