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    You Can Take Your Can Of Worms And Shove It.

    Thursday, August 26 2010
    Barbara's kids don't take her news well, Chris gets worse and Reid tells Luke about love.

    At the hospital, Luke corners Chris and tells him he's putting Reid in an impossible position. Luke admits that Reid told him everything. Chris is annoyed but Luke urges him to tell his family about his condition so he can get the care he needs. He refuses to let them worry.

    Paul knocks on his mother's door. She answers in a sheet. He guesses what's going on, gets grossed out and leaves. Henry comes out of the bathroom and they cuddle before he tells her that he wants them to go public with their engagement.

    At home, Reid confronts Katie over someone using his toothbrush. She assumes Chis used it. He chucks the brush and guesses she slept with the doctor. "You really shouldn't have done that," he says. He doesn't want her with him at all. The doctor tells her to be cautious but she's crazy about Chris. The man in question shows up. As soon as she walks off to see the baby, Chris demands to know why Reid told Luke about him. Reid confronts him for lying to Katie after her last husband died on her. Luke shows up and apologizes to Reid for telling Chris. The doctor argue until Katie returns. She and Chris depart and Reid complains to Luke about love. Reid tells Luke to take care of his kidney because he doesn't want to invest himself in him if it won't last. He stops himself when he starts speaking romantically. As they begin making out on the couch, Reid sits on a baby toy. That ruins the mood but they agree to continue later.

    At Fairwinds, Gwen is packing up and Emily asks her if she wants to stick around a little longer. She tells her that she doesn't blame her for what happened with Iris. Will walks in and says he can't get a hold of his mother. He's worried that Iris could have gone after her again even though she's in custody. Gwen calls to make sure her mom is in custody. Paul walks in and says that his mom is with Henry. He makes faces and Emily teases him. She hopes Barbara stays with Henry because it will keep her off their backs. They make out and then his mom calls to say she's coming for a visit. The couple soon arrives and announces their engagement. Everyone makes faces. Henry wants them to get married at Fairwinds. Everyone is silent. "Are you serious?" Paul finally asks. Will is speechless. Paul says it's weird for his mom to marry his half-brother. He tries to talk them out of making this kind of commitment but the couple is adamant. Henry doesn't know why he won't let them have a new beginning so Paul reminds him that he is James' son and this marriage would only keep Barbara in the endless Stenbeck cycle. This upsets Barbara and makes Henry furious. Paul wonders what the rush is and warns his brother that they will have to deal with the public reaction to the marriage and they'll be opening a can of worms. "Take your can of worms and shove it," Henry says.

    Will walks off and Gwen follows him. He's really uncomfortable with what's going on and needs to talk to someone about this. He heads out.

    Will goes to see Parker and they look at a photo of their dad. They talk about their plans and Parker isn't sure he wants to go away to college anymore. He may have found something more important to him. They hug and Will heads out.

    Will meets with Gwen at Java and wonders why his mom needs a man to make her happy. What makes it worse is that she is with a nut who is half her age. She thinks that Henry really loves his mom but he still worries. She talks him around.

    Chris and Katie go to Old Town and get a flyer for preschool. A woman from the school asks Chris to help her move a bench, when he tries, he nearly passes out. He sends her off to get water and then rushes away.

    At the hospital, Reid arranges to meet Luke later and then walks off. Chris hobbles by and hides as Katie comes in. Luke tells her Chris just went to check on a patient. She gabs about dating a doctor and then Luke walks off to see Reid down the hall. Luke tells him Chris just ran by because he had to pump himself full of oxygen. Luke encourages him to keep helping Chris. Reid places a call to John Dixon.

    Katie walks down the hall and catches Chris giving himself oxygen.

    Will and Gwen return to Fairwinds and Emily and Paul fill them in on the fight with Henry. Will thinks they should be more supportive and Emily agrees. Paul still refuses.

    Henry goes to Barbara's room and she apologizes for what her son said to him. She assures him that he is nothing like James. He withdraws his proposal.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Henry tells Barbara he's not marrying her but she's insistent.

    Paul decides to do something about the wedding.

    Katie asks Chris if he's hiding something from her.

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    Posted by Princess P. at Thursday, August 26 2010 12:36 PM

    OMG!What is Paul's problem! He needs to back off and let his mom be happy. At least she'd be out of his hair. GO BABS! Chris is being stupid. He needs to get the tests etc. he needs and stop trying to hide his illness.

    Posted by Barb G at Thursday, August 26 2010 12:40 PM

    Ahhh...what a lovely day in Oakdale!

    Henry was great telling Paul: "Take your can of worms and shove it." Paul was being selfish about Babs' happiness and worrying that other people would talk about their age difference. Henry was great to bring up their "checkered" pasts! Way to go Henry!!!

    I felt so bad for Babs the way Paul and Will reacted to their news. Can't they just let her be happy?

    I was right...Reid is the one who puts in the call to John Dixon to bring him back to Oakdale to treat Chris! Thank goodness someone is taking Chris's illness seriously since Chris is not. He'll live because of Dr. more ways than one!!! It's just terrible that Reid has to die to ultimately give Chris and Katie a life together.

    Luke and Reid scenes were great today, as usual! Too bad they are so far and few between!!!

    Have a good evening all...

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, August 26 2010 01:31 PM

    I applaud Paul for making the statement he did about his mother marrying his brother/half-brother. I know there are Barbara and Henry fans rooting for the marriage, (and they probably will get married); however, I am just glad it was stated on air how weird it is.

    Will surprised me when he said he had to go talk to someone - I had no idea it would be Parker.

    I thought Parker yet has one more year of high school. Why is he talking about possibly not going to college?

    Between his marriage to Liberty, dropping out of school, and his supporting her through her bout with cancer, I am amazed that he was able to pass...He must be one super smart kid...

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, August 26 2010 01:50 PM

    Parker probably has been thinking about following in his father, Hal's footsteps and wants to become a cop. JMO

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, August 26 2010 01:53 PM

    Paul: It really isn't any of your business about Barbara and Henry getting married. You married Emly in spite of everthing you and everyone else knew about her history with men.

    I cannot wait to see the marriage between Barbara and Henry.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, August 26 2010 01:54 PM

    One more thing...Paul: Don't you DARE try to sabotage their wedding.

    Posted by Peteena at Thursday, August 26 2010 03:03 PM

    I guess Paul was due to be a jerk about something (he's been way too mellow lately - odd, considering his mom was only KIDNAPPED), but he is really working my last nerve right now. Yes, Paul, it's weird that your mom wants to marry your half-brother, but is it any more (or less) weird than you marrying the woman who SHOT YOU AND LEFT YOU FOR DEAD??!!?!!

    Posted by Peteena at Thursday, August 26 2010 03:04 PM

    One more thing, Paul: listen to simscb!

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Thursday, August 26 2010 06:56 PM


    In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest,Reid tells Luke he loves him. Noah tried to get back with Luke. Luke tells Noah he loves Reid. Their relationship is over and they cannot be friends. Reid is on his way to Bay City to pick up a heart for Chris when his car stalls on a train track and he is hit by an oncoming train. He will laspe into a coma and placed on life support. His Uncle comes to Oakdale and makes the decision to take Reid off life support. He dies. Luke is devastated.

    I hate this. Luke and Reid finally admit they love each other and he has to die in order for Chris to get his heart. They don't even get a love scene. Nothing.

    Posted by Gencor at Thursday, August 26 2010 10:17 PM

    Oh C,mon guys!!! I want Babs and Henry!!!!! Get a grip, Paul!!!!!! We didn't go through all of this for nothing!!!! Chris is an idiot. Why try to hide the illness? I just love Henry and I want him to be happy. This guy has been through it and Paul don't have a leg to stand on! Talk about your Steinbeck's? Paul is the one straight from the straightjacket, he doesn't even have a loose string, he is strung up already!

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