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Wednesday, August 25 2010
Lily walks away from Craig, Blackie and Ralph get taken down and Dusty and Janet get back together.

At Avalon Castle, Craig is kissing Lily in his room. She breaks away. He asks her not to argue with their chemistry. She says he just has lust for her and pushes him away, accusing him of playing a game with her. Lily is sure he's trying to use her to get back at her mom. Craig claims that hurts him, but admits that he likes to hit her mom where it hurts. All the same, he wants a future with her. She tells him they aren't going to be lovers. As he tries to sweet talk her, she says he's predictable and she doesn't want to get sucked into his chaos. He's needy and never gives anything back. She thinks he's more like her mom than he'd like to admit. He tells her about Lucinda teaming up with the mob, sending Blackie after him and having Johnny threatened. Lily doesn't want to hear anymore and declares their partnership over. She tells him to be a better father and walks out.

On the grounds, Lucinda tells Ralph he's out of his mind if he thinks he can turn her in. She reminds him that she sprung him from prison. He wishes she'd run off with him like she would have in the old days. She refuses to go on the run. Ralph tells her she's gone so far downhill with her daughter she'll never get her back. Lucinda doubts that but asks him not to call the Feds on her.

In the basement, Blackie holds Janet back as Dusty screams at her to run. He pulls a gun on Janet and walks her out, telling her that she has to go away with him. She says he's a common thug. Blackie's thugs drag Dusty out to them. Janet screeches when she spots them. Before Dusty can be dumped in the dumpster, he fights back, cracks heads together and jump kicks the gun out of Blackie's hand. His thugs run away. Janet stomps on Blackie's toes. He falls to the ground and grabs his gun. Jack runs over and takes a shot at him. As Blackthorn hits the ground, Janet starts gasping. Blackthorn runs and Jack chases after him. Carly calls for an ambulance and Dusty tries to keep Janet calm. She apologizes to him for being an idiot.

Blackie's thugs corner him and say that he's not their boss anymore.

Jack runs down the halls until he kicks a door open and finds Ralph waiting for him. The mobster taunts him about Brad. He says that he should be thanking him for taking care of Blackthorn. They bicker about what happened to Brad and Ralph reminds Jack that he's the one who pulled the trigger. Ralph challenges him to take a shot. Carly bursts in. Jack puts down his gun and says that shooting him won't bring his brother back. Some cops arrives and take Manzo into custody.

Craig runs into Jack and Carly. They tell him Ralph and Blackie have been arrested. Lucinda walks by so he makes a lewd comment about Lily. She wants to swat him but he says she's actually gone back to town. He tips Jack off that Lucinda is an old friend of Ralph's. He calls over to Ralph, but the mobster claims he's never seen her before. After Carly and Jack walk off, Lucinda tells Craig that her daughter must have come to her senses about him. He tells her she won't win her daughter back this time.

Dusty takes Janet up to her room. She keeps apologizing for being an idiot. He says it's okay. Jack and Carly come in and tell them the latest. Janet sends them away so she can tell Dusty what a mistake it was to turn her back on him. She wants him back. "I never left," he says. They kiss.

In her room, Carly and Jack pack. He tells her that thinking of her made him stop himself from killing Manzo. He's stopped blaming himself for Brad's death. "You're free," she says. They kiss and fall into bed.

Faith drops by the farm to see her dad. She tells him that Lily is at a hotel with Craig. He acts nonchalant. She tells him that he shouldn't lose her mom like he lost Molly. Faith refuses to believe that he should be alone while her mom is with Craig. She reminds him of what true love is supposed to be. Holden would love to go and punch Craig but he's not going to. He admits that he loves her mom but he can't chase after her. If she's supposed to come back to him, she will. As Faith walks away, Lily shows up and asks him what he's doing. "Fixing things," he says. She offers to help. Faith watches them through the window.

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