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    Busy Telling Everyone What To Do.

    Monday, August 23 2010
    Jack tries to keep Janet from Blackie, Dusty is held captive and Craig taunts Lucinda.

    Lucinda is in her office calling in a favor from the governor.

    Lily and Craig are settling in at Avalon Castle. She throws and apple at him and then fumes about her mother. He admires her bed and then explains that his room is downstairs. They sit down and he encourages her to take over Worldwide. She's not interested in getting revenge on her mother. He thinks they could make a spectacular team running the company. "Dream on," she says. Craig begins wondering if they can get more intimate. She tells him to pay his debt off first and then they can talk about it. After he confirms that Blackthorn has checked in, he tells Lily to keep busy while he takes care of things alone.

    Jack is annoyed to find Carly at the castle and tries to send her home. She thinks they should have a meal first and begs him to call off his Janet rescuing mission. He refuses and tells her that he needs to protect his baby. She's afraid that this is really all about Ralph for him. Jack insists that this is just about Blackthorn, not what happened with Brad.

    Janet and Blackie walk through the gardens of the spa and she thinks she sees Dusty. He assures her that Dusty won't be coming. He wonders if she wants Dusty chasing after her. She insists that she doesn't so he offers to help her relax. He leads her to the massage room and then slips off. Craig corners him. He hands him a check paying him off in full. Blackthorn is shocked. Carly and Craig are around the corner eavesdropping. He sends her off and then interrupts the men to start the questioning. They aren't happy to see him. Blackie gets offended when Jack calls him a 'gangster'. He stomps off, leaving Jack and Craig to bicker. Craig tells him that Lucinda was the evil genius behind the fictional perfume factory. Jack tells him about Blackie's relationship with Ralph. Craig says his relationship with Blackie is now over. Jack suddenly flips out, grabs him and begins screaming about Manzo. The cop calms down and plods off.

    Lily is surprised to run into Janet when she goes to get a facial. Carly eavesdrops on them while they chat about Blackthorn. Carly bursts in and tells them they don't know who they are getting involved with. She says that Blackie is a gangster. Janet gets annoyed and Carly explains that Blackie is part of the Manzo crew. After Janet flounces off, the women bicker about Craig and who really set them up to fail. Lily explains that it was her mom who set them up and Craig is as much of a victim as they are. Carly warns her that Craig will try to use her for revenge. "You are awfully busy telling everyone what to do," Lily snipes. Carly admits that she doesn't know much about making mature decisions, but tells her not to go after a toxic man when she can throw herself at Holden. Lily declares this conversation over and their partnership at an end.

    Lucinda checks in at Avalon. As she heads for the elevator, she bumps into Craig. He begins taunting her about her daughter and tells her that she's lost all her chances with Lily. He thanks her for pushing Lily even closer to him and then gets on the elevator. Lucinda cringes.

    Blackie's thugs have Dusty captive in a van.

    Blackie and Janet go out to play croquet on the spa grounds. Jack and Carly stroll over to them. Janet asks them to go home and stop harassing Blackie. Jack reminds her about when she buried her head in the sand about Ralph. She orders him to go and Carly drags him away. Janet asks Blackie if what Jack has been saying is true. He assures her that he is not part of Ralph's crew.

    Carly and Jack go up to her room. He worries about Janet and then about Dusty vanishing. She gives him a massage and gabs about how lucky she is not to be involved with a dangerous man. They start making out. Change falls out of his pocket and he thinks of the medallion. He remembers that he gave it to Dusty but saw Blackie with it earlier so he must have taken it from Dusty.

    Lucinda walks into Lily's room and gets a cold reception. She suggests that they spend time together and heal. Lily decides she'd rather leave. After she does, Lucinda gets a note and gasps, "He's here!"

    Lucinda runs down the hall and finds Ralph. He thanks her for getting him out of prison and tells her she's a sight for sore eyes.

    Blackie goes down to the basement where his thugs are keeping Dusty. He offers to let him go free if he'll vanish. Dusty wants to whisper something to him so Blackie leans in. Dusty headbutts him. "You're going to be sorry you did that," Blackie warns. As he walks out, Janet walks into him while looking for peanut butter.

    When Craig goes into his room, he finds Lily sitting on his bed asking if she can stay with him.

    Next on As The World Turns:

    Craig kisses Lily.

    Lucinda pushes Craig in the pool.

    Janet hears Dusty kicking.

    Jack realizes Dusty is really there.

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    Posted by simscb at Monday, August 23 2010 01:16 PM

    I am so upset that this show is leaving the air next month. I love most of the characters and hate some, like everyone else.

    This Janet & Blackie garbage is just that - GARBAGE. She acts like a nitwit around him and believes every lie he is still telling her. Sure - she can tell by the look in his eyes that he is telling the truth. NOT!

    Why did Lucinda get the criminal, Ralph out of prison? Does she want him to murder Dusty, Craig and anyone who interferes in Lily's life? She is a glutton for punishment.
    Lucinda is an evil, domineering, selfish witch. Let her get on her broomstick and take a ride out of town.

    Good for Lily for not staying in the same room as Lucinda. For once, she is seems strong.

    Let Janet go into labor soon and deliver the baby and let it be done. I could care less. Never did like her.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Monday, August 23 2010 01:24 PM

    Lucinda strikes again!! How could she get Manzo, a convicted mobster out this soon? I liked the scenes with Carly and Jack. Janet always defends the creeps; but gives good guys like Dusty hell. She deserves to be hurt. Lily, don't get involved with Craig, run!! I'm glad the thugs didn't immediately kill Dusty. With the exception of Lucinda's scene, this whole episode took place at the Spa. (The spoiler for today didn't offer a hint. Fortunately, I took a chance and taped it). Today's episode laid the groundwork for a showdown between Jack, Blackthorne and Manzo. I'm looking forward to watching this interesting episode. Good job writers. I'm also looking forward to watching tommorrows and Wednesday's too.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, August 23 2010 01:25 PM

    I thought went Dusty told Blackie to bend over I hope he head butts him and he did, liked that. I was surprised Janet even noticed the bump on his head, wonder what kind of lame excuse he will give her that she will buy, she is an idiot. And what is up with Mary Ellen Waters and Ralph? I can't believe this show is almost over and they just keep starting new S/L's. One thing about that Blackie he reminds me of Martin or Charlie Sheen, even the voice wonder if they're related. I kind of like Lily/Craig together. well as much as I could like them with any one. Jack/Carly scenes were good today IMO.

    Posted by adriana8900 at Monday, August 23 2010 02:00 PM

    can't wait to see dusty and janet scenes from today and can't wait to see dusty and janet tommorrow

    Posted by Earthmom at Monday, August 23 2010 02:17 PM

    NICE HEADBUTT, Dusty!! I wish he had knocked that sleazeball out! Billy Warlock is doing a fabulous job portraying that oily little weasel.

    I found the scenes with him and Janet interesting. You can see the kindness and love in his eyes where she is concerned...I think it's easy for him since she's his wife in real life.

    I agree that Blackie sounds a bit like the Sheen boys. But, his stature and facial structure put me more in mind of Michael J. Fox. I like him...not the character...the actor. He's growing on me.

    Uncle Ralphie is still as scary and toxic as ever. WHAT WAS LUCINDA THINKING???? I think she's gone 'round the bend! She's becoming a megalomaniac! She'll do anything to have power over a situation. I'm afraid this time she may have opened Pandora's box!

    The show should be pretty fun over the next couple of days. Nice to have a change of scenery. Funny how they stretched out Barbara's captivity...but, it seems this SL will move through pretty quickly. I'm enjoying that.

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, August 23 2010 02:22 PM

    Earthmom Janet and Blackie in real life? didn't know that. Blackie reminds me of Charlie Sheen in that movie young guns maybe it's just me. Not crazy about Charlie Sheen or anything he just favors them to me.

    Posted by padef at Monday, August 23 2010 07:38 PM

    Dumbest. Episode. Ever!

    Now Lily's mad at Carly for giving her advice to stay away from Craig, when she KNEW Carly didn't like Craig? Why?

    Janet waddles into the kitchen to get peanut butter and the chef just sends her to the pantry? And he didn't know that there was a kidnap victim in there? RIGHT!

    The thugs do such a good job of gagging the victim that he can TALK!

    Lucinda get the governor to release Ralph with just a phone call - and it turns out they knew each other from the past? Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

    The writing just gets worse and worse. Looks like this was all just an excuse for a road trip to a pretty location, because it makes no sense whatsoever.

    Posted by touchofclass64 at Tuesday, August 24 2010 05:11 AM

    I use to love this soap but now it is just all over the place with too many unfinished story lines! Only a couple of weeks and it will be gone forever in some ways that is very sad but on the other can tell by the comments posted that it isn't as popular as it once was. I think Liberty is going to be just like her mother....she has a good guy who wants to be with her but she pushes him away to take up with a trouble maker!! Can't wait for Janet's baby to be born so she has to admit that Dusty is the daddy...that is what she gets for assuming! She didn't even think about it before she jumped at saying Jack was the daddy! Now she will have to leave Jack & Carly alone so they can live happily ever after.
    It looks like the next few weeks are going to be pretty good. Some days I like Katie when she is not whining about something but I sure hope she doesn't have to mourn another love. That would be too sad. By the way I have read the comments all of you post and I love some of your thoughts!

    Posted by iheartcarly at Tuesday, August 24 2010 07:06 AM

    @Lara Kroft, Oakdale is in Illinois, and although I am not proud to say this, we have some corrupt politicians! Lol So, Lucinda must have called Blagojovich and donated to his campaign fund before he was impeached! Haha for once the writers have actually written a believable storyline!

    Posted by CMath90606 at Tuesday, August 24 2010 10:36 AM

    I have to agree with Blago still being the GOV.

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