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    I Am Ashamed To Be Your Daughter.

    Friday, August 20 2010
    Lily stands up to her mom, Janet gets ready to go away with Blackie and Dusty searches for answers.

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    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, August 20 2010 03:51 PM

    With Janet having had so many cramps in the first few months of her pregnancy, I can't believe she is going away with someone she hasn't seen since she was a child. I'd thought she would have been put on bed rest for the remaining of her pregnancy.

    Wouldn't it be something if she had twins - one from Jack and one from Dusty?

    I hope Lily and Craig don't become an item.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, August 20 2010 03:56 PM

    Barb G, I too thought Ralphie was still in prison. I guess he's another James S.

    Geez!! How many of Oakdale's residents are going to the Spa?

    Posted by Barb G at Friday, August 20 2010 04:50 PM

    GLandWT---They must have had a group rate discount at the Spa today!!!

    It is a beautiful place, though. Wouldn't mind going their myself! That is, if all of the rooms haven't been already booked by the Oakdale gang!!!

    Posted by nightowl11 at Friday, August 20 2010 04:58 PM

    janet will never learn! hope jack gets ralph this time. didnt lily go to court to disolve her adoption by lucinda because she was meddling>? cant wait til john comes back!! wouldnt it be funny if reid was his long lost son? they have quite a few things in common. i'm really gonna miss the show

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Friday, August 20 2010 06:07 PM


    In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest,the August 31, 2010 issue, in the What Will Happen section, it says "Reid's heroism comes at a price." With John Dixon coming back next week, I think this is the week that Reid is going to be killed off.

    Posted by JWB- at Friday, August 20 2010 07:42 PM

    Wonderful show today. Each actor rendered a great performance. I'm really looking forward to Monday's presentation. Plus, it will be good to see John Dixon again.

    I sure hope by some miracle that As the World Turns will remain on the air. It is too good to let it just disappear into television history.

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Saturday, August 21 2010 08:44 AM

    Watched the tribute to ATWT @ the Paley center. Wish someone had done that for GL when it went off the air.

    Posted by Barb G at Sunday, August 22 2010 09:55 AM

    To all Luke and Reid fans:

    Go to On the home page there is a music FanVid video dated 08/16/10 entitled "More Than Friends". It's beautifully done!

    Hope you love it as much as I do. This site is just for fans of Luke and Reid and does show them sharing kisses so be forewarned! You can post comments there but there is a moderator who reviews all posts before actually being posted. There are also blogs.

    Can't wait to see what happens in Oakdale on Monday...only 20 more episodes till the end!!! I still can't believe it's going to be over on the 17th of's just too sad to talk about.

    Posted by Buffy Davis at Sunday, August 22 2010 02:57 PM


    Here are the last spoilers for Luke and Reid:

    Reid and John work together to save Chris, but he'll need a new heart.

    Noah and Luke say another painful goodbye.

    Reid's heroism could spell his doom.

    A sudden death hits the town hard.

    Luke turns back to Noah and they change their plans.

    Holden and Lily try to help Luke cope with what he's loss.

    Reid will die and Chris will receive his heart. I hate this. I love LuRe better than Nuke.

    Posted by Judipur at Monday, August 23 2010 07:37 AM

    I also hate that the writers have killed off Reid instead of Noah just so Chris can receive his heart, The writers of this show will forever be remembered in my mind as the reason my beloved atwts was canceled. I feel for the other soap fans and the soaps that these writers go to. These writers will no doubt be responsible for their soaps eventual demise in my opinion. These writers and Chris Goutman should be ashamed of themselves for ruining one of the best soaps ever. Sorry I had to rant but I'm so disappointed that my fav show is being canceled due to the stupid writers of the show and also Les Moonvies head of cbs just so his wife can be on some stupid reality show.

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